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My Bilerico Post: Homophobia explodes in Illinois Senate Race

This is a big story. My latest piece at on the brou-ha-ha that's been getting whipped up today in Illinois. Please check it out.

Illinois GOP Senate primaries hit a homophobic low-note | The Bilerico Project:
"While openly gay Jacob Meister campaigns over on the Democratic side, it seems the Republican contest for the Senate seat once held by President Barack Obama is the contest with the real gay scandal. Illinois Republican Representative and active Navy Intelligence reservist Mark Kirk--who has voted against the homophobic Federal Marriage Amendment, and in favor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act--now has to field schoolyard taunts from one of his primary competitors, Andy Martin; the 'Obama is secretly Muslim' guy.

Comparing this situation with a similar controversy taking place in the same race for the other party's candidate, openly gay Democratic primary candidate, Jacob Meister, released a statement this afternoon, saying in part:

As the only openly gay candidate for the U.S. Senate, I have experienced firsthand the bigotry and prejudice that the sexual orientation issue evokes. The subtle innuendo of the 'family values' issue, used by politicians such as Sarah Palin, Andy Martin and my opponent, David Hoffman, to infer that people who are lawfully refused the right to marry or begin a family are somehow less 'qualified' and relegated to second-class citizen status, must stop.

This is nothing less than an assault on the civil rights of all Americans, including the tens of millions of gay and lesbian people living in this country. It is appalling that we live in an America that still allows one's sexual orientation to be used as fodder for political attacks and, worse yet, as an obstacle to the civil rights availed to all of us through the constitution of the United States.

During the course of this campaign, my sexual orientation has been the source of underhanded remarks from my opponent, David Hoffman; the catalyst for a verbal and threatened physical attack toward a member of my staff; and the justification for one online suburban publication to accuse me of treason. Despite the enormous economic, national security and domestic policy challenges on which I have tried to focus my campaign - some think it more important to question someone's sexual orientation than to propose their own ideas on how to confront the many problems that desperately need our attention."

A white conservative teabagger rapper? Are we being punk'd?

My newest post is about the sanest person ever! On opposite day!

Either this is the best joke ever, or we've got ourselves a nut! | The Bilerico Project:
"Hi-Caliber rapped on camera for progressive blogger Max Blumenthal at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference. You know. CPAC. The one being sponsored this year by GOProud but not letting them say anything. That conference.

The former New Jersey construction worker told Blumenthal that he was converted to Conservatism when his radio broke in his car and became stuck on's best friend, Michael Savage. I think I'd go crazy too if all I was able to listen to was Savage Nation. Henceforth, Hi-Caliber--Mr. Conservative--has set out to be the first conservative rap star.

His first music video was filmed at this spring's 'teabagger' march on Washington. Check out the diversity! They actually found one non-white person and got so excited they showed him twice! Once from the front and once from the side, to make you think that it wasn't just a sea of crazy caucasians. The earbuds sort of give it away though."

Check the video out and the rest of the post at! There are LOTS of videos of this crackpot there!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

RELIVE THE DECADE: My comprehensive LGBT news of the decade review!

I'm going to turn each headline into a link, but until I have the time for that... here it is just as is: my review of the LGBT decade!

The American LGBT Decade 2000-2009:
"Technically we're still a bit over 365 days until the end of the decade--we began in year 1 not year zero--but who wants to miss the boat on a trend? The last ten years have been a roller-coaster ride for the American LGBT community, but luckily, we seem to be ending off better than we started.

The end of the nineties saw some of the most celebrated moments in gay history: the coming-out of Ellen and Elton, and the premier of Will and Grace. We also we horrified as a community by the headline-grabbing brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, which eventually led--eleven years later--to the creation of a Federal hate crimes law that protects LGBT people. The decade that brought us 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' and DOMA would soon be topped by the decade that brought us Dumbledore and GaGa.

2000: The decade began on a high note, despite George W. Bush's election, and Mississippi's enactment of a gay adoption ban. While in the United Kingdom, the ban on gay soldiers was lifted, and Israel began to let same-sex partners sponsor one another for citizenship, over here in the United States, Vermont became the first state to legalize same-sex Civil Unions. Openly gay Richard Hatch becomes the first winner of Survivor. Savage Garden's Darren Hayes comes out. The Millenium March for LGBT rights in Washington DC draws 600,000 people to a day of concerts and Melissa Etheridge. President Clinton addresses the crowd via video."
Read the rest of The American LGBT Decade 2000-2009 on Out & About Illinois's website!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 5 Straight Allies in Congress 2009

To call me a single issue voter is an exaggeration, but not a gross exaggeration, and its a charged lobbed at me often for good reason--I'm Mr. Gay. I wouldn't call myself a single issue voter because workers' rights, climate change and health care are all extremely important to me--not to mention immigration reform. However, we all know my TOP political issue is, and will always be LGBT rights--at least until the United States is able to pass UAFA, ENDA, DPBO and repeal DOMA and DADT. Lots of letters, I know. You don't have to know exactly what they all mean right now. Just know they're important.

Because I'm ALMOST a single issue voter, I appreciated this Festivus gift that Michael A Jones from dropped in my lap this week. Its a list of the TOP FIVE straight allies in Congress. I know who I'm NOT sending lumps of coal to this year! On the contrary, I plan to drop a little change in their reelection buckets come January.

Without straight allies, we will never be able to lift ourselves from second class citizen status. When I come across someone who really gets it, I take notice, and I show my appreciation. I've already given to one of the people on this list (I'll let you guess who after you read it) but I now plan on giving to all f... six? OK, so Mike cheated and gave a tie to number one. He should have titled this different, then... ahh well.

However he titled it, this list is great, and the profiles of these great friends of our rights are compelling. Please read the article and consider showing YOUR appreciation for THEIR going out on a limb for YOUR rights.

The Top Five Straight Allies in Congress for 2009 | Gay Rights |
"Who are the leading advocates for LGBT rights inside the Beltway? Well, common sense would lead you to the three openly gay and lesbian politicians currently serving in the U.S. Congress –- Rep. Tammy Baldwin, Rep. Barney Frank, and Rep. Jared Polis. Great or legendary figures, but what happens when you get beyond these three folks?

Then it’s time to turn to the straight advocates who rock the halls of Congress. In a governmental body where you have members saying that gay marriage makes them physically queasy (Sen. Jim DeMint), or that gay marriage is a bigger threat than terrorism (Rep. Michele Bachmann), it’s important to know who your straight friends are.

Who are they? Well, in 2009, there were many. But we’ve got five below who not only brought their equal rights game this session of Congress, but lent their bully pulpits and soapboxes to advance LGBT rights."
If you want to read the list, go check it out, and follow Mike's important links!

Looks like we made it, we're Phil incorporated!

Remember when I told you (over at about that certain Senator's husband who crashed a Jim Madigan fundraiser? Well looks like y'all were reading and talking!

Drunk Husband of State Senator Heather Steans Crashes Fundraiser of Rival Jim Madigan |
"The Commish 1 week 22 hours ago

Sweet, this story just hit #1. Good work, team. This is a silly incident even by Illinois standards."

So the drunk Leo Smith story has taken on a life of its own, and I'm really glad that it has. Just as "The Commish" says, its a silly incident even in this state of silly incidents. But isn't the only outlet to have picked up my version of the piece:

Heather Steans' Drunk Husband Crashes Jim Madigan Fundraiser - Feast of Fun -
"This was just put up on the Fresh section of Feast of Fun

Jim Madigan, the openly-gay former director of Equality Illinois running for the state Senate was having a fundraiser at The Call in Andersonville Thursday night, when he was surprised by a very special guest: Leo Smith the drunk husband of incumbent 7th district Senator Heather Steans! Leo, had some very special words to share with Madigan! Check out the entire (too hot for TV) diatribe and his wonderful fashion sense.

Read the full article written by Phil Reese of Ameriqueer on the Bilerico Project."

Marc Felion from the Feast of Fun podcast up in Chicago posted this to his blog, and it made it to the front page.

Chicago News Bench also picked up some more photos:
Chicago News Bench: More About Goofy Leo Smith (Mr. Heather Steans) with NEW Photos:
"Chicago News Bench asked for - and got - more photos, which we present in this post. You probably haven't seen these anywhere else (yet!)."

I'm pretty pumped that people are seeing my writing, and that I'm doing what I can to help change the gridlock and corruption in Springfield. We're all sick of playing the game and sending the same people to the Dome over and over again while everything gets worse for the lot of us and the machine just keeps chugging along getting bigger, without noticing that its completely useless. Its like the Illinois Political Industrial Complex!

I hope that fresh blood and underdog candidates can generate true change in Springfield. We shall see!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I get around...

A year ago I was a struggling middle school teacher--one whom half of the students and half of the parents hated, and one who was doing everything he could to hold it together emotionally.

Today I'm a grad student and blogger whose content is now being picked up and linked all over. I want to thank for the props here!

Recording Academy Says Buju Banton Isn’t Homophobic It’s Just His Cultural Perspective:
"You can still sign GLAAD’s online petition against the nomination, but one of the strongest ways to really show the Recording Academy this is not okay is to not watch the show. As Phil Reese of The Bilerico Project said you’ll be able to catch all the best bits (which this year seems to involve falling over) on Youtube the next day anyway."

I go!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

How Marriage Happened: In the District, a time to celebrate and defend equality

How Marriage Happened: In the District, a time to celebrate and defend equality:
"This week, the D.C. City Council voted 11-2 to legalize marriages between same-sex couples. This is a milestone for the LGBT movement for a number of important reasons. First, the overwhelming vote proves we can win legislatively. Second, D.C. will be the first majority-minority jurisdiction to legalize marriage. And, third, D.C. will be the first place below the Mason-Dixon Line to end discrimination against same-sex couples and their families.

This achievement is the result of years of work by a range of committed organizations and individual activists who in a careful and methodical fashion created and implemented a comprehensive strategy that has us at the brink of marriage equality.

Groups like the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club, which helped to elect supportive candidates to the Council; Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance, which worked with members of the Council on policy; and DC for Marriage, which engaged thousands of D.C. residents in conversations about why marriage matters in all parts of the city, have played a crucial role in getting us to this moment."

My friend Michael Crawford's MetroWeekly piece on his hard fought/hard WON victory in Washington DC (Crawford--a Bilerico editor--is the co-chair of DC For Marriage, the board behind the win).

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How we will win our next Marriage Equality victory.

Ed Mullen wants to make more gay history in Illinois:

"Ed Mullen, Democratic candidate for Illinois State Assembly District 11, got a bit of good news this weekend. He found out that the Victory Fund will officially endorse him in his primary. ed-portrait.jpgThis is good news for his home town of Chicago, good news for Illinois, and good news for marriage equality nationwide.

The openly gay civil rights lawyer who attended law-school in Washington D.C., Ed Mullen is competing for the open seat against Dan Farley and Ann Williams in the February 2 primaries in this fairly gay and overwhelmingly progressive Democratic district that includes Chicago's 'other' gayborhood, Andersonville, and 'hugs' the famous 'Boystown' neighborhood on its north and west sides. Mullen is hoping to join the Northwest side's Deb Mel (40th District incumbent being challenged by openly gay man Joe Laiacona) and tried and true Greg Harris (14th District) as the third openly gay lawmaker in the Assembly.

When I spoke with Mullen about two weeks ago, he was still waiting for that Victory Fund endorsement. The endorsement by the Victory Fund is a powerful statement, because the fund does not just endorse openly gay candidates, but openly gay candidates with the chops for leadership, and the experience to support their success in their office."

Read the rest of my newest piece Ed Mullen wants to make more gay history in Illinois at the Bilerico Project!

At least someone cares about Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, even if local authorities do not

Federal hate crime charges possible in gay Puerto Rican teenager’s murder :: EDGE on the Net:
"A federal prosecutor on Puerto Rico said earlier today her office would file hate crime charges against the man who reportedly confessed to killing gay teenager Jorge Steven López Mercado if local authorities do not."

The local law enforcement's handling of the vicious, brutal murder of young Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado has been awful. I'm glad its getting the attention and care it deserves now.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Husband of openly gay Illinois Senate candidate's rival makes a scene at Jim Madigan fundraiser. | The Bilerico Project

Husband of openly gay Illinois Senate candidate's rival makes a scene at Jim Madigan fundraiser. | The Bilerico Project:
"What on earth was Heather Steans' husband Leo Smith doing at the Jim Madigan community fundraiser Thursday night (even though he didn't pay to get in)? It certainly wasn't a diplomatic outreach mission. The prominent donor to shamed former Governor Rod Blagojevich approached Madigan at his event at The Call last night in Andersonville Chicago while Madigan was in the midst of a slightly friendlier conversation with Jacob Meister, the openly gay candidate seeking Barak Obama's former United States Senate seat.

'I'm not here for your event! I know you think you're gonna get famous with all your BULLSHIT! But those things are about me!'

The photos speaks for itself, Smith is obviously disheveled and angry. Onlookers have noted that Smith was belligerent and out-of-sorts. He'd been drinking in a corner of the bar for an hour before he stormed up to Meister and Madigan. He had refused to pay at the door, as the rest of the attendees had done, but was allowed to stay inside of the event, despite his refusal to be respectful. Madigan and Smith's wife, incumbent Senator Heather Steans, are both competing over her Illinois 7th District Senate seat..."

Continue reading Husband of openly gay Illinois Senate candidate's rival makes a scene at Jim Madigan fundraiser at!

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oadecember09.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Please check out my first column in Out & About Illinois magazine on newsstands this week!

LGBT Politics and Life: When the News Knocks at your Door

Mother told me there are three things you never
talk about in polite company: sex, religion and politics.
Unfortunately for her, thanks to my father her boy has always
been a very politically-oriented person. Current events was
the ‘sports’ of our household, and political campaigns is the
major leagues of the news.

Back when I was a kid there were two things that
happened once every four years and you never missed a
minute of it unless you were in a coma: The Olympics and
the election (or reelection) of another American President. I
became a political junkie at a young age.

I think, however, I’m a rare duck in the lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender community. Most gays and lesbians
are content to live their lives every day just being the best
citizens they can possibly be. They aren’t radical, and they
aren’t activists. They are good neighbors working hard and
struggling to pay bills and get food on the table like most

If all things were equal in America, this would be enough.
Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people would never
have to follow the political news and challenge the social

Read more of "When the News Knocks At Your Door" (p. 9) and pick up a copy of Out & About Illinois at progressive bookstores, retailers and restaurants this week!

Illinois Democrats Put Off LGBT Rights...Again

Gapers Block : Mechanics : Chicago Politics - Illinois Democrats Put Off LGBT Rights...Again:
"Gays and lesbians can go ahead and scratch Civil Unions off their holiday wish list this season, as a Nov. 30 deadline for moving on Civil Unions legislation passed with almost no action by the Democratic-controlled Illinois legislature -- except to create a new deadline nearly half a year away.

The fact that the deadline was missed comes as no surprise, considering the state legislature has been adjourned for weeks and is not scheduled to meet again until Jan. 12. Still, this is just one more turn in a complex holding pattern the state Democrats have locked this bill into."

Doesn't this just piss you off? I think we definitely need more out gay lawmakers. If Illinois--a state that borders Iowa--was to pass civil unions or equal marriage, our ballot procedure would make it very difficult to overturn at the polls. IF we ever get it passed, that is. We would need a miracle.

Ed Mullen and Jim Madigan would take the number of openly gay lawmakers in Springfield from 2 to 4--and Jim would be the only out gay Senator. We'd have our presence in both houses. Not just friendly allies, but folks personally invested in the passage of this bill. Greg Harris can't do it alone! Especially when the Senate has been such a dead zone for motion on any LGBT bills since our employment discrimination law passed.

Ed and Jim are going up against the machine, however, and they're going to need hundreds of thousands in their coffers in the next month to really make a stand. I will be presenting information about both Victory Fund endorsed fellas on Bilerico early next week, but I hope you start giving now. To check out Ed Mullen go to And to check out Jim Madigan, check out

Even if you don't live in Illinois, you ought to be concerned with these two races. Illinois will be the next midwestern battleground for relationship recognition, and because its more difficult to get a measure on the ballot here, could be another permanent win. We need one of those soon.

Mice Prove Gender Isn't Fixed at Birth - Battle of the sexes rages inside each individual

Mice Prove Gender Isn't Fixed at Birth - Battle of the sexes rages inside each individual:
"If you think your gender is a fixed part of who you are, a pioneering study suggests you should think again. In it, scientists turned the ovary cells of adult female mice into male testicular tissue by switching off a single gene—one that's found in all mammals. The study unravels the long-held assumption that gender is fixed from birth, implying that in fact the adult body is the site of a constant battle between male and female genes.

The findings could explain biological mysteries such as why some women develop male traits after menopause, and 'may eventually remove the need for surgery in gender-reassignment treatment,' one of the researchers tells the Independent."


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Testing, lovelies. Don't worry. Will be back with real stuff soon enough!

In anti-gay attack, AIM falsely asserts "pedophile" Jennings was "teaching 14-year-old boys" about sexual practices | Media Matters for America

In anti-gay attack, AIM falsely asserts "pedophile" Jennings was "teaching 14-year-old boys" about sexual practices | Media Matters for America:
"In attacking the media for allegedly insufficient coverage of Obama administration official Kevin Jennings, a blogger for Accuracy in Media, which purports to 'set the record straight on important issues that have received slanted coverage' -- and which has a record of antagonism toward gays -- smeared Jennings as a 'pedophile' and falsely claimed that '[v]ideos have surfaced of Jennings teaching 14-year-old boys the dangerous sexual practice of 'fisting,' and discussing with them the particulars of oral sex.' In fact, Jennings did not conduct that seminar and, in fact, reportedly criticized it when he became aware of its content."

AIM is a crock. They're nothing more than Republican mouthpieces.

Love Takes Over

Love Takes Over: "Love Takes Over is a nationwide initiative calling on citizens to write to their local newspapers about marriage equality during the week of January 3rd-January 9th. Love Takes Over seeks to promote and foster dialogue about marriage equality on a local level."

I'm doing it. Are you?

Recording Academy celebrates shooting, incinerating gays as "cultural perspective" #GRAMMYboycott

Glad to know that the Recording Academy is so interested in celebrating diversity...

Over the last decade, Buju Banton has reemerged as one of the most blatantly homophobic celebrities in the world--especially after 2006 when a judge dropped all charges against him for storming the residence of six suspected gay men and severely beating them to the point of permanent injury. He has repeatedly been caught singing his 1992 pro-murder hit "Boom, Bye Bye" after pledging not to sing it anymore. In 2007 he was the last signer of the "Reggae Compassion Act" pledging to refuse to sing homophobic lyrics anymore, only to immediately after deny ever signing it.Buju_Banton_(Apollo_theater,_2007).jpg

In October 2009, after agreeing to meet with members of the San Francisco gay and lesbian center about the homophobic content in his music, Buju Banton refused their requests to stop promoting the murder of gays and lesbians, and to make an anti-violence statement. days later he proceeded to pronounce, "This is a fight, and as I said in one of my songs 'there is no end to the war between me and faggot' and it's clear."

His song "Boom Bye Bye," doesn't just make homophobic statements. The entire song is an anthem about viciously, aggressively and violently murdering gays. One of the first lyrics in the song describes shooting a gay man in the back of the head as he runs away. Later in the same verse, Banton describes charging into the private home of a gay couple with an uzi. Later, he describes murdering, skinning and burning gays and lesbians. Then there is his song "Batty Rider" which spends describes chasing and gunning down gay men for the fun of it, during the course of which he repeats the word "murder" over a dozen times.

So the Recording Academy nominated him for a GRAMMY.

Read the rest of my post "Recording Academy blows GLAAD off, calls Buju Banton's gay-murder lyrics his 'cultural perspective.'" On the world famous Bilerico Project! Its a REAL doozy. Wait until you read what the Recording Academy just sent back to GLAAD!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Dr. Jillian Weiss over at is pissed, and with good reason. Today is ZERO HOUR on ENDA, we need three Representatives in the Committee responsible for it--House Committee on Education and Labor--to demand that chairman George Miller schedule a markup of the ENDA bill so it may have a chance of passing in this Congress. Over days and days, Jillian and other ENDA proponents promoted her petition to the Committee, and how many people signed it? 260. Out of 30,000,000 LGBT people in the United States--not to mention allies--260 signed the petition.

Folks, you want marriage equality? If we can't even get these gutless politicians to make a move on EMPLOYMENT PROTECTIONS so that people can have JOBS and LIVE, how the hell do you think we're going to get them to support something SO MUCH MORE CONTROVERSIAL as MARRIAGE EQUALITY?

You have to walk before you run, folks. If you want marriage equality, you need to open the door with ENDA. Take a look at what Dr. Weiss says:
"It is 5 minutes to midnight on ENDA, with still a possibility of getting a vote this year if everyone pulls together, and what happens? Do we have LGBT and progressive media exploding with articles of protest and telling people how to lobby Congress effectively to get this moving?

Nope. Instead, a NY marriage vote that was known to be doomed sucks all the oxygen out of the room. The D.C. city council preliminary vote on marriage is also in the news. But unlike most mornings when I crank up my Google machine, there are no news articles this morning on ENDA, anywhere. This despite the fact that the Committee that's supposed to mark it up announced yesterday that it's not on the schedule next week, which means that it's probably going in the deep freeze until February unless a miracle happens. As I've explained ad nauseam in previous posts, that is going to make ENDA harder to achieve.

Let me first say -- get on the phone and call the House Committee to help get ENDA moving again. It ain't over till its over, and you have to be in it to win it. Okay, now that you've all done that, let's drop the happy crap, and examine what happened to ENDA in 2009 to bring us from the assumptions of invulnerability surrounding its re-introduction, to today, when we are staring at its imminent placement in the deep freeze. This will help the LGBT and progressive communities realize how much more effort is really needed to pass ENDA.

I am pleased to say that I have been invited to discuss ENDA on the Michelangelo Signorile radio show on Sirius-XM this afternoon at 4:30 ET. I am not pleased to say that many more such discussions should have been out there months ago on many radio shows and websites and newspapers in the LGBT and progressive communities."

Continue reading Dr. Weiss' piece at: ENDA Postponement Trumped By Marriage Debacle, Again | The Bilerico Project

Later in the piece, Dr. Weiss goes on to say:
"'We are on track to pass this bill in the House this year,' said Representative Barney Frank on the day of ENDA's introduction, June 24, 2009. He also said that a hearing would take place in July. However, he also said that "obstacles still exist and LGBT activists need to continue to step up their lobbying for the bill."

Did LGBT activists and media step up their lobbying for the bill? I think some activists did, but I think that both activists and the media largely dropped the ball.

Relative to the volume of efforts and news on other issues, such as marriage equality, Don't Ask Don't Tell and DOMA, ENDA was almost completely drowned out. I have been tracking the news every day since June, when ENDA was re-introduced, and what I have seen is massive coverage of DADT and DOMA and little coverage of ENDA.

The reason that I dropped everything to start posting obsessively every day on ENDA is because I saw how low it was on the list of priorities, and given my expertise in workplace discrimination issues, I feel passionate about it. Let me tell you, entering the political fray is not that pleasant an experience. While many people were encouraging, there were also many who disparaged my efforts. I do, however, have a fairly thick hide and a poor memory, and both are important in politics."

Meanwhile, in an email alert to supporters of her petition, she says:

"Update about 'Mr. Chairman, Please Move on ENDA Now' on

I have faxed our 260 signatures to Chairman Miller, who has not responded with any action or statement. I have spoken to his LGBT outreach coordinator every day, but Chairman Miller has not been forthcoming.

Under House Rule 11, section 2-c-2, three members of the Committee can demand a markup, which must be scheduled within 3 days. On a national community conference call held yesterday, December 1, 2009, it was decided that we will ask Representatives Jared Polis and Lynn Woolsey, also of the Committee, to make this demand of Chairman Miller. I have faxed them our petition as well. You can find the names of 26 other friendly members of the Committee here, along with a script of what to ask for and more info:

Please call the House operator today at (202) 224-3121 and speak to the offices of Rep. Polis and Woolsey and ask that they demand a markup of ENDA, HR 3017, from Chairman George Miller of the House Committee on Education and Labor under Rule 11 2-c-2.

If the bill is not rescheduled shortly (i.e. within a few days), it will be put off until next year, when it will have to compete against a legislative logjam of other bills and midterm election campaigns.

Thank you for your support of ENDA.

Dr. Jillian T. Weiss

Associate Professor of Law and Society

Ramapo College"

This is the moment when we decide whether we unite as a community and get ourselves heard, or whether we take this time to continue our separate songs of discord, ensuring that noone on Capitol Hill will EVER take us seriously.

No matter WHAT your own personal goals for the LGBT community, nothing will be possible if we tell Capitol Hill, we don't even have enough clout and unity to band together to pass EMPLOYMENT PROTECTIONS. Do it, and do it now. Make the decision.