Sunday, October 25, 2009

LGBT Colonial History at Plymouth Plantation?

History Is Everybody’s Story | illvox:
"Plimoth Plantation, located in Plymouth Mass, held its second annual, “Out At Plimoth Plantation,” an all-day, inclusive, LGBT event on Saturday, September 26, 2009 featuring family activities, unique, historical lectures including, Native/two-spirit perspectives from Harlan Pruden of the NorthEast Two-Spirit Society; a Colonial look at what Plimoth Plantation knows about gay tolerance during the 17th century and an exploration of a woman’s same sex perspective during the 18th century, presented by Dr. Jennifer Manion, History Professor at Connecticut College. In addition, the day highlighted a “Family Resource, Wedding and Event Expo” presented by Plimoth Plantation’s exclusive caterer, Creative Gourmet and sponsored by Verona Salon of Plymouth, MA. The day finished with a taste of history at the museum with a Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet and Social Mixer, a perfect place for guests to discuss the day’s events, and where people connect with new friends."

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