Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tell Scholastic to Stop Censoring Gay Friendly Books |

If LGBT and ally teachers told Schoolastic that they are not going to put in Schoolastic orders anymore, what would happen?:
"The publisher is censoring a book that depicts a girl character with two moms because they consider it offensive and inappropriate for children, preventing it from appearing in its Scholastic Book Fairs. These are the same book fairs that have reach to millions of schoolchildren nationwide. By censoring the book, Scholastic is sending the discriminatory and harmful message to children everywhere that same-sex relationships and gay/lesbian parents are wrong and should be hidden from sight."

I'm not going to mince words here (and I'm sure someone on the Far Right would love to use my words out of context)--school is a major battleground for LGBT youth undergoing daily torment and isolation. Invisibility and harassment are the reason why LGBT suicide is so high. Schoolastic is making LGBT people invisible and contributing to the climate of despair for LGBT youth. Don't buy Schoolastic books until this is made right!

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