Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hate crimes passes Senate: Goes to President's desk | Bilerico

Hate crimes passes Senate: Goes to President's desk | The Bilerico Project:
"As expected, the Senate passed the defense authorization bill this afternoon on a bipartisan vote of 68-29. Hate crimes legislation has already passed both houses of Congress, but the entire bill had to be voted on again after differences in the two versions of the defense bill were worked out.

The House version of the consolidated bill passed October 6 - just in time for the National Equality March and Obama's speech to the Human Rights Campaign's national dinner. The bill goes to the President's desk for his signature next. President Obama is expected to sign the legislation soon.

This legislation is vitally important for states like Indiana which doesn't have a hate crimes law thanks to our state legislators lack of support for our community or an ineffective state-wide LGBT organization. The message of the National Equality March rings true for me today. Our lack of progress in our state has been salvaged by federal action. The only way we're going to gain our rights is via federal law."

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