Friday, October 23, 2009

Grassroots Pressure Works | OpenLeft

To all of those who thought that the National Equality March was a waste of time:
"This public option fight has been a loooong fight. We've all been hit with numerous requests to sign petitions, make phone calls, attend rallies, give money, etc.

In our money-laden, lobbyist-laden political system, it's easy to wonder if grassroots pressure makes a difference. And as MLK said, 'sometimes we get discouraged and sometimes disappointed with the slow pace of things.'

The fight is not over. But today's New York Times had some very encouraging news for activists...

...Hmmm...polls are fueling a "growing sense" among Reid's crew that "its better to show some fight" than to cave quietly? "

Adam Green's piece has some great background and advice for Grass Roots organizers and local activists that want to make the most of the voices they have.

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