Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What FDR's Words Can Teach LGBT Rights Activists (Gay Rights - Change.org)

What FDR's Words Can Teach LGBT Rights Activists (Gay Rights - Change.org):

"Interestingly, at the movie screening for Capitalism, another questioner asked Moore about footage in the film featuring FDR addressing the nation. Interestingly enough, what was FDR’s reply to activists who wanted to see Social Security enacted? Peter Dreier in this article from Common Dreams documents it: “He listened to their arguments for some time and then said, ‘You've convinced me. Now go out and make me do it.’'

And therein lies the lesson from FDR. We've convinced Obama about most of our issues -- hate crimes, 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' repealing DOMA. Now we just have to make Obama do it."

I have to agree with this... Obama COULD be using his bully pulpit more to help us, as we were made to think he would. However, he can't just enact this stuff through executive order. We have to get it passed through congress. How will we do this?

PS The Senate is going to stay in session, now, and the Majority Leader has endorsed the march. Why have I not received word that a lobby day is being set up? Hundreds of thousands of gays in town, we need to be lobbying.

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