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Matthew Krug Miller’s Spirituality Guest Post goes VIRAL!

A few weeks ago, Matthew Krug Miller posted about growing up Jewish and gay. His Ameriqueer post was picked up by Jewish Mosaic, an e-newsletter for gay and lesbian Jewish young people! We're so proud of you, Matthew!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

RECAP 730-Focus on #Kalamazoo #MI #LGBT fight, Did #Obama silence #DADT bill?

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FIRST, Ameriqueer: Its Xmas in Ameriqueeria! Phil has been welcomed into the Bilerico Family!






@bilericoproject U.S. Legislator of the Day: Rodney Frelinghuysen

@Blabbeando Pro-LGBT rights Latino leader sworn-in as CHICAGO 26th Ward Alderman, homophobe withdrawn

@pozmagazine Racy TV, Lack of Sex Ed Blamed for Increased STI Among IL Teens



FIRST, @PamsHouseBlend DADT: What The President Says & What Admin Does Are Two Different Things

@goodasyou  'Video: Why isn't the White House hasting? Do ask Hastings...'

@lgbtQnews_com Video: Rep. Hastings tells Maddow about Congressional DADT policy

@bilericoproject DADT & the Democratic finger trap

@TheAdvocateMag Army Sec. Nominee Asked About DADT


NEXT, @lawdorkblog Another Disorderly Conduct Arrest: Late this afternoon, Washington Blade reported on another

@TheAdvocateMag Fed worker DP benefits Bill Passes House Subcommittee

@Pam_Spaulding - HRC launches a grassroots 'No Excuses' effort to lobby DC reps during recess

@Queerty 1 of National Equality March's Self-Appointed Leaders May Not Even Be There



FIRST, @bilericoproject Kalamazoo, MI Human Rights ordinance to go to the ballot

@lgbtQnews_com Opponents of Kalamazoo MI gay-rights ordinance submit petitions to force vote

@TheAdvocateMag Kalamazoo, MI LGBT Law Opposed

@lgbtQnews_com RT @scottwells06: Kalamazoo Alliance for Equality ready to campaign for the ballot for Equality

@lgbtQnews_com In Kalamazoo, MI equality activists ready 4 vote on city anti-bias ordinance


NEXT, @Blabbeando Kissimmee FL commissioners vote 4-1 against changing city's logo

@TheAdvocateMag Pro-gay Republican Charles Baker Runs for MA Governor

@EqualityAmerica Marriage debate continues in PA

@JoeMyGod WA: Haters Want To Hide Their Names



FIRST, @lgbtlife UK Police urge caution after gay chatline muggings

@Queerty SHOCK: Are U.S. Soldiers Responsible for Executing Iraq's Gays?


NEXT, @lgbtlife NETHERLANDS Olympic champions promote gay tolerance in sport

@QueerjohnPA AUSTRALIAN Parliament Extends Some Rights to Gay/Lesbian Couples - But Not Marriage

HOLY SMOKES!! @lgbtlife ALBANIA PM Berisha: Govt Will Push for Marriage Equality; @Queerty Albania On Track to Beat U.S. In Legalizing Gay Marriage. Albania?!

@QueerjohnPA European commissioner calls for greater trans rights



FIRST, @TheAdvocateMag Tough Times: D.C. Mayor Cuts LGBT Health Funding

NEXT, @TGworldNews Planned Parenthood Now Offering Transgender Healthcare Services

@Maddaphobia MADD talks 1 -on- 1 with HIV+ Father



FIRST, @TheAdvocateMag @Los Angeles audition for Making the Band transgender Jaila Simms wowed

NEXT, @QueerjohnPA @harveymilk My talk @ Natl Men of All Colors Together Conference on future LGBT Leads

@JoeMyGod Gays Behave Badly At Catholic Protest

@TGworldNews Apatow Teaming Up With Kimberly Peirce: 1st mainstream transgender romantic comedy?

@Maddaphobia Misguided Gender Roles in Gay Relationships

@Queerty How We Learned Henry Louis Gates Jr. Hates Gay People From His Beverage Choice



@lgbtlife London's gay sports day 2B held next month

@queerunity Promotional Video for Nationwide Kiss-in Aug 15



@Queerty Heart Disease Killed E. Lynn Harris



Its Xmas in Ameriqueeria! Phil has been welcomed into the Bilerico Family!

So, gaytriots, I've been promoted! I've been invited to become a regular contributor by one of my favorite blogs, Bilerico! If you've ever read my RECAPs (used to be roundups) and clicked the links, then you've gone to Bilerico for sure before.

Over the last few months, I've submitted three guest posts to Bilerico for posting, and each one has generated a decent amount of discussion! Though I feared that the negative attention might hurt my chances of being asked to join permanently, yesterday my fears were aleviated when Bil Browning informed me that their editorial team were interested in taking me on on the regular!

Somehow I doubt that Bilerico will suffer the same fate as Queer Magazine did 6 years ago, so looks like this'll last a bit!

I will still continue to post here daily on Ameriqueer, and will once again commence posting a lot more meaty stuff. The last 48 hours, however, I've been consumed in my excitement and preparation to make this announcement!

That said, I'm still REALLY looking for guest content. This isn't Phileriqueer, its AMERIqueer! I want to feature the full spectrum of voices here! If you've got something to say to the American LGBT community, then please contact me at

So here is what Bil Browning posted when he warmly welcomed me to the Bilerico family along with Austen Crowder and Dr. Gloria Brame:

"Phillip Reese began his career of LGBT advocacy in central Michigan and now resides in Champaign, IL where he teaches Middle School and attends graduate school at the University of Illinois. Phil is passionate about news, social networking, information science and mobilizing LGBT people to become more active in their communities. Recent TBP guest posts: Fallen Idol: Why I won't automatically vote Obama in 2012 and Why are white gay men so racist? Why are straight black men so homophobic?

"Please join me in welcoming these three new additions to the Bilerico Project family."


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'll be recording another Lundon Calling tonight with Ace Lundon and Lance Helms. This podcast should be available early next week. However, while you wait, please feel free to enjoy last week's podcast! Listen to what happens when Ace leaves the room and abandons Lance and I! I felt like a little lost child! Luckily he came back. Enjoy the show, and tell me what you think!


RECAP 729- Marriage Language #CHICAGO #HIV #DC #DADT #PROP8 #REF71

Ameriqueer continues to evolve! Check out our new EXCLUSIVELY AMERIQUEER Twitter feed!

AMERIQUEER NEEDS YOU! We're looking for smart, savvy and witty writers to contribute to Ameriqueer on a regular basis. We are an upbeat blog covering American LGBTQ/PWA news, politics, science, spirituality and issues. We focus on the most current topics with an eye on the future and a head for the past. If you're interested in becoming a regular Ameriqueer contributor email me I'll hook you up!




@bilericoproject U.S. Legislator of the Day: Frank Kratovil

@QueerjohnPA Queer Isn't It? "Why We Don't Say Gay Marriage"

@GayChicago Chicago HIV report sparks reaction

@pozmagazine Study: 17% of Chicago MSM Are HIV Positive; Half Don't Know It

@TheAdvocateMag Gay-owned business Contracts Discussed in Chicago


@QueerjohnPA Top-Down "National March for Equality" Won't Wash

@lawdorkblog Hastings Withdraws DADT Amendment After White House Pressure

@TheAdvocateMag Report: Obama's Free Pass on DADT

@queerunity @NYAC: TAKE ACTION - DC City Council cuts T.H.E. funds (Trans Health Empowerment)


@PamsHouseBlend @eqCA Calls CA Governor's Veto of Critical AIDS Funding Shortsighted, Immora..

@bilericoproject The Unnoticed Power Player at the CA Repeal Prop 8 Leadership Summit

@bilericoproject CA Repeal Prop 8 Leadership Summit: The Expert Point of View

@QueerjohnPA @DallasVoice: 2 North TX schools make Princeton Reviews list of most homophobic colleges

@WorkingClassFag Gay Today: UT next governor mum on gay rights stances

@bilericoproject Marriage advocates in VT outspent the homophobes 7-1

@bilericoproject WA domestic partnership fight could start soon

@lgbtQnews_com OR's Gary Randall Attacks WA's Elections Law over REF71

@lgbtlife What next for Referendum 71?


@queerunity ALBANIA to legalize gay marriages

@GayChicago Bombs disrupt World Outgames in Copenhagen DENMARK

@TheAdvocateMag Bombs, Beatings Mar Outgames.

@lgbtQnews_com RT @gay_india: INDIA Gov't unlikely to oppose gay order: Hindustan Times "The government seems highly inclined to back the Delhi High Court order…"

@queerunity TASMANIA endorses same-sex marriage!

@JoeMyGod AUSTRALIA PM Kevin Rudd: I Said No Gay Marriage And I Meant It

@gangsallqueer CUBA's Transformistas About the amazing new acceptance transgender people are finding there.

@bilericoproject Today in HIV hysteria.. CHINA


@lgbtlife Group seeks 2 make gays greener & greens gayer

@JoeMyGod SyFy Promises Gayer Future: Smarting from GLAAD's "F" rating..

@TheAdvocateMag After GLAAD report, ABC's Greek Goes Gay; Really Gay


@HomoPolitico Pair Starts Antigay Facebook Group about Bryce Faulkner: (via @truthwinsout)

@QueerjohnPA What's it like being a #gay #Muslim?

@lgbtQnews_com @GayMarriage: Poll surprise: States with more Catholics more favorable to LGBT rights


@bilericoproject Red Without Blue: Identical twins and gender identity


@QueerjohnPA RT @harrislacewell RT @youngsinick Can America handle another #black #gay series? ONE BY MAURICE JAMAL? YES!!!!!

@QueerjohnPA #Bisexual Documentary #Bi the Way premieres on Logo

@gangsallqueer In movies: Peter & Benjamin Bratt discuss La Mission, story of a father struggling 2 accept homosexu..

@TGworldNews Trans OR Mayor Takes Heat for Skimpy Outfits

@queerunity Blog Spotlight: The Gang's All Queer: The Gang's All Queer is a blog representing queer people of color

@queerunity An Exercise in Gay Acceptance for Heterosexuals: exercise given @ seminar..


@lgbtlife London's gay sports day 2B held next month

@queerunity Promotional Video for Nationwide Kiss-in Aug 15..


@JoeMyGod Lesbian Couple Celebrates 70th Year!

TOAST TO Caroline Leto and Venera Magazzu of Dania Beach, FL, who met at a party in 1939… and are still together today!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009



What's worse, is when I PERSONALLY try to use my personal account to REFOLLOW Ameriqueer--an account I control, mind you--I CAN'T.


If you previously followed @Ameriqueer, I will let you know once Twitter stops fucking me over, and you can refollow.

In the meantime, @philipot00 still works, you can continue following my updates there.

As soon as this mess is all sorted out, I will post news EXCLUSIVELY at the @ameriqueer feed!

For now:



Ameriqueer continues to evolve its web presence! Check out our new EXCLUSIVELY AMERIQUEER Twitter feed!


AMERIQUEER NEEDS YOU! We're looking for smart, savvy and witty writers to contribute to Ameriqueer on a regular basis. We are an upbeat blog covering American LGBTQ/PWA news, politics, science, spirituality and issues. We focus on the most current topics with an eye on the future and a head for the past. If you're interested in becoming a regular Ameriqueer contributor email me at I'll hook you up!


NEW Ameriqueer: Madonna's Daughter Lourdes to Make Debut in 'Celebration' Video



@bilericoproject U.S. Legislator of the Day: Patrick Tiberi

@Queerty Dear CHICAGO Gays: Please Go Get Tested

@EqualityAmerica Stop Accepting Me!

@Pam_Spaulding Study: marriage equality support up; LGBT legal rights & protections lag.

@JoeMyGod NBC Responds To GLAAD

@DallasPrinciple Rep. Nadler to introduce DOMA repeal:

@TheAdvocateMag Rep Jerrold Nadler Details DOMA Repeal. Controversially, Nadler says the bill will only rec..

@JoeMyGod Proposed DOMA Repeal Would Force Full Faith And Credit Issue.

@bilericoproject Federal civil unions?

@lgbtQnews_com @chrisgeidner: Law Dork Raises Some Questions About Rep. Nadler's DOMA Repeal Bill:

@goodasyou DADT-Asking & telling may still B out of line. But as 4 hearing?

@lgbtlife DADT Fall Senate Hearings Likely

@BilericoDC What Does an Inclusive ENDA Really Mean?

@EqualityAmerica UAFA; Amsterdam Gay Weddings Protest U.S. Immigration Law

@goodasyou CA; 2010 or 2012: Which vision is 20/20?

@bilericoproject What Really Happened at the CA Repeal Prop 8 Leadership Summit

@TheAdvocateMag The Fight in CA Continues 2010? 2012?

@HomoPolitico Sen Nan Rich: Anti-gay adoption law a drawback for FL's efforts

@queerunity NJ Governor Corzine picks LGBT champion as running mate

@Queerty TX Rainbow Lounge's Double Tragedy: Bartender Dead In 'Possible DWI'

@TheAdvocateMag $294K Spent on VT Marriage Equality

@HomoPolitico Pro marriage equality group spends big in VT

@lgbtQnews_com WA secState says #Ref71 sig count to take "several weeks" b/c they can't use random sampling "need to do a full check"

@QueerjohnPA Gay Marriage Watch: WI DP Registry Opens Next Week

@Queerty Some Jerkoffs Are Trying to Keep WI Gays From Even Getting Hospital visitation

@TheAdvocateMag UN Grants Status to LGBT Group.

@JoeMyGod Amnesty International: IRISH Civil Partnerships Are Second-Class Citizenship

@lgbtQnews_com @LesBianInt: ILGA reveals "world's most gay friendly corporations" BT, IBM, DOW

@TGworldNews @glaad Dr. Phil Agrees 2 Pull Problematic Transgender kids show

@TheAdvocateMag Archbishop of Canterbury: "No Gays"

@gangsallqueer Many queer people in the African-American community attend churches that refuse embrace their..

@PamsHouseBlend @JC_Christian reviews Alan Chamber's Book Leaving Homosexuality - OMG! Genius!

@lgbtlife NYU is Tops Among Gay-Friendly Schools, Says Princeton Review

@terrapax @HomoPolitico A new documentary explores homophobia in rural America: "Out in the Silence"

@lgbtQnews_com @lgfoundation: How do mid-life to older gay men deal with growing older?

@pozmagazine ACT UP veteran Robert Hilferty died suddenly this weekend


Madonna's Daughter Lourdes to Make Debut in 'Celebration' Video - Towleroad.

Madonna's Daughter Lourdes to Make Debut in 'Celebration' Video - Towleroad.

Be still my heart.

Lourdes Leon--looking more fabulous than ever--is joining Mother Madge in the video for "Celebration," due out in the next two weeks, according to MadonnaTribe.

So who's up for a video launch party here in Champaign-Urbana?

NEW BILERICO GUEST POST: What the GLAAD Network Report Means


Yesterday, GLAAD released its Network Responsibility Index report for 2009, ranking the top broadcast and cable networks on their LGBT inclusivity in programming. ABC led the broadcast networks this year with depictions like Ugly Betty's gay Ken-doll Marc, played by Michael Urie, among other depictions on other shows. HBO led the cable networks with shows like gay-created True Blood, No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, and Big Love; with over 42% of programming being LGBT inclusive.

We're not surprised that there were so many cable networks that ranked high on the index; #2 Showtime's programming consisted of 24% LGBT-inclusive programming, #3 TNT dedicated 19% of its hours to LGBT-inclusive content, #4 MTV 17% (really, only 17?), and #5 Lifetime—the in-denial fourth gay network—had 14%. This was all while the Network's rankings topped out at ABC's 24% and went down from there to CW's 20%, Fox's 11%, NBC's 8% (way to drop the ball, home of Will & Grace), and CBS (MTV's big sister?) at 5%.

Though it's really fun and affirming to see ourselves represented on television, the important question here is how many positive representations of LGBTs is mainstream America being exposed to? The answer is not a whole lot. Remember, these percentages represent ALL representations of LGBT people, not just positive. This isn't like HRC's Corporate Equality Index where the score goes down when a company gives money to anti-gay causes. This is percentage of total screen time. So while Fox showed us in 11% of programming, plenty of that included problematic depictions like Andrew on Sit Down and Shut Up and the explosive and uncontested homophobia from So You Think You Can Dance judge Nigel Lythgoe.

A second problem with this list is...



Monday, July 27, 2009


Ameriqueer continues to evolve its web presence! Check out our new EXCLUSIVELY AMERIQUEER Twitter feed!


AMERIQUEER NEEDS YOU! We're looking for smart, savvy and witty writers to contribute to Ameriqueer on a regular basis. We are an upbeat blog covering American LGBTQ/PWA news, politics, science, spirituality and issues. We focus on the most current topics with an eye on the future and a head for the past. If you're interested in becoming a regular Ameriqueer contributor email me at I'll hook you up!


NEW AMERIQUEER: Hope you like the new look!: Ameriqueer just got a little brighter!

NEW AMERIQUEER: Gay Boxers Dies | Best Gay Blogs: Gay Boxers Dies | Best Gay BlogsOut gay Ca..


@bilericoproject U.S. Legislator of the Day: Rick Boucher

@EqualityAmerica Congressman behind DOMA repeal nixes federal rights for DPs, civil unions

@bilericoproject: Repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Goes Grassroots

@JoeMyGod Senate To Hold DADT Hearing: Jason Bellini reports at the Daily Beast that while Sen...

@pozmagazine House Bill With Restrictions Lifts Ban on Needle Exchanges

@bilericoproject: SOLUTION TO DC MARCH CONTROVERSEY: Let's Call it A "Queer Quilt Across America"

@queerunity Promotional Video for Nationwide Kiss-in Aug 15..

@WorkingClassFag World Premiere of 1st Great Nationwide Kiss-In Promotional Video

@lgbtQnews_com "Odds are federal marriage lawsuits could deliver surprise win"

@DallasPrinciple # 5....full civil rights is a non-partisan issue. Advocate:

@EqualityAmerica Attorney Olson Calls Gay Marriage a "Conservative Value"

@lgbtQnews_com: pro-LGBT Republicans come out of the closet in Blue states

@Ameriqueer: RT @bilericoproject: Current TV's gay Republican segment

@EqualityAmerica According 2 a poll by the Uni of WA,77% of WA. voters support legal recognition 4 LGBT families. BREAKING!

@TheAdvocateMag WA D.P. Foes Short on Signatures?: Opponents of recently expanded domestic partnership law..

@Queerty Does It Matter if the Anti-Gay Signatures in WA Were Fraudulent?

@lgbtQnews_com RT @dailydish: A Pro-Gay Republican vs An Anti-Gay Democrat? NY

@WorkingClassFag: RT @gayritesnet Gay marriage will be issue in IA House special election

@rwg16: Children and Marriage Equality in ME - Vote No on 1

@HomoPolitico: Library fight riles up West Bend WI, leads to book-burning demand for "gay-affirming" books

@TGworldNews Houston TX Mayor proclaims first Transgender Day

@JoeMyGod El Paso TX Backs Gays: The El Paso city council has unanimously approved a resolution..

@EqualityAmerica CA Activists Not Going 2 Bother Overturning Prop8 Next Year

@lgbtQnews_com: Some activists favor quick return of marriage equality 2 CA ballot -

@bilericoproject 2010 or bust

@Queerty Are There Any CA Activists Who Know How 2 Play Well With Others?

@QueerjohnPA NY TIMES Covers 2010 vs 2012 Prop 8 Repeal Question

@JoeMyGod 2010 For Prop 8 Attempt? Yes! No!: Members of the "leaderless" marriage equality move..

@Pam_Spaulding The Elephant In The Room

@bilericoproject San Francisco, CA files motion to intervene in Boies/Olson Prop 8 case

@QueerjohnPA Geneva: United Nations allows gay, lesbian group to join debates

@JoeMyGod Out gay vet Makes Cover Of UK's Soldier: An openly gay decorated Iraq veteran is on the c..

@GayChicago: Gay culture, politics at center of Outgames, Copenhagen DENMARK

@lgbtQnews_com: 2 Held Following Assault of Three Visiting Men to DENMARK

@HomoPolitico: More Charges on Provost's Murder, Possible Motive in Sailor Suspect's "Crime Spree":

@lgbtlife Authorites: Gay Sailor's Murder Not Related to Sexual Orientation

@TGworldNews: RT Every Three Days, a Transgender Person is Murdered worldwide

@TGworldNews FedEx Becomes Latest Fortune 100 to Protect Transgender Employees

@WorkingClassFag: Wal-Mart CEO Backed Gay Adoption Ban

@WorkingClassFag: Is Tobacco the Number One Cause of Death Among Gays and Lesbians?

@lgbtlatestscien: Tobacco companies want LGB people to smoke. Don't support same sex smoking.

@bilericoproject Gays smoke more than straights

@WorkingClassFag Peter LaBarbera repeats Paul Cameron lie about homosexuality and cigarettes -

@JoeMyGod: HomoQuotable - Alan Chambers: "The key thought here is the opposite of homosexuality ..

@JoeMyGod Anti-Gay Charlotte Pride Protest Uneventful: Led by Pastors Michael Brown and Lou Eng..

@Pam_Spaulding: WaPo profiles black LGBT-affirming pastor in DC who fights to break the silence and denial

@lgbtlife: Straight believers find a home in gay churches, synagogues

@rwg16: Perfect argument Gay Marriage = Religious Freedom

@rwg16: very interesting and enlighting from GCN: Is homosexuality an abomination?

@rwg16: tells it like it is:Gay Marriage vs Civil Unions: Separate Is Not Equal - Gavin Newsom

@QueerjohnPA RT @AKAWilly Operation Shine: Walking Across America For #LGBT Homeless Youth

@GayChicago: LGBTI Health Summit announces plenaries ::

@rwg16: Study: HBO leads on TV in showing gay characters

@Queerty How Did MTV Get Such a Low 'Gays On TV' Score?


Gay Boxers Dies | Best Gay Blogs

Gay Boxers Dies | Best Gay Blogs

Out gay Canadian boxer and '92 Barcelona Olympics Silver Medalist Mark Leduc has passed away yesterday reportedly of heat stroke. Keep this gay legend in your thoughts today!

Hope you like the new look!

Ameriqueer just got a little brighter! Check out the new look and make sure you check out @Ameriqueer on Twitter, Ameriqueer's new Twitter presence! Subscribe to @Ameriqueer from your mobile device for the best breaking LGBT news every day!

With the new look, I'd also like to note that we're looking for more Ameriqueer contributors! If you're interested in contributing to Ameriqueer, email me at! We're looking for bright and witty writers who have a passion for current LGBT news and issues, and want to help us in our mission to promote community advocacy! We're also looking for someone who can juggle the many Ameriqueer web properties, and will help to make managing all of them a simpler task!

If you're interested in becoming a part of the Ameriqueer team, please email, and we'll make it happen!

Phil "The Gaytriot Ameriqueer!"

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NEW ON Ameriqueer: GUEST POST: Queer Spirituality-Solace in the Silence

@lgbtlife: Great Nationwide Kiss-In; @lgbtQnews_com: onQ: Nationwide kiss-in demonstrations planned for August 15 -

@GayChicago: Report shows HIV prevalence among CHICAGO gay men

@TheAdvocateMag: View to Washington: Inclusive Republicans:

@PamsHouseBlend: JulienSharp: Will Blue Dogs Help GOP Extremists Destroy Obama's Presidency Over Their Donations From Insurance I..

@lgbtlife: Openly gay member, Rep. Jared Polis, joins Air Force board

@therealpatrick: From your lips to God's ears: FOX NEWS Is Killing The Republican Party

@lgbtlife: In WA Ref 71 signature count "Too Close To Call"

@PamsHouseBlend: In WA Paid Referendum 71 Signature Gatherer is Baldfaced Liar.

@rwg16: See how low the God loving Christians can go-WA Anti-Gay Signature Fraud Caught on Tape

@lgbtQnews_com: Seattle WA foes hold up gay benefits? :: // Bad headline. None of the foes are from Seattle

@lgbtQnews_com: RT @TGworldNews: In OR, Group Files Complaint Against Transgender Mayor

@TheAdvocateMag: NY GOP Nominee Voted Pro Marriage :

@chrisgeidner: HRC and Victory Fund Endorse Anthony Woods for Congress in CA: follow @woods4congress

@EqualityAmerica: CA Supreme Court Justice Moreno: History Is on My Side on Prop8

@bilericoproject: Anti-gay former chief justice of AL Supreme Court still spewing hate

@GayNewsOnline: ME court upholds IBM heir's adoption of lesbian lover

@lgbtQnews_com: RT @gay_india: Balancing out: New Delhi, INDIA, High Court Justice Leila Seth, mother of Vikram Seth on 377 and her life

@lgbtQnews_com @gay_india Glam, perilous world of INDIA's Rose, world's 1st transgender TV star

@lgbtQnews_com: INDIA's first LGBT pride store launched online:

@rwg16: Great video please RT-AUSTRALIAN Equal Love : Equality: you're doing it wrong.

@bilericoproject: New on TBP: Pride House Planned for 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, CANADA

@lgbtlife: Hate Crimes and Police Perceptions: What The Arrest of Professor Gates May Mean To Both - Lez Get Real

@DallasPrinciple: NAACP could play a key role in LGBT movement @detnews

@lgbtlife: Store proudly displays pro-gay T-shirt in spite of vandalism and threats

@TGworldNews: 77-Year-Old Man Becomes Oldest Transgender Woman...Kind Of -

@lgbtlatestscien: Meet Dr. Herek, psychology researcher in LGBT science at UC- Davis.

@lgbtlatestscien: Clinical trials for HPV Vaccine to prevent cervical and anal cancer

@lgbtlife: Gay Dad vs Straight Dad

@gaydizo: Facebook Suspends Pro-Gay Marriage Facebook Group W/ 90,000 Supporters - Without Explanation!

@TGworldNews: Very interesting read. 59% of Transgender Inmates Report Sexual Assault While In Prison

@goodasyou: At least he didn't call it a homo-cide: In 2008, the Family Research Council's Pe..

@lgbtlife: Professional "ex-gay" Alan Chambers: "The truth is, I am in denial, but it is self-denial."

@rwg16: I hope they C the "light", but somehow I doubt it! Plea 4 altered Mormon stance on gay rights grows

@GayNewsOnline: NC Christian Groups Try to Pray Away the Gay... Pride, That Is

@WorkingClassFag: Catholic Church Would Rather Spend Money 2 End Marriage Equality than Save Churches

@EqualityAmerica: How Do You Turn Walter Cronkite Into a Friend of Gay Rights? Zap Him

@TheAdvocateMag: In Celebration of "Gay Icons": Take a sneak peek at some of the 60 "Gay Icons"


Friday, July 24, 2009

ROUNDUP 724 - #DADT #CA #AK #WI #BryceFaulkner #Turkey

Because the old roundup was beginning to become too time consuming, I thought perhaps copying and pasting my top 15 tweets of the day will accomplish the same task. Headlines and links are built in! Many folks actually said they MISSED the old roundup, so it had to return. Please tell me if you like this or hate this! Follow me on twitter for up to the second news (in retweets)! Add my twitter feed to your RSS reader!

ON AMERIQUEER: GUEST POST: Queer Spirituality-Solace in the Silence

LEGISLATOR OF THE DAY: @bilericoproject: U.S. Legislator of the Day: Frank LoBiondo

@bilericoproject: New on TBP: DADT bill dropped in Senate

@JoeMyGod: Senate Approves Final Hate Crimes Bill: Last night the Senate approved their final ve..

@bilericoproject: The Most Trusted Man in America Supported Marriage Equality

@JoeMyGod: SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera Wants In On Federal Marriage Suit:

@chrisgeidner (LawDork): HRC and Victory Fund Endorse Anthony Woods for Congress:

@PamsHouseBlend: Breaking: Arrest In August Provost Case


@TheAdvocateMag: N.Y. GOP Nominee Voted Pro Marriage

@lgbtQnews_com: Ex-Alaskan battles Wisconsin gay marriage ban PRO-EQUALITY CONSERVATIVE!

@bilericoproject: Wisconsin domestic partnership law under attack

@TheAdvocateMag: Dallas Episcopal Bishop: No Gay Unions

@Queerty: Is Bryce Faulkner Missing? Or Did Exodus International Really Steal Him Away?

@HomoPolitico: Excellent article on Bryce Faulkner from TruthWInsOut

@Queerty: Anti-Gay Singapore Prof Li-Ann Thio Won't Be Coming to NYU. So, That's Good?

@lgbtlife: Gay Turkish Referee Fighting Back Against Homophobic Suspension

@bilericoproject: New on TBP: AAA South Pledges Family Memberships to Same-Gender Spouses

@lgbtlife: Store proudly displays pro-gay T-shirt in spite of vandalism and threats

@Pam_Spaulding: - National Black Justice Coalition to SCLC: marriage equality is a civil right

@goodasyou: The more things change...: It's a living. **Our complete Maggie Gallagher archive..

@lgbtlife: Author E. Lynn Harris Dies at 54

@Queerty: Russia's Homo Expert Simon Karlinsky Dies



GUEST POST: Queer Spirituality--Solace in the Silence

The following is the third in a series of featured AMERIQUEER GUEST POSTS that will focus on the intersection of spirituality and sexuality in America as more and more gays and lesbians come out spiritually. Similar features will cover all of America's major faiths and will run daily this week and into the next.

Days of Marriage obtained his B.S. in Materials Engineering at Iowa State University and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign. He was married to Joe Moderate in a religious ceremony held in Illinois the summer of 2008 and they were legally married in his home state of Iowa in the summer of 2009, both marriage ceremonies having been held within Quaker Meetings.

I am a gay Christian.

Such a statement was not always true. I began as an agnostic; then I was a Christian; now I am a gay Christian. When I say I have been a Christian longer than I have been a gay, this does not mean that I wasn't attracted to guys since puberty (I was); rather, it means that I consciously acted on my Christian identity long before I began to explore my gay identity.

My expression of this Christian identity has changed over time. Raised in a Protestant mainline church, I was not a Christian, but rather a pew-warmer with my mind far from the pulpit. In college, I became a "born again" evangelical, attending a Southern Baptist church and rising into leadership positions. Today, I attend a Quaker Meeting.

As an evangelical, I longed to hear from God. Within evangelicalism is the strong idea that people can communicate directly with God and that God can communicate directly with people. This strong desire to connect with the divine permeates much of evangelical practice. To an evangelical Christian, the Bible is "the Word of God", with His words exactly transcribed to speak to us – through the help of the Holy Spirit – in any and all of our lives' situations. Prayer is a chance to speak directly to God and hope for a response, often in the form of answered prayers. The ultimate direct communication with God is to hear Him speak to us – not just through a book or answered prayers, but rather through aural hearing of the very words of God.

I was such an evangelical. I longed to interact with the Holy Spirit so that I could experience God speaking directly to me. I prayed fervently for God to intervene in my life. I prayed for the gift of prophecy, or for that of speaking in tongues. I could study Christianity and be convinced that it was logically correct, but I longed for experiential confirmation, a confirmation that was so unequivocal that I could never walk away from God due to the sheer weight of an experience I had with Him. So I studied. I prayed. And I waited.

The experience I, as an evangelical, was waiting for never came. Sure, I had answered prayers. I better understood the Bible. My heart was kinder towards others. But where was my revelatory experience that would forever seal my faith?

Rather than God sealing my faith, my evangelical church began to destroy my faith. Five years after becoming a born again Christian, I began to explore the possibility of a gay relationship. Never mind that it was a monogamous, non-sexual relationship with another Christian guy in the same church; such a relationship stretched the tolerance of this "open-minded" evangelical church to the breaking point. I and my future husband, as well as two other gay men, were shown the door and told they hoped to see us only after we had repented of our gay ways.

This was devastating, in part because the church was my home away from home, the place where I found friendships that were full of meaning, solace when in my down times, and celebration when experiencing life's joys. Stripped of this home, I despaired much as someone who is kicked out of relationship with his biological family.

Having seen the writing on the wall, my future husband and I had previously attended a Quaker Meeting, a local gay-friendly church. Unfamiliar with Quaker silent worship, we asked a long-time member to explain it. He said that Quakers wait in silence to hear from the Holy Spirit; if one receives a message, then one discerns whether it is meant for the group – in which case one shares the message – or whether it is meant for oneself – in which case the message is privately contemplated. Certainly not standard evangelical fare, but we began to regularly attend.

Fresh off our dismissal from our previous church, I despondently sat in a Sunday-morning Quaker time of silent worship. As the silence stretched onward, my despair deepened. Here I was, excluded from my church "family", a stranger in an unfamiliar church. Where, I prayed, was God in my hour of greatest loneliness? Then into the silence came the sound of a shuffled chair and two feet squarely placed on the floor to support an elderly woman. Standing, she spoke into the silence in an unwavering voice: "You have asked me to heal your broken heart. But what can I do, but hold it tenderly?" I sat stunned; I cannot explain how, but I knew the words were spoken for me. Though spoken through this visiting Quaker woman, I also knew they were spoken by God. I began to weep; not out of bitterness, but rather because I felt I was in the presence of someone whom understood my pain and would comfort me in my despair.

After cathartically dwelling in this presence, and with the same certainty of interacting with the divine, I heard in my head, "You once were called Sad. But I have called you Glad."* And whereas before I could not hold back the tears, my heart suddenly felt such an upwelling of caring and love that I was uncontrollably smiling. Indeed, I almost became a laughing-out-loud fool in the midst of the silent worship, such was the feeling of God's comfort.**

Where all of my fervent evangelical prayers for spoken words from God failed, He reached into my despair to tenderly hold my broken heart, and with kind words transformed me from Sad to Glad. He did not care that I was in love with a man. He did not care that my theology was not rote evangelical hermeneutics. God did, however, care about my need for love and caring. And though people who claimed to be followers of Christ rejected me and other gay men, God himself demonstrated nothing but his unending acceptance. For those who feel similar rejection by some Christians today, I gladly know that they can trust in a God who does not show rejection, but rather holds their hearts tenderly and calls them to dwell with God in gladness.

* This somewhat parallels the first chapter of Ruth, where Naomi asks to be called "Bitter" (Mara), whereas her original name means "Pleasant".

** I have only met the equivalent of this laughing experience once before, when I was administered laughing gas before wisdom tooth extraction. Counting back from 10, I only reached 4 before I was laughing hysterically.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


The following is the second in a series of featured AMERIQUEER GUEST POSTS that will focus on the intersection of spirituality and sexuality in America as more and more gays and lesbians come out spiritually. Similar features will cover all of America's major faiths and will run daily this week and into the next.

This guest column is by one of my dearest friends, Jenny Suidan. Jenny is an opinionated twenty something with an attitude on almost everything. She is an ally, a political fundraiser and generally one pretty cool chick.

So, I'm not gay and I'm not religious. I, however, am quite opinionated, spiritual and happen to be sitting in front of a computer typing out my thoughts. Right now, those thoughts are about religion, sexuality and spirituality. I have spent more than a week thinking about this topic and talking to a variety of my gay friends before I decided to start in on the actually writing business. Let's start this, my second chance as your guest tour guide in Ameriqueer land.

As a kid, I never knew that I was different. I grew up in a white area, a very white area and it wasn't until I was seven, maybe even almost eight years old that I knew I was different. My dad is a Lebanese immigrant (immigrated as a child so he's pretty f-ing American) and my mom is a Hawaii born Japanese lady and for some reason it never occurred to me that I wasn't exactly like my blonde haired blue eyed best friend. I was raised a CEO catholic (Christmas and Easter only that is) per my fraternal grandmother's insistence and my dad's belief that I needed some kind of religion. I never really understood what I was doing there, why adults drank out of the same cup or why we knelt so much but I guess I would have learned if I went more than twice a year. My dad then decided that I needed to go to catechism when I was 12 and 13 so I could learn about his faith (primarily because he wanted me to go to catholic high school) and so I went every Monday and Wednesday for two years. Well almost. I got kicked out a lot for asking questions like why can't I be an altar girl and how can you possibly think that a cracker is a piece of Jesus at least once a week. After a while, I started sneaking out with a friend to Hebrew school where she prepared for her Bat Mitzvah and found that to be way more interesting. My mom is in no way a religious woman. She always taught us (me and my two siblings that is) that we were supposed to treat people the way we wanted to be treated, that all of our choices have a consequence, to never to judge someone until we had a chance to get to know that person and that we should always do our best in whatever we did. I think that this was an excellent foundation for me that has lead me to be an open-minded adult who is happily standing shoulder to shoulder with my gay friends on the quest for equality.

Somewhere along the line, I decided I wanted to learn about other religions so I did before giving up the idea that I needed religion at all and happily idled around with my own thoughts about the world and kept to myself about it. It all seemed to work out quite nicely for me. Somehow I managed to make it to college before I met anyone who tried to save me or share with me a laundry list of reasons why I was going to hell. I had heard about people like this before, I just always assumed that we just didn't have any in Michigan. I was wrong. To be fair though, I grew up in a pretty Jewish area in a heavily Jewish county so where would a Pentecostal Christian fit in and start damning people to hell? I learned quickly upon my move to Central Michigan that there is an enormous population of people who claim that they are doing what Jesus taught them which apparently meant telling people the ways that they needed to change for God to love them. Suddenly I found myself learning about these alleged Christians and becoming well versed for debates with them to stand up for the GLBT community. In my time in college, I had the opportunity to protest Fred Phelps and debate about same sex marriage with Gary Glenn of the American Family Association and stood up against a rather annoying man that used to come to campus in the spring and fall that we called Preacher Rick. It had never occurred to me that people would use religion to hate. Probably because my catholic upbringing taught me to keep quiet about what I thought; a lesson I clearly failed at learning.

I was fortunate enough to meet some actual Christians in my time in college, people who practiced what they preached, who really believed when Jesus said to treat your neighbor as yourself and did what they could to better themselves as people. I am very proud to have been a part of my college GSA when we started our partnership with Chi Alpha, a Christian fellowship. I was given an opportunity to learn more about Christianity and they were given a chance to put very real, live, young, happy faces on the issues that face the GLBT community. That relationship continues between those two groups even now and it is so impressive to see how both groups have grown accordingly. I truly believe I am fortunate to have become friends with the leaders of Chi Alpha in my time in and since college.

So all of this came to mind when I started to think about this topic for what I hope to be a very relevant reason. Let me also add really quickly, I have helped a lot of people through various stages of coming out in my day, a role I happily assume because I like being helpful and on more than one occasion have been called one of those people that people felt safe trusting. I have had a lot of experiences with people who have struggled to balance being gay and religious or spiritual and originally I thought about talking about that until I asked a very close friend (first friend to every come out to me actually) his thoughts on his topic. As someone who was raised with no religion, I thought maybe his perspective would be interesting. He told me this: there are some people who are primarily religious, it is what they do and it is what they believe. Then comes homosexuality, if it is there at all because for a lot of those people, it never does. He described himself as the exact opposite. He is gay first and if there is religion, god, or something greater in the universe then it comes second, if at all. I found this to be a very interesting idea and it totally made sense for him. Of course, I asked another friend, one who is religious and I like his answer too. He told me that it was always his opinion that religion is meant to affirm who you are so there shouldn't be an instance where you can be religious and be made to feel awkward for being yourself.

All this information, all these opinions, experiences and my own personally beliefs have been floating around together in my mind and I think the bottom line is that it comes together like this. I don't' think that there is anything that should stop queer folks from being religious or spiritual. The idea as I understand it in most religions is that there is a god, a perfect god who created us in his image. So if god is perfect, then nothing going on down here is a mistake. We were meant to be the people that we are and if we are the kind of people who are both gay and religious then that is what is right or the kind of people who are multi-racial and get in debates with priests then it is what's right. I think that it has to be an all or nothing kind of thing. It can't be said that god is perfect and then say that being gay is a mistake that needs to be fixed. I feel like this is really the long and short of this business and it seems to be the conclusion that most of my experiences has brought me to.

You are perfect as you are. That is the good news and the moral of this story.

until the next daunting topic…



OK, yes, I understand there is a lot more IMPORTANT NEWS out there than this, and I swear I'll talk about SOME of it, but let me just tell you how incredibly excited I am for the new Madonna Greatest Hits double album and DVD coming this September 23. CELEBRATION! We're only DAYS away from the single "Celebrate"--I may hear it on the bus on the way home from MARKETDAYS on MONDAY MORNING!

I am a serious news junkie, an activist and a fighter of homophobia... but I am also a normal person, and underneath the LGBT Equality Robot, there is a SCREAMING EXCITED MADONNA LOOOOVEEER!

So I have to comment that yes, the Album art is ABSOLUTELY HOT. Madonna was never painted by Warhol. Maybe she should have been. They met, they hung out, why didn't he ever paint her? He painted Michael Jackson! Why not Madonna? The image would have been iconic, and no doubt, the Mr. Brainwash cover here is going to be among fans' favorites--up there with True Blue, Like a Virgin, Madonna, Bedtime Stories, American Life, Confessions on a Dance Floor and Greatest Hits Vol 2 (her BEST album covers IMHO).

I'm excited that "Everybody" is going to be on this album! What other surprises will it hold?

I already have a good version of "Celebrate," but I will not be sharing it with you. You MUST go out and get the single from iTunes or purchase the album. I will be, for SURE!

If you haven't seen the amazingly hot teasers--teaser 1, teaser 2 and teaser 3--check them out now. The reverse audio and text are indicative of the album's comprehensive look back across the expanse of Madonna's career: From "Everybody," to "Express Yourself," to "Vogue," to "4 Minutes." This will be THE definitive Madonna Greatest Hits collection... one that may force the boys to shelf "Immaculate Collection" for the first time in 20 years (well, I guess that's sort of a hard sell...).


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My second Bilerico Guest Post is up: "Why are white gay men so racist? Why are straight black men so homophobic?" Please read it and comment and tell me what you think!

Here's a preview. Read the rest on BILERICO!

Why are white gay men so racist? Why are straight black men so homophobic?
Phil Reese

...It's time to lay the cards on the table. White gay men pontificate about race as if race and sexuality were mutually exclusive--like black gay men don't exist. I'm not talking about lesbians, in fact they seem a might more inclusive. This whole post is aimed at men. Sorry dudes.

White gays constantly exclude black gay men from everything from their social networks right up to organizational leadership--and especially from the discussion of the relationship between the gay and African American communities. Yet, straight black men also often ignore the existence of black gay men--or pigeonhole them with certain stereotypes. As such, to minority communities, the fight for LGBT Equality seems like a battle being waged by whiney white middle class suburban douche-bags.

The rift seems to grow as both groups loudly laments the perceived prejudice of the other--and each takes increasingly marginalizing verbal swipes.

The best example of this are the post Prop-8 wailing spewing from queer Caucasians, putting blanket blame on this generic specter of "The Black Community."

Gay is not the new black, nor is LGBT Equality the shitty sequel of the Civil Rights struggle. That's comparing apples to tomatoes. Though there are noteworthy links between the movements, this entire correlation between Queer Equality and Black Equality is soaked in bad feelings; the square peg won't fit the round hole, so quit forcing...

Phil Vs. Queerty: DING DING--ROUND TWO!

Folks, I do love Queerty, and I think its one of the most phenomenal LGBT blogs out there--with tons of dynamic content and very up-to-date news. That said, you probably know I'm not a fan of their skeptical gay-on-gay hate--especially when it comes to LGBT orgs.

I'm a supporter of the Dallas Principles, and I think that the LGBT orgs are not the ONLY way to go. I don't put all of my faith in them--that's why I blog. That's why I try to encourage others to get informed and get involved. However, I DO think they do a lot of good work: NGLTF, Lambda, GLAAD, GLSEN, PFLAG, GMHC, HRC, NCLR, Victory Fund, Equality Federation, Gill Foundation, Arcus... the list goes on. I think they ALL do great work!

I have a confession. I'm an HRC member. I'm a Lambda donor. I'm a PFLAG member, a GLSEN member, a GLAAD supporter... Full disclosure, I give a lot of time, money and energy to "Gay, inc." I consider it part of my tithe.

Queerty HATES the gay orgs... well except for the smallest ones. I agree that these small orgs need our attention MORE than the big orgs--especially in desperate economic times. I don't think that means we call for the TOPPLING of the big orgs. Christ almighty, talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

The Queerty readers take in these bitchy posts and then take the ball and run with it. Every time a Queerty editor posts on one of the LGBT organizations that everyone loves to hate, the readers begin the affirmation. (DRAMATIZATION--NOT REAL QUOTES!)
No. 1 - QueertyLVR 'Yeah, give it to them. I hate them too. I saw them at Pride and tried to set their volunteers' hair on fire, and they had me REMOVED! Can you believe it? Those fat cats just can't relate to the everyday gay man! I hate them so much that I give money to the American Family Association because they hate 'Gay, inc.' as much as I do!'

No. 2 - BrwnNosr4QrT '@QueertyLVR, I tried to do the same thing. You want to meet at the beer tent next year and lick one another's nipples while we get aroused talking about how much we hate everything about LambdaLegal?'

No. 3 - LAMBDASUX 'I hate HRC so much that I hate anything with an equal sign. I used to be a math teacher but I quit because Saxon Math is so pro 'GAY, INC!'

And so it goes, in that fashion, for pretty much ALL of the comments. Any challenge mounted to the gay hate is met with more hate.

No 432 - BrwnNosr4QrT 'Hey, @VoxOfDissent, what they hell are you doing on this site? If you don't hate NGLTF like the rest of us, then you must not really be gay! And I hate you too! If I ever find out where you live, I'm going to punt your dog to Peoria!'

It gets hard to read.

Recently, our conspicuously biased bloggers at Queerty decided to poll their readers about which gay organizations and charities they think that folks should be supporting.

The three winners were three great charities that I think that you should support as well: The Trevor Project is the leading suicide prevention group in the LGBT community and save lives EVERY DAY! Keshet is building bridges between Jewish faith communities and out LGBT Jews. And finally, the Gay Christian Network, or GCN, is a group that I also belong to and support the mission of wholeheartedly (my lack of religious affiliation aside).

However, the angry boys at Queerty showed their hand before I even read the article. They announced the finding of their poll in a big blog post where they featured the top three charities. The title is: "SHOCK: Your Favorite Gay Non-Profits Do Not Include HRC, GLAAD, or NGLTF"

Way to work the positive, Queerty.

After describing each of the top 3 charities, Queerty goes on to say this:
But what do we find most notable from the results?
The big Gay Inc. organizations — like the Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and GLAAD — didn't receive anywhere close to the number of positive accolades bestowed upon smaller organizations. Rather, local groups focused on education and advocacy, as well as religious groups, scored the most glowing reviews. (Only one person felt inclined to bother reviewing HRC. Nobody talked about GLAAD.) It might have something to do with the project's methodology … or maybe these organizations just don't have the type of support in the community they think.
Nice one.

The comments--as one would guess--pretty much run along that same route. Everyone is in agreement! How nice! Ok, so that's the Queerty editors... our readers... some of our friends down at the coffee shop... YEP, THE WHOLE GAY COMMUNITY IS HERE! This must mean that absolutely NOBODY in the community has anything good to say about 'Gay, inc!' Which means they must not REALLY be gay! LET'S BURN DOWN THE BUILDING!

I have quoted on Queerty before... and regretted it. It did little good, and only served to fill up my inbox with "I HATE PHIL" mail. I don't really think I educated ANYONE over there. I think many of the people who regularly read and comment on Queerty posts are very like-minded people, and many don't seem to deal with dissent very well.

However, I could not let this pass. With all of the good that this Queerty project could have done, the tone set by the headline just pissed me off and reminded me why I ALMOST stopped reading Queerty to begin with. I commented.
HA! Like anyone who reads this site on the regular would vote for those organizations!!! Anyone who supports them stopped reading this site LONG ago because its so BIASED against almost EVERY organization. If Trevor Project got a little more money, publicity and influence, you can bet that the editors of this site would be BASHING Trevor project as hard as they hit the others.

Those left reading this site are the ones who LOVE LOVE LOVE to have their opinions validated all the time! Why step out of our comfort zone!

Sorry, Queerty and Queerty readers--I do love a lot of the content on this site, but its also ground zero for gay-on-gay internet hate! The good side is, they hate on the haters better than ANYONE else, and when Queerty is getting up in NOM's face, its fantastic... but the hate is JUST as hard for other gays working hard for us who don't have the carbon copy strategy and pre-approved agenda. Disagreements in policy become lashing out brawls of arguments, and the like-minded readers gleefully join in on the bashing!

I'm a member of HRC. I'm also a critic. I don't like everything they do, and they've dropped the ball on some important shit. That said, I've been there, I've met them, and they're human beings, young gay men and women who believe in the cause, who are working hard--very hard--for very little pay to try to make a difference. They're bright eyed, they're idealistic--they're not a bunch of fat old dudes sitting around in leather chairs getting hand-fed grapes by nubile young servants (which, ironically, is the fantasy of the Queerty editors, judging by their prominent posting of such young men... hmmm) who conspire about how they can dupe the gays next. Sorry to wreck your fantasy.

I appreciate what this site does well--call attention to those enemies that would rather see us die in the gas chambers than succeed in equality. That and show us really hot guys. However, I think its laughable that this site thinks they can run an unbiased poll about what the best LGBT charities are, with all of the "Gay inc." wailing and moaning they do.

Gay on gay hate sucks. It sucks when Perez does it, it sucks when John Aravosis does it, and it sucks when you do it. Sorry dudes. It just does. Maybe calling y'all out is my own gay-on-gay hate. Oh well. Someone needs to hold up a mirror, though.
Not my nicest words, but I felt they were justified.

Christopher Geidner of the fantastic LawDork blog (read it, or else!) knows how it can be. Back when LawDork started, Cheryl Jaques had JUST taken over for Elizabeth Birch as President of HRC, and decided to make his criticisms of Cheryl a focus on his blog.

"In my first iteration of my blog, I was one of the people very critical of Cheryl Jacques, who took over at the helm of HRC after Elizabeth Birch. But, I addressed my opposition in a way that led to people on the board wanting to talk with me about my concerns -- not wanting to come up with a way to go around me."

Geidner said that people began engaging him on his criticism and everyone began to become a little more educated--both Geidner and his readers.

"I think positive engagement -- saying why you think something is wrong and how you think it could be better -- is more productive than just saying, 'HRC sucks.'"

I also think a few different opinions would help. Here at Ameriqueer, our first ever Guest Post was by a fellow named Matt Mattingly, who disagreed with me on my Obama stance. That was not by accident. Matt's invitation was intentional--I wanted to welcome a wider spectrum of points of view here.

My beef with Queerty is NOT that some of the editors disagree with HRC and challenge them. Heck, I disagree with them and challenge them myself. My beef is that the narrative never changes, things are not presented accurately and with good faith. When HRC teamed up with Servicemembers United for the "Voices of Honor" tour to end Don't Ask Don't Tell, not only did Queerty hit them hard with this article, "Slammed for doing absolutely nothing, HRC goes on tour," Queerty also dragged in and called into question the legitimacy of Servicemembers United, an organization of discharged gay soldiers working tirelessly to end DADT.

About as fair and balanced as Fox News.

The narrative that these headlines weave is VERY misleading. If I were to read this train of titles as a story, and end with the 'goes on tour' one, I'd say that HRC is some evil, diabolical secret society of gay-traitors, plotting for ways to undermine our fight for Equality.

Seriously, folks.

Let's try being productive here. I don't advocate you stop reading Queerty, because their content is really dynamic, they are really easy to read, and its a great way to get informed. But please encourage the Queerty community to step outside of their comfort zones and consider points of view that don't mirror their own.

And Queerty--the jig is up. There isn't any subtlety--you have an AGENDA against our gay organizations. I know they're not perfect, but what would the foundation that you run look like? A MAJORITY of your posts that aren't criticizing others, focus on the beauty of young athletic white men. I love young athletic men, myself, but do you really think that if the Queerty editors were in the business of running 'Gay, inc.' they'd be any more inclusive than HRC is? Hell no. Would they muck things up less than HRC? Hell no. So, Queerty editors, you've made your point. We understand that Gay, inc is flawed, but you've put forth NO solutions to the problem. So, as Thumper said in Bambi,

"If you can't say something nice...

"shut the fuck up."

;-) Just kidding. Pease and love--STOP THE HATE!