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Call NOW to get Marriage on the Agenda for New York!

I just received this email from Sam Sussman, the winner of the Equality Idol speaker contest for the National Equality March. Please take a minute to help New York out NOW!

Dear friends,

Please take one minute right now to change history. Call New York State Senate Majority Leader John Sampson's Office at (718) 649-7653 or (518) 455-2788 and tell him to add Marriage Equality to the voting agenda for the upcoming Special Session.

The New York State Senate is about to head to special session, and there are enough votes to pass the marriage equality bill, S4401. This is great news! However, a vote on the marriage equality bill is not yet on the agenda because Senator Sampson has not yet included it. His decision is not final, and if we make our voices heard, he will have no choice but to do what is right -- put the bill on the agenda and allow for a vote.

A day of phone blitzing is in order. Pick up your phone and call Senator Sampson’s office at (718) 649-7653 or (518) 455-2788. Simply say, "My name is ______ and I am urging Senator Sampson to place the marriage equality bill on the agenda for the Senate's special session. This is a matter of civil rights, and New Yorkers want to be on the right side of history."

Most calls end there, but if you like, outline the reasons marriage equality is important to you. You will not be asked for an address, so everyone, even people who are not from New York, should call.

Please call Senator Sampson now!

Sam Sussman
Alliance for the Realization of Legal Equality


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