Friday, October 23, 2009

Gay marriage advocates question Paterson's clout

Gay marriage advocates question Paterson's clout:
"The marriage issue looms large once again in Albany because Paterson has been suggesting he'd get a bill voted on in a special session to be called in a couple of weeks. But voting, as he knows, is one thing, and approving, another.

Alan Van Cappelle, executive director of the Pride Agenda, drew applause by blasting the 'tepid support' of 'sorry summer soldiers' among elected officials. The message of the day was that it was time for the Senate to take a vote, up or down.

'At least we should end this year knowing who was with us and who was against us,' he said. 'If it goes down, we'll know the work we need to do in 2010.'"

I'm not in NY but I've been following this for a while. I think Governor Patterson has great intentions, but he has almost no future in NY politics--his clout is almost non-existent. If he's able to pull this off, it would be a miracle.

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