Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Will HATE CRIMES be the beginning or the end, Mr. President?

Law Dork, Chris Geidner pens this piece for The Atlantic:
"The Legacy of a Legacy" - The Atlantic Politics Channel:
"The work is not done, but the question with which we are left today is what will be the legacy of today's signing.

Will the legacy be that with its passage, the White House and Congress passed a watershed moment in LGBT equality to be followed in short order by action on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act; the elimination of Don't Ask, Don't Tell from our Armed Forces; and significant movement toward the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act? As Elizabeth Birch, the former head of the Human Rights Campaign, said at the evening reception, 'This was the moment that was required in order to have new laws follow.'

Or, will this be, like so often in legislative struggles, the single trinket doled out to a loyal constituency group until the next time the group demands action?"

I have to agree with Mr. Geidner. Is this going to be the last thing we see in a desert of action, or will this be the first of MANY actions that this president takes for equality. I can't say right now, but I do know that this is still a great victory that we must celebrate--our community's FIRST FEDERAL BILL PASSED AND SIGNED!

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