Monday, October 26, 2009

What's killing gays and lesbians more than anti-gay violence?

Drug and alcohol abuse are a major problem in our community and its killing us:
"He explained how he didn’t have a way to socialize with other members of the LGBT community that didn’t involve alcohol and other drugs. His first experience with drugs was with crystal meth.

Schneck explained how drug use in the LGBT community was an issue to address and that the only way to begin addressing it was to be aware of it.

Using drugs in his early years of college was a result of issues involving his family’s shunning of his lifestyle coupled with the environment of the LGBT community.

His college didn’t have an LGBT resource center, which made the LGBT community move underground to clubs and bars.

These resources may be crucial to making LGBT students feel as though they fit into the college community as well."

Drug and alcohol abuse are a HUGE problem in our community, and like the Dean here says, are largely a product of our community's isolation and discrimination. We need to fight this because its a major blight--we lose too many of our beautiful queer brothers and sisters to addictions. I love a good drink--I'm not saying don't drink--I'm saying we must address this issues more often, and talk about it openly. We can't keep losing one another to suicide and overdoses. If you know someone with an addiction problem, talk to them and help them find the help they need.

Of course, ANYONE try to take my daily pot of coffee away, and we're going to have problems. That's a whole 'nother ball of wax. I'll deal with that issue when I can. For now, leave me be!

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