Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gill 2010: David Gill for Congress

Gill 2010: David Gill for Congress:
"Welcome to Gill 2010! Illinois’ 15th Congressional District is wide-ranging, both geographically and politically. But in my travels across the district, I hear the same message over and over again: a hunger for a different type of politics, and for a different type of politician. Citizens everywhere have had their fill of career politicians.

Join the campaign as we seek to take back this seat for the well-being of ordinary citizens, to return common sense to Washington, D.C., and to eliminate the waste of our hard-earned resources. As an ordinary citizen, I cannot succeed without your assistance. My Congressional campaigns are supported almost exclusively by the contributions of individual citizens. Please contact us at any time to volunteer or to make a financial contribution; your assistance will go far toward putting this U.S. House seat back into the hands of the people!"

I'm interested in getting to know more about this guy--an LGBT friendly guy who could unseat my HOMOPHOBIC representative Tim Johnson. Anyone else know anything more about this guy?

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