Monday, October 26, 2009

Trailblazer moves on: Sarah Warn Leaves AfterEllen | Autostraddle

The internet's top lesbian website is throwing a retirement party for one of the Entertainment Industry's most powerful lesbians:
"Washington native Warn began as a hobby in 2002 in response to what she saw as a complete void of content in the universe regarding queer women in entertainment — online or off.

AE’s success is no surprise when you glance at Warn’s resumè and total expertise. She graduated from lesbian-hotbed Wellesley College in 1996 with a degree in Women’s Studies and then pursued higher education at Harvard University (yeah THAT HARVARD), graduating in 1998 with a master’s in Theological Studies.

Warn deftly oversaw the expansion of her pioneering website over the last seven years, bringing eight years of experience in online marketing and business development, including several years managing Expedia’s search engine marketing department, to the position. Combined with Warn’s academic savvy and keen finger on the pulse of lesbian pop culture, AfterEllen quickly became a cult classic amongst other web-savvy lesbians (many Team Autostraddlers included) (Riese & Carlytron are web-nerds forevs) and, when lesbians got their very own TV show in 2004, The L Word, AfterEllen’s popularity virtually exploded.

AfterEllen was in a key position to take over the lesbian internet … and they did. The L Word’s growing popularity coincided with the advent of wireless, high-speed internet (especially important for people who have to hide their web-browsing from others), the YouTube boom (providing easy access to streaming video content) and the height of blogging’s popularity."

Mazel Tov, Sarah--good luck to you in the future. I'm curious about what she's going to do now! She created an empire out of a blog--surely not an easy feat! She's got a LOT of Entertainment Industry power--could we be seeing big things in Miss Warn's future? Well, werk gurl--you earned this time off!

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