Thursday, October 22, 2009

Whipping up the Anti-HRC mob with creative editing | Bay Windows

Bay Windows - New England's largest GLBT newspaper:
"If you needed any more proof that the LGBT blogosphere is every bit as susceptible to incomplete information, misinformation, and a mob mentality as are its right-wing counterparts, you need only look back to an e-mail blast sent on Oct. 9 on behalf of Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Executive Director Joe Solmonese. In that message, sent to people who signed up to receive messages from HRC, Solmonese asked rhetorically, '[W]hat has [Obama] done? I’ve written that we have actually covered a good deal of ground so far. But I’m not going to trot out those advances right now because I have something more relevant to say: It’s not January 19, 2017.'"

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