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There is a sinister force at work right now trying to take the innocence away from our children, undermine and tear our families apart, and corrupt and recruit a generation of Americans--the youngest generation--to buy into their terrifying agenda.

Stand For Marriage Maine has forced children all across Maine to become aware of the existence of same-sex couples and the possibility of same-sex marriage.

Millions of children in Maine, who would have otherwise not ever known that gay people exist, are being inundated by an avalanche of television and radio ads that force them to hear every gory detail about the existence of homosexuality and the reality of same-sex marriage...


I hope that Kalamazoo is trying to engage communities of color and talk about discrimination...

"KALAMAZOO — Opponents of a proposed anti-discrimination ordinance in Kalamazoo say they believe the same social conservatism that led African-Americans to overwhelmingly approve a ban on same-sex marriages in California could be pivotal here in the Nov. 3 election."

N.Y. Gay Marriage Vote November 10? | News |

N.Y. Gay Marriage Vote November 10? | News | "New York governor David Paterson on Sunday called for state legislators to meet in a special session on November 10, during which time senators may vote on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage."


Well we're all Forty-Niners now!
(check this post out on

Lundon Calling's 49th show was spectacular! Lance was able to keep Ace at bay for about 5 minutes, but Ace made it very clear to Lance that his name is on the Marquee--he does NOT appreciate being interrupted!


Happy Samhain, everyone! Happy Halloween everyone else! Happy BOTH Saint Patrick!

We discussed a lot from religion, Jamaican and Brazilian homophobia, DADT, David Mixner's Live from Hell's Kitchen, Las Vegas, Last House on the Left,, Detroit and Simone Bell, to Hate Crimes legislation, to the March (again) and what we're doing now, to Islam and sexual harassment--even straight people! What's your opinion of Fox News? Do you think Ace should switch the channel or is he right to watch?

Where do you get your news? I get mine from, LGBT blogs, Newser--am I too limited, too biased? Who's getting better news--Ace or me?

Hey Lance--where do you get your news? Lets see if he's reading this! ;-)

We talked a lot about transgender protections in Hate Crimes legislation and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Are you transgender? What do you think of the Hate Crimes legislation? Do you think we're going to get an inclusive ENDA?

How do you feel about keeping RENT out of schools?

Do you like our new theme music? I have always LOVED the Clash! I think part of the reason Ace talked me into co-hosting this show is because its named after a Clash song!

ARE YOU IN VEGAS? Go see Ace this weekend! I'm sure he'd LOVE to meet you!


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Will HATE CRIMES be the beginning or the end, Mr. President?

Law Dork, Chris Geidner pens this piece for The Atlantic:
"The Legacy of a Legacy" - The Atlantic Politics Channel:
"The work is not done, but the question with which we are left today is what will be the legacy of today's signing.

Will the legacy be that with its passage, the White House and Congress passed a watershed moment in LGBT equality to be followed in short order by action on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act; the elimination of Don't Ask, Don't Tell from our Armed Forces; and significant movement toward the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act? As Elizabeth Birch, the former head of the Human Rights Campaign, said at the evening reception, 'This was the moment that was required in order to have new laws follow.'

Or, will this be, like so often in legislative struggles, the single trinket doled out to a loyal constituency group until the next time the group demands action?"

I have to agree with Mr. Geidner. Is this going to be the last thing we see in a desert of action, or will this be the first of MANY actions that this president takes for equality. I can't say right now, but I do know that this is still a great victory that we must celebrate--our community's FIRST FEDERAL BILL PASSED AND SIGNED!

Q:091028--Hate Crimes Bill Signed, HIV Travel ban lift approved, Scholastic news, 3-2-1!

Visit great LGBT media sources for more news: 365gay | Advocate | Out Mag | Instinct Mag | In the Life

ENDA Legislator of the day: Tell IN Senator Lugar: No Small Business Will Be Harmed In The Making of This Law

CDC approves the removal of US HIV travel ban!



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On BoxTurtleBulletin: Two Senators on Marriage, Procreative Activity, HPV Vaccine OKed for Males

On Towleroad: Attorney General Eric Holder Praises Hate Crimes Law, Lacks Familiarity with Maine Marriage Equality Ballot Measure, Senator Arlen Specter: Repeal DOMA, Pass ENDA, Rescind DADT, 'Pro-Family' Group Slams Obama Program for Elderly Gays Because gays won't 'Live Long Enough' to Benefit,

On AmericaBlogGay: Religious right demanding that Mars (aka Snickers), Domino's and Ikea take a stand against gay couples adopting children, Att Gen Holder doesn't have enough knowledge about Maine Question 1 to comment, Latest on intersexed South African runner, Caster Semenya, Family Research Council: Obama program to help gay elderly is wasted since gays die young anyway. Is FRC again using "science" of known hate group?, ESPN's blatant homophobia

On Good As You: Maggie Gallagher and Peter LaBarbera: Birds of a 'yes on 1' feather!, Kala-Maine-ington, Deaf ear + blind eye towards problem = folks willing to 'deaf-eye' the law

Great Organizations: get involved: HRC | NGLTGF | GLAAD | Victory Fund | NCLR | Lambda Legal | PFLAG | NYAC | GLSEN |Immigration Equality | SLDN | SU |ME-USA | SoulForce | EAA | JTI

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Check out my newest piece at Calvin and Hope? More like Calvin and Hobbes--two West Michigan colleges make a mockery out of the pursuit of knowledge.

Wisdom does not necessarily come with age.

Two of Michigan's oldest academic institutions are showing nothing but stubbornness when it comes to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. Rather than endorse healthy academic debate, Hope College of Holland, Michigan and Calvin College of Grand Rapids, Michigan--my home state--are playing 'hear-no-evil-see-no-evil,'dlbhope.jpg when it comes to exploring viewpoints that may differ from the established.

Calvin College--a Christian Reformed Church institution--this week declined to review a memo barring instructors from speaking positively about LGBT issues, despite a faculty vote of 36-4 demanding the administration withdraw the memo for the sake of academic integrity and out of concern for censorship.

Meanwhile down in Holland, Hope College is saying "Thanks, but no thanks," to the opportunity to host a brilliant Academy Award-winning screenwriter at their school--because he is gay. Hope College has put the kabosh on plans to have Oscar-winning Milk writer Dustin Lance Black take part in a round-table discussion of homosexuality and Christianity--a presumably appropriate topic for a Christian academic institution and seminary in charge of creating the future spiritual leaders of the Reformed Church in America...

Continue reading Calvin and Hope? More like Calvin and Hobbes--two West Michigan colleges make a mockery out of the pursuit of knowledge.


From Bilerico

On Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009- less than a week away- there will be critical votes on on LGBT equality in three states: Washington State, Maine, and Michigan. With so much attention devoted to other issues in the political realm, bloggers have banded together with the Courage Campaign to ensure we don't forget the ones with a firm deadline next week.

For that reason, we've joined with these three campaigns to put together a summary of who, what, and how. If you haven't heard of these campaigns, and/or haven't done anything yet to support them, please consider helping out. If you are a blogger please feel free to grab this content whole cloth and use it for your blog posts. Head over to the Courage Campaign site and grab the formatted HTML to drop into a post.

Last year, as Obama and Democrats were winning across the country, we lost marriage equality in California. It was a bittersweet victory. Pitch in to make sure 2009 isn't a bittersweet year. Take action to support LGBT equality TODAY.


Who we are: Approve Referendum 71 is the campaign to preserve domestic partnerships in Washington State. By voting to approve, voters retain the domestic partnership laws that were passed during this year's legislative session, including using sick leave to care for a partner, adoption rights, insurance rights, and more.

What we need: We need phone bankers to get our supporters out to vote. Washington is an all mail-in ballot state, and we need to ensure our supporters put their ballots in the mail. Also, youth turnout is a critical component of our campaign, and youth turnout historically drops in off-year elections. So we need a lot of help to turn them out.

How you do it: Sign up here to make remote calls for Approve 71. We'll then contact you for a training, and you can make GOTV calls.


Who we are: The No On 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign is working to protect Maine's recently-passed law legalizing marriage equality for same-sex couples. Our opponents have put the issue on the ballot for Nov 3, 2009. Because of Maine's early voting election laws, people are already voting at the polls, so we need help immediately to turn out our side at the polls.

What we need: We need you to devote a few hours to Call for Equality. Call for Equality is a virtual phonebank set up so that you can call Maine voters wherever you are. Much of Maine is rural, where canvassing isn't effective, so we need to reach these voters- along with other supporters- by phone. All you need is a phone and internet connection. No experience required! We'll provide the training, and all you need is a a few hours to help get a win in Maine.

How you do it: Click here to sign up for a training and your shift. There are lots of times available for your convenience.

Kalamazoo, MI:

Goal Thermometer

Who We Are: The Yes on Ordinance 1856 / One Kalamazoo campaign is working in Michigan to support the City Commission of Kalamazoo's twice approved ordinance for housing, employment, and public accommodation protections for gay and transgender residents. Opponents forced a public referendum on the ordinance so dedicated local volunteers, led by former Stonewall Democrats Executive Director Jon Hoadley, are working to ensure voters say YES to fairness and equality and keep Ordinance 1856.

Why The Urgency: In the final weeks, the opposition has gone all out with aggressive disinformation and misleading red herrings to try to defeat the ordinance. This includes signs that say "No to Discrimination" (even though voting No actually supports continued discrimination of GLBT residents), transphobic door hangers and fliers, and now radio ads that falsely suggest that criminal behavior will become legal when this simply isn't true. The Yes on Ordinance 1856 supporters are better organized but many voters who want to vote for gay and transgender people are getting confused by the opposition.

How To Help:

1) Help the One Kalamazoo campaign raise a final $10,000 specifically dedicated to fight back against the lies on the local TV and radio airwaves and fully fund the campaign's final field and GOTV efforts.

Give here:

2) If you live nearby and can physically volunteer in Kalamazoo sign up here. If you know anyone that lives in Kalamazoo, use the One Kalamazoo campaign's online canvass tool to remind those voters that they need to vote on November 3rd and vote YES on Ordinance 1856 to support equality for gay and transgender people.

Contact voters:

BREAKING: Scholastic Will Not Exclude #LGBT Book from Fairs--GET A BOOK, THANK THEM!

"During the past 48 hours more than 4,000 members joined in calling for Scholastic Books to reverse their decision to exclude a book from Scholastic's popular book fairs, simply because the book featured two moms raising a child. The book in question is Luv Ya Bunches by best-selling children’s book author Lauren Myracle. If this book isn't on your must-read list yet, it should be simply for its ability to spark conversations about the role LGBT parents play in our society.

Late today we got word, after negotiating with Scholastic representatives, that the company has decided to reverse their earlier decision and include the book in their spring book fairs. That's an awesome victory from one of the biggest and most influential educational book publishers and book retailers in the world, and it sends the clear message that there's absolutely nothing wrong with two men or two women raising a child."

You can visit Scholastic's blog here. Make sure you leave a thank you AND check out some GREAT YA books to get! I highly suggest getting Geography Club by Bret Hartinger--THE best LGBT Young Adult book I've EVER read, and a really quick, easy and fun read!

Make sure you buy it from Scholastic today--they've just affirmed our families and our equality!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Check out my newest Piece: The Ten Biggest Lesbian and Bisexual Pop Icons!

Joan Jett, Le Tigre, Tegan & Sara, Leisha Hailey of the Murmurs. These are just a few of the outstanding women that didn't make this list of top living lesbian and bisexual women pop-stars. That should just tell you the sheer star power on this list right there (told you the women were going to kick the mens' butts!). These women represent some of the greatest lyrics ever delivered and certified gold and platinum, and the new leading voices of country, jazz, folk, soul, gospel, punk and rock. Own just a sampling of the albums from each of the women on this list, and your music collection will not only be diverse in genre, but will be ready for any occasion and appeal to any taste. These women have it all...

Continue reading The Ten Biggest Lesbian and Bisexual Pop Icons!

Archbishop: Suicide Bombers Are Better Than Married Gays

From the greatest minds of the Catholic Church (AKA, this is why I'm not Catholic anymore:
"Having become almost as much a referendum on what it means to be Catholic as on the legal status of relationships, the controversy over Bill 185 may seem to have already been dialed right up to eleven, but last week, the local Archdiocese took it up another notch when they distributed a three-page statement titled 'On High Stakes of Bill 185' to the press. The most controversial part of the letter condemned homosexuality as part of what Pope John Paul II called 'the culture of death,' and implicitly praised the moral standards of Islamic fundamentalist suicide bombers:

The culture of homosexuality is a culture of self-absorption because it does not value self-sacrifice. It is a glaring example of what John Paul II has called the culture of death. Islamic fundamentalists clearly understand the damage that homosexual behavior inflicts on a culture. That is why they repress such behavior by death. Their culture is anything but one of self-absorption. It may be brutal at times, but any culture that is able to produce wave after wave of suicide bombers (women as well as men) is a culture that at least knows how to value self-sacrifice."

Terrorists are helping fight the culture of death by killing themselves and others who are guilty of love. Gee Archbishop, you must be the pride and joy of your Seminary. Was your entire K-12/post secondary education online?

The Catholic Church's hierarchy has largely come to represent hate and bigotry, when it once represented love and generosity. We're back to the Renaissance when the Church's backwards beliefs and traditions drove people away in... well... droves. These bankrupt bishops (I use the term both financially and morally) have shown time and time again that their thin grip on reality is largely lost and that its best if they go back to trying to solve Social Justice issues, rather than try to get involved in moral debates. Shame on this Bishop who would do himself a LOT of good if he resigned and disappeared, because he's pretty much got NO moral authority ANYMORE after these statements.

My pal Lane Hudson is in Queerty today!

The piece reads:
"Lane Hudson, the activist who pulled a 'You lie!' moment with Bill Clinton and posted a public apology about it, received a personal handwritten letter from the former president. It reads in part: 'I recently said I had changed my position on gay marriage and will look for more opportunities to advance the repeal of DOMA. I will be there as you ask on these and other human rights issues.'"

Liverpool homophobic attack: Gay police officer victim named as James Parkes | ECHO

This comes just days before Liverpool's gay Pride festival, Homotopia, is to open on the very same Stanley Street:
"A GAY man is fighting for his life today following a vicious gang beating in Liverpool city centre.

The 22-year–old, who the ECHO understands is a trainee constable with Merseyside police and has been named as James Parkes, was attacked by up to 13 people at 10pm last night when out with three friends on Stanley Street.

He is currently in hospital with multiple skull fractures, a fractured eye socket and a fractured cheek bone.

Three youths, two aged 15 and another aged 14, from Kirkdale have been arrested in connection with the incident."

According to the article, Witnesses should call St Anne’s Street CID on 0151 777 4064 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Surely a lot of attention will be given to a homophobic hate crime against a cop in a city trying hard to shed itself of its violent, scary image, AND attract a larger gay community. I wonder, however, why James was targeted. Did they know he was a cop? Was he targeted for stepping over the line too far? If so, this is despicable.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Call NOW to get Marriage on the Agenda for New York!

I just received this email from Sam Sussman, the winner of the Equality Idol speaker contest for the National Equality March. Please take a minute to help New York out NOW!

Dear friends,

Please take one minute right now to change history. Call New York State Senate Majority Leader John Sampson's Office at (718) 649-7653 or (518) 455-2788 and tell him to add Marriage Equality to the voting agenda for the upcoming Special Session.

The New York State Senate is about to head to special session, and there are enough votes to pass the marriage equality bill, S4401. This is great news! However, a vote on the marriage equality bill is not yet on the agenda because Senator Sampson has not yet included it. His decision is not final, and if we make our voices heard, he will have no choice but to do what is right -- put the bill on the agenda and allow for a vote.

A day of phone blitzing is in order. Pick up your phone and call Senator Sampson’s office at (718) 649-7653 or (518) 455-2788. Simply say, "My name is ______ and I am urging Senator Sampson to place the marriage equality bill on the agenda for the Senate's special session. This is a matter of civil rights, and New Yorkers want to be on the right side of history."

Most calls end there, but if you like, outline the reasons marriage equality is important to you. You will not be asked for an address, so everyone, even people who are not from New York, should call.

Please call Senator Sampson now!

Sam Sussman
Alliance for the Realization of Legal Equality

Judge denies Prop. 8 backers delay on memos

Judge denies Prop. 8 backers delay on memos:
"A federal judge said sponsors of California's ban on same-sex marriage may not delay in handing over campaign strategy documents to gay-rights groups that are looking for evidence of anti gay bias as they try to overturn the measure.

The sponsors had sought to keep the documents while challenging the order to turn them over in an appeals court.

But in a ruling late Friday, Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker of San Francisco said backers of Proposition 8 had failed to show that disclosing internal memos and e-mails would violate their freedom of speech or subject them to harassment.

He said they had refused to identify any documents that needed special protection and noted that he could order their opponents to keep any sensitive material confidential."

Marriage Equality hearing in DC Today | NBC

Gay Marriage in DC: Ballot, Bill on Tap Today | NBC Washington:
"Opponents and supporters of gay marriage are both getting a shot to voice their opinions on the issue today.

Bishop Harry Jackson, a Maryland minister, is leading those for a voter initiative opposing same-sex marriage in the District. Jackson and those behind the initiative, which would say 'only marriage between a man and woman'' is valid in the city, will testify before the D.C. Board of Elections & Ethics at 10 a.m. at 441 4th Street, NW.

The two-member board will not vote Monday.

Jackson and his followers are pushing for a referendum on the issue in 2010 vs. a vote by the D.C. Council, which will hear testimony from more than 125 people -- opponents and supporters -- of the same-sex marriage bill today at 3:30 p.m. on the fifth floor of the John Wilson City Hall Building at 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW."

We ARE trying to change the laws! Who'd a thunk?!

Reason gay rights effort is called 'a movement':
"While I still have the right to my opinion, I would like to express it here on the issue of gay marriage. The gay rights movement wants us to believe that this is an issue of equality. Maine gave them equality in 2005 at which time many of them declared that it wasn't about marriage. Yet, on the very eve of their victory their leaders stated, 'Marriage is next.' There is a reason it is referred to as a movement. They do not plan to stop here. This is not about equality, it is about totality. When do we stop allowing the desires of the few to become the laws of the many? Yes, this is Maine where we tend to keep to ourselves and let people be. But there are people out there who want to change our state and its laws and then use us as an example to further their agenda at the federal level. Come on Maine, let's stand up collectively and say, 'You can't theyah from heah.' Vote 'Yes' on 1 to protect marriage."

You are right, gays and lesbians DO want to change the laws! Wow, how astute of you to figure that out. You've uncovered the entire gay agenda! You must get up VERY early in the morning!

We want to change the laws to reflect the ideals enumerated by the founders of this country--life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and equality for all. There is no reason why gays and lesbians ought to be kept from the obligations and benefits of being a citizen of this country. We work hard. We pay taxes. We contribute to our communities. We are productive members of this society and we are patriots. We aren't demanding special rights, we're demanding the SAME rights that were promised every American, but for some reason are being barred from a big community.

Here is what the gays and lesbians are pushing for:
1. Equal opportunity in employment, housing and public accomodation--to be judged on the quality of our work and content of our character, rather than our arbitrary adherence to our boss's religious principles. Is this already a right that you have? Yes. Yes, in fact it is. Is this already a right I have? No, in most states its perfectly legal to fire someone--send them penniless to the streets--regardless of how well they do their job, just because they're gay. That's why over 40% of the homeless population in this nation are LGBT. 40%! Is ENDA then a special right? Nope! Its EQUAL RIGHTS.

2. Equal opportunity to serve our country in the military. Is this a right that you have? Well, if you're fit and under forty, then yes. Do I have this right? No. Is this a special right then? Are you kidding me? Being too old is a barrier to being able to safely keep up with rigorous military service. Being out of shape is too. Being disabled is also a problem. However, being gay is not a handicap. Being gay does not affect your ability to follow orders, work hard, shoot straight. How do we know? Lots of gays and lesbians have come up the ranks of the military before and during "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and did so because they did a damn good job.

This whole shower business. Its a load of crap. There already ARE gay men showering with straight men in the military--it's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," people. As long as you're not asking, they're not telling. Lifting the military ban isn't going to legalize sexual assault and harassment! That's idiotic thinking. If the gay guys aren't raping the straight guys now, why would they start all of the sudden when DADT is lifted? They won't. Hey, many guys in the military ARE hot, but there are hot guys EVERYWHERE, and if I can show restraint in every other aspect of my life, why would I suddenly lose control in a high-stress, high-tension battle situation where the last thing on my MIND would be sex!

And lastly, why would I want what I can't have? Unlike you, I don't think orientation is changeable. I don't think I have a shot with that straight guy. But if DADT was lifted, I'd know who the other gay guys are, and I'd know who to make the moves on if I was really interested in that. Get real. Gay folks aren't predators--they're perfectly normal. We don't want to go around molesting everyone--like everyone else we want a second and third date! We're not going to get all handsy in the shower with someone who isn't interested. That would be counterproductive.

3. Once we HAVE found that special someone--whether that be in our military unit, our apartment complex, our school or our neighborhood--we want the right to legally share our lives with them and be granted access to all of the FEDERAL, STATE and LOCAL LEGAL benefits granted to other long-term, monogamous, committed, MARRIED couples. Do you have that right? Yes. Do we have that right? No. Is this a special right then? Nope. Do you think we're looking to invade RELIGIOUS marriage? Honey, we HAVE! Gays and lesbians have been able to get 'religious marriage' for decades. Its up to the church. I can be any denomination in ANY state and find a church that will perform a religious 'wedding' ceremony for it--regardless of what it is called. I will be joined by a minister under the eyes of God. ANY denomination. If you're trying to keep us out of religious marriage, you are too late.

Changing laws is about the CIVIL protections, benefits and obligations of marriage, NOT the religious ones. When you're voting against Marriage Equality, you may be fooling yourself into thinking its about religion and protecting your religious rights, but its not. Our CIVIL rights are no burden on your religious rights at all. However, using your RELIGIOUS BELIEFS to bar me from an institution that allows me inheritance rights, hospital visitation rights, next of kin rights, insurance benefit coverage rights, social security benefits rights, citizen sponsorship rights, immunity rights, family and medical leave rights--all rights you have--you're INSINUATING yourself into MY personal life. same-sex couples pay hundreds of thousands of dollars more in fees and taxes over their lifetime than opposite-sex couples because of these inequalities. That's not fair. I CAN get married in your church, but I CAN'T get any of the legal rights you get. That's not fair.

The Far Right wants to convince people of faith that THEIR rights will be taken away if Marriage Equality becomes the law of the land. However, which of your rights are taken away if I'm granted legal Equality, which I don't currently have. Your right to discriminate? Doesn't exist. Your right to have this exclusive little institution that grants you special rights? Doesn't exist. There is no such thing as tiered citizenship in America--all citizens are created equal. And yet, our laws do not reflect that. Our laws are creating a tiered citizenship, in which heterosexuals are above non-heterosexuals legally. This is OUTRAGEOUS! This spits in the face of the promise of America. This MUST be corrected because it is a clear violation of the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution of the United States of America. And yet, the Right wants to paint such efforts as a violation of Freedom of Religion. Huh? The state does not PARTICIPATE in religious traditions. How could giving out legal protections have anything to do with Religion?

The answer: It doesn't. Your church won't change a bit if Marriage is opened to all consenting adult couples. If they don't want to marry a couple, they don't have to. They reserve that right now! Nothing will change. Even now a Catholic priest can refuse to marry a couple for whatever reason--usually because he doesn't think they're ready. When this happens they can just go somewhere else. So if you have a pastor that doesn't want to unite loving couples NOW, that won't change, and you're fine. If your pastor is going to marry gay couples when its legal, chances are she or he is already doing it now, then. The law doesn't force pastors to accept anyone they don't already accept. Doesn't force churches to do anything different than they're already doing. Trust me. I don't want to get married in your nasty church anyway. Like I said before there are friendly churches that will marry me now.

So if legalizing gay marriages won't affect your church at all, what 'religious rights' will be taken away, according to the Far Right, if marriage is opened to all loving consenting adult couples? If it has nothing to do with your church or your home, then its not your PERSONAL religious freedoms--you can still exclude gay marriage from your home and church as you do now. The 'religious rights' that will be taken away from you are your 'right' to enjoy BARRING someone from a right YOU already have. That's not a right though. Like I said, you have no right to legally discriminate against someone. You don't have a legal right to feel superior to someone because you get to do more than them. This is called Fascism, and we don't live in a fascist system. In a democracy, everyone gets access to the same legal institutions. The private and religious institutions are another matter. Guess what? We already have families, just like we already have churches. Your barring us from legal rights does not stop that.

You think gays gettin' married is going to force you and your family to have to acknowledge the existence of gays? Well that's too bad! There are lots of things we don't want to acknowledge that we have to all of the time. I don't want to acknowledge snow storms, but I'm not going to make them illegal. Gay people exist, and hating them won't make them not exist. Gay people are humans and they're Americans, so therefore they deserve the same rights as you, regardless of whether or not you like gay people. You're going to HAVE to acknowledge our existence--but not because we have legal rights. You have to acknowledge us because we are a reality. You have a legal right to privacy, but not a legal right to build a bubble of discrimination around you so that every time you leave the house you don't have to be confronted with things that make you 'uncomfortable.' That's the wrong reason to be trying to make laws. UnAmerican reason.

Stop using the law to hide your superiority complex and elitism. I'm sorry you miss the 50s when straight white men were in charge, and everyone felt comfortable all of the time. However, you don't have a right to force second class citizenship on someone for the sake of nostalgia. Just because someone else's Equality makes you feel uncomfortable, you don't get to fight to keep them down. That's evil. This is AMERICA. For God's sake, be PROUD this is a free country! We fought HARD to break away from this feudalism and fascism. Why do you want to return to that? A real Patriot SUPPORTS Equality for all. Because that is the BEDROCK of this nation. If you don't like Equality, there are plenty of Fascist dictatorships and Religious theocracies around the world that would love to have you. Go there and live out your dream of looking down on others and knowing you're superior in the eyes of the law. Leave my America be.

We aren't asking for a legal right to anything you don't already have a legal right to. Please just stop trying to impede in my life and interfere in my rights. If you are REALLY about minding one's own business, then please mind your own. This is not an ISSUE that concerns you--unless you really do believe in Equality for all. Then it is of the utmost importance that you lend your hand!

Paul Haggis calls the Scientologists out on Prop 8 | MetroWeekly

Screenwriter Paul Haggis quit Scientology over donation to anti-gay Proposition 8 fund, other nefarious reasons [video] - Last Word

Trailblazer moves on: Sarah Warn Leaves AfterEllen | Autostraddle

The internet's top lesbian website is throwing a retirement party for one of the Entertainment Industry's most powerful lesbians:
"Washington native Warn began as a hobby in 2002 in response to what she saw as a complete void of content in the universe regarding queer women in entertainment — online or off.

AE’s success is no surprise when you glance at Warn’s resumè and total expertise. She graduated from lesbian-hotbed Wellesley College in 1996 with a degree in Women’s Studies and then pursued higher education at Harvard University (yeah THAT HARVARD), graduating in 1998 with a master’s in Theological Studies.

Warn deftly oversaw the expansion of her pioneering website over the last seven years, bringing eight years of experience in online marketing and business development, including several years managing Expedia’s search engine marketing department, to the position. Combined with Warn’s academic savvy and keen finger on the pulse of lesbian pop culture, AfterEllen quickly became a cult classic amongst other web-savvy lesbians (many Team Autostraddlers included) (Riese & Carlytron are web-nerds forevs) and, when lesbians got their very own TV show in 2004, The L Word, AfterEllen’s popularity virtually exploded.

AfterEllen was in a key position to take over the lesbian internet … and they did. The L Word’s growing popularity coincided with the advent of wireless, high-speed internet (especially important for people who have to hide their web-browsing from others), the YouTube boom (providing easy access to streaming video content) and the height of blogging’s popularity."

Mazel Tov, Sarah--good luck to you in the future. I'm curious about what she's going to do now! She created an empire out of a blog--surely not an easy feat! She's got a LOT of Entertainment Industry power--could we be seeing big things in Miss Warn's future? Well, werk gurl--you earned this time off!

Dayton, OH honors Natalie Barney with state's first LGBT historical marker!

City unveils marker dedicated to lesbian author:
"DAYTON — She may be the most famous Daytonian unknown to Daytonians, but now Natalie Barney — literary patron and lesbian author who lived most of her life in Paris — has her own Ohio Historical Marker near the downtown library.

The marker was unveiled Sunday, Oct. 25, in a ceremony at Cooper Park attended by city commissioners, Ohio Historical Society officials and members of state and Dayton area gay rights organizations, which led the effort to recognize Barney for both her place in history and her pioneering openness about her sexuality.

Of Ohio’s 1,250 historical markers, it’s the first to indicate a person’s sexual orientation.

“Not only are we celebrating history today, but we’re making history,” Robert Berger, head of Ohio’s Gay History Initiative, told a gathering of about 50 people Sunday.

The Ohio Historical Society launched the initiative in 2006 to review and approve applications for monuments to honor “the history of all its people,” including gays and lesbians, said acting director James Strider.

Barney’s writings supported feminism, paganism and pacifism. In 1900, she published her first book of lesbian love poems, “Quelques Portraits-Sonnets de Femmes,” all copies of which her disapproving father purchased and destroyed. That same year, she began holding literary salons in her apartment on the Left Bank."

What's killing gays and lesbians more than anti-gay violence?

Drug and alcohol abuse are a major problem in our community and its killing us:
"He explained how he didn’t have a way to socialize with other members of the LGBT community that didn’t involve alcohol and other drugs. His first experience with drugs was with crystal meth.

Schneck explained how drug use in the LGBT community was an issue to address and that the only way to begin addressing it was to be aware of it.

Using drugs in his early years of college was a result of issues involving his family’s shunning of his lifestyle coupled with the environment of the LGBT community.

His college didn’t have an LGBT resource center, which made the LGBT community move underground to clubs and bars.

These resources may be crucial to making LGBT students feel as though they fit into the college community as well."

Drug and alcohol abuse are a HUGE problem in our community, and like the Dean here says, are largely a product of our community's isolation and discrimination. We need to fight this because its a major blight--we lose too many of our beautiful queer brothers and sisters to addictions. I love a good drink--I'm not saying don't drink--I'm saying we must address this issues more often, and talk about it openly. We can't keep losing one another to suicide and overdoses. If you know someone with an addiction problem, talk to them and help them find the help they need.

Of course, ANYONE try to take my daily pot of coffee away, and we're going to have problems. That's a whole 'nother ball of wax. I'll deal with that issue when I can. For now, leave me be!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yeah... OK... he's a little biased toward everything I believe in, so maybe if he did all of this science and was looking to prove the RIGHT's POV, I'd bitch... but he doesn't. He agrees with me:
"In a fundraising plea to his mailing list this past week, Marc Multy, the President of the anti-gay marriage Group Stand for Marriage Maine, described his opponents as having 'amassed a war chest from the homosexual political elite from nearly every corner of the country to impose their will on Mainers like us.'

Indeed, the pro-gay marriage group No on 1 Protect Maine Equality has raised more than $2.30 million in itemized contributions from outside the state of Maine; this is more than the $1.82 million that Stand for Marriage Maine has raised from out-of-state.

However, most of No on 1's advantage is based on its substantial edge in fundraising from within the state of Maine. No on 1 has raised $1.89 million from 3,766 unique contributors within the state, whereas Stand for Marriage Maine has raised just $677,000 from 422 contributors, putting it at nearly a 3:1 disadvantage. All told, No on 1 has raised 43 percent of its funds from within Maine, as compared with 26 percent for the Yes on 1 campaign."

Which is why I want to find a way to have Nate Silver's children. End of story.

E-Marriage? You Heard Right | Bilerico

Sounds a big wonky:
"My friend Bryan Wildenthal, who teaches constitutional law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, drew my attention to this startling proposal being put forth by two professors at Michigan State University. In a news release on MSU School of Law News, Adam Candeub and Mae Kuykendall 'announce the creation of the Legal E-Marriage Project, a clearinghouse for legislative proposals to institute 'e-marriage.' Their proposal has the potential to alter the landscape of the marriage culture wars, as well as solve the problems that arise when a great distance separates couples who wish to marry.'"

Victory in Maine Depends on Getting Supporters to Vote. HELP!

Unite the Fight: VIDEO: Victory in Maine Depends on Getting Supporters to Vote. HELP!:
"The most recent poll on Maine's Question 1 shows that 48% are for voting Yes to overturning the marriage equality law and 48% voting NO to rejecting it. 4% are still undecided.

At this point, it's about getting out supporters to the polls, especially students."


Documenting unreportable discrimination | Bilerico

Bilerico's Amy Hunter makes a fantastic point about why the Police can't tell us about specific instances of discrimination against transgender and gay/lesbian people in Kalamazoo:
"The problem is that without a law there is no recognized mechanism for reporting and documentation of discrimination. How very convenient.... It's the same 'Catch 22' that gay and transgender people have been in with respect to violent crimes committed against them for no other reason than they are gay or transgender. Fortunately, it appears this situation will be changing soon. Once President Obama signs the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law, it will become a federal hate crime to commit an act of violence against a person because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

In Kalamazoo, the Kalamazoo Gay and Lesbian Resource Center (KGLRC) logs telephone calls and contacts that come to them about discrimination or violence, their logs however are not considered official. If you call the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, they might take your complaint but will not reference your sexual orientation or gender identity in the official report. The same is true for the City of Kalamazoo.

The sad, nearly incomprehensible truth is that without specific protections it is actually legal to discriminate against someone based merely on perceived sexual orientation or gender identity."

That's why we have to fight HARD and give all we can to try to stop this anti-gay onslaught. A loss in Kalamazoo would be a loss for ALL of America. I hope you're ready to give to help out One Kalamazoo:
"One Kalamazoo is the campaign formed to educate voters about voting YES on the Kalamazoo Non-Discrimination Ordinance to treat all people with fairness and equality--including gay and transgender people. As a ballot question committee, One Kalamazoo will encourage voters to vote YES on the ordinance during the November 3, 2009 elections."

I Should Be Laughing: LGBT History Month: Harry Hay

I Should Be Laughing: LGBT History Month: Harry Hay:
"When Dale Jennings was arrested in 1952 for allegedly soliciting a police officer, it was Harry Hay who bailed him out. The Mattachine Society established the Citizens' Committee to Outlaw Entrapment in Jennings' defense and, at trial, Jennings lawyer proved the arresting officer had lied. While eleven jurors favored acquittal, one vowed to keep voting guilty 'till hell froze over.' After forty hours of deliberations by the deadlocked panel, the judge dismissed the case and though it was less definitive than an acquittal, the decision was seen as a victory in the struggle for gay rights.

As a result of the Jennings case, Mattachine membership soared from just a few hundred to several thousand which brought about notoriety, and a homophobic backlash. A newspaper columnist called the organization potentially 'dangerous,' and another identified Hay as 'a Marxist teacher.'

Members were uneasy about the group, especially new members who, in 1953, called for a new constitution and new leadership. It wasn't being labeled homosexual that caused the unrest, however; they were concerned about being perceived as a Communist organization in the McCarthy era. While new members favored assimilation, and Hay fought for action,in the end, the newcomers won, and Harry Hay reluctantly left the Mattachine Society."

Ugh. Don't I know how Harry feels sometimes! Ha!

I really fucking hate the recent "Harry Hay loves NAMBLA" meme. I hate that gay activists are trying to separate Kevin Jennings from Harry Hay because of it. Harry Hay was a great man. NAMBLA is a disgusting, vile piece of shit. That said, I believe in Free Speech, and so should any decent American. How could you call yourself American if you didn't? When Harry advocated for NAMBLA's inclusion in Pride, he was not advocating for NAMBLA's ideals but their right to free speech.

I would not have done what Harry did. I would have been on the other side, advocating to keep NAMBLA out. However, I would have respect and DO respect Harry's unwavering regard for the First Amendment of our great land's constitution. Harry Hay WAS A GREAT AMERICAN, and Kevin Jennings' praise of Harry Hay was well-placed. Neither of the two were advocating for NAMBLA's beliefs. But distancing the movement from Harry Hay because he stood up for the right to free speech is COWARDLY. FUCK NAMBLA--I think we'd all be better off if they didn't exist. However, fuck anyone who paints someone as a villain who stands up for the Constitution. THAT is despicable.

Our movement owes a googolplex of gratitude to Harry for standing up and standing out way before anyone else was. He was certainly a LOT left of even ME... and a free spirit... but he was and still is a brilliant light in our history.

...Jim Burroway, I'm talking to you.

TV ads aren't the answer in #Maine | Bilerico

Matt Foreman, former director of The Task Force has some great insight into the NoOnOne Maine campaign:
"So, what's our side supposed to do in the heat of a campaign? Put up an ad that says, 'This will never happen! The other side is a bunch of sleazy, lying, utterly hypocritical dirtbags!' Not only does this approach turn off the movables, it simply doesn't respond to or calm the fears raised by the ads from the other side. In fact, in the brief window of a campaign there's absolutely no way to educate voters about the nature of sexual orientation or put parents at ease about talking about sex with their children. The only way through these attacks is to respond with calm and to simultaneous appeal to higher, better and still visceral values.

Finally, all of the focus on television ads, both in Maine and California, misses a huge point, namely, that advertising rarely moves more than a tiny fraction of people to change their minds on any candidate, subject or product that people feel they know well. And if there's one issue that everyone thinks they know about, it's marriage.

Yet, somehow, people expect one or two ads to be the magic bullets that make broad swaths of people on either side of the issue jump up and say, 'Damn it! I've been wrong about marriage and gay people all along!' Please.

That's precisely why, when it comes to marriage, ads cannot do it - they must be matched with face-to-face conversations with voters. That ultimately was our downfall in California - our side just didn't have the capacity to do this because the scale was too large and our infrastructure too small. In Maine, the scale is more manageable: 275,000 votes to win as compared to over 5.5 million in California."

The Gay Hate Crimes Crisis Isn't Over Yet | Bilerico

The Gay Hate Crimes Crisis Isn't Over Yet | The Bilerico Project:
"Homophobic hate crimes are on the rise, and for every hate crime that makes the statistics, how many go unreported? Obviously, there are few numbers available, but one study out of Ireland this year found that sixty-four percent of homophobic hate crimes are not reported to police. A 2007 study by Human Rights First determined that '[London] police themselves estimate that some 90 percent of homophobic hate crimes go unreported.'"

Yes on 1's largest donor: An examination (Complete Set) | GoodAsYou

Yes on 1's largest donor: An examination (Complete Set) - Good As You:: Gay and Lesbian Activism With a Sense of Humor

READ IT. MEMORIZE IT. LEARN IT! Good As You shows us: This IS THE ENEMY! These folks want you back in the closets, prisons and hospitals.

Where did #samesexsunday come from?

Same Sex Sunday on Twitter | The Bilerico Project:
"Bil and I were IMing the other day about the usual stuff (boys, politics and social media) when we hit on a great idea: Same Sex Sunday on Twitter.

The concept is pretty simple. Its #followfriday gone gay, gay, gay.

Each Sunday recommend LGBT people or organizations on Twitter that you think others should be following. Say a few words to describe the people/groups, link to their Twitter account and end with the hashtag #samesexsunday.

Example: Mad, bad and fabulous to know: @bilerico @jerame @buffawhat @bilericodc #samesexsunday

This will be a great way to connect and share info with other LGBT people. Same Sex Sunday begins this coming Sunday."

Posted way back on April 2, 2009. I didn't know I was already writing for Bilerico at that time! Wow! How awesome! So Bil and Michael are the brains behind #samesexsunday? Amazing! I'm pretty sure that Michael also had a little something to do with getting folks to use #NEM instead of #NationalEqualityMarch or some of the other hashtags cropping up around the march.

Four Conservative Reasons - And One Other - to Support Christie | Politicker NJ

Outstanding piece. Now THAT's good, dynamic content!:
"While I have written extensively about the ineptitude of the Christie campaign, I have never wavered in my belief that Chris Christie is by far the best choice for Governor among the three leading candidates in the Tuesday, November 3, 2009 election.

I make this judgment as a political conservative. There are four strong ideological reasons for conservatives to vote for Chris Christie for Governor, to wit: 1) Fiscal management; 2) Economic development; 3) Gay marriage; and 4) Judicial appointments. There is a fifth reason for conservatives to support Chris Christie for Governor which is not an ideological reason but very much a factor for voters across the political spectrum: Chris Christie is much better at governance than he is at campaigning."

Conservatively biased Iowa newspaper tries to deliver Marriage Equality by the numbers. And fails.

The Hawk Eye--Iowa's own Faux News:
"Across the country, nearly 150,000 same-sex couples claimed to be in a married relationship last year.

The figures, according to the Associated Press, far outweigh the number of actual weddings and civil unions tallied by the first census data on same-sex marriages."

According to this piece only 60 same-sex marriages had occurred in Iowa... yet one Pastor claims to have done about 40. If all that's true, she's got a fucking corner on the market like whoa. If they ever start to pick up, she might be a little overwhelmed. Some 66% of 1000 weddings may just be too much for her.

Same Sex Marriage Means More Legal Questions? Only when haters try to throw wrenches in!

The Hawk Eye:
"Wapello native and University of Iowa student Cody Shafer, an openly gay and politically active 22-year-old praised the hate crimes legislation as a step forward for the nation.

Before tackling same-sex marriage rights on the federal level, Burlington resident Corey Cox of Burington, an openly gay student at Southeastern Community College, said Congress should work on extending other protections.

'There needs to be a lot more steps as far as the don't ask, don't tell policy, the anti-discrimination policy. I think those need to be in place before they even bring anything to floor about gay marriage or civil unions,' Cox said.

Terry Callahan of Burlington also has an interest in seeing don't ask, don't tell -- the military policy that bars service members from asking about others' or telling their sexual orientation -- reversed because she once served in the military.


The Callahans and the Harris-Johnsons, as well as the young men who hope one day to meet and marry partners, agree they'd like to see the federal government recognize their union. However, they're fine taking it state by state for now."

Most of the piece is pretty biased against LGBT rights and really likes to give weight to the opinions of hateful bigots who want America to think gays are trying to insinuate themselves in their business. Au contraire, we just want to be able to go about our lives in peace without other folks--or discriminatory laws--interfering us or trying to remind us, for some reason, that we're not full citizens. Being barred from civil institutions is a huge barrier. We know now that gay and lesbian couples pay hundreds of thousands of dollars more in terms of taxes and penalties than an opposite-sex married couple. We know that same-sex couples aren't considered family in medical and end-of life situations, and that employment, accommodations and housing discrimination is rampant. The state of being a second-class citizen is not very pleasant.

Your laws are insinuating on my freedoms and liberty every day. My wanting to remedy that so that I can actually--for the first time in my life--feel like a real American is not interfering with ANY of your rights... except for your IMAGINED right to discriminate against others and your IMAGINED right to behave as if you are in a superior tier of citizenship and rights to others. If I'm granted Equality, that means I'm Equal to you and that's just one less person you can pretend you're better than. Is that what's really going on here? Prove me wrong.

LGBT Colonial History at Plymouth Plantation?

History Is Everybody’s Story | illvox:
"Plimoth Plantation, located in Plymouth Mass, held its second annual, “Out At Plimoth Plantation,” an all-day, inclusive, LGBT event on Saturday, September 26, 2009 featuring family activities, unique, historical lectures including, Native/two-spirit perspectives from Harlan Pruden of the NorthEast Two-Spirit Society; a Colonial look at what Plimoth Plantation knows about gay tolerance during the 17th century and an exploration of a woman’s same sex perspective during the 18th century, presented by Dr. Jennifer Manion, History Professor at Connecticut College. In addition, the day highlighted a “Family Resource, Wedding and Event Expo” presented by Plimoth Plantation’s exclusive caterer, Creative Gourmet and sponsored by Verona Salon of Plymouth, MA. The day finished with a taste of history at the museum with a Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet and Social Mixer, a perfect place for guests to discuss the day’s events, and where people connect with new friends."

Political Science Professor and Blogger draws a conclusion like an artists drawing without pencil or paper.

This 'teacher' is EXACTLY the kind of person Yes On One Maine LOVES! He does a wonderful job of jumping DIRECTLY to the conclusions they wanted him to with their vague inferences! Outstanding!:
"This recent ad from Stand for Marriage Maine makes a valid accusation against the Equality Maine organizers, namely, that Equality Maine had tried to push homosexual teaching in Maine schools back in 2005. [note NOTHING about schools in the first part of the video, the connection is all his] In 2009, of course, they push for same sex marriage and push acceptance to neuter marriage where man and woman become meaningless attributes."

Where the hell does this guy teach, Wild Unfounded JumpInLogic University? If this guy got THAT from THIS video, there's a bridge in Brooklyn AND I'll start the bidding at $500,000! What a deal!

...I never said I was selling the bridge in Brooklyn. This is called a jump in logic. I figured that this guy was pretty damn good at those, so he'd be an easy sell.

NYT Conservative Says Opposing Marriage-Equality is a Losing Battle

Everybody knows it... Everybody knows it... Everybody knows its true...:
"New York Times conservative columnist, Ross Douthat, became physically uncomfortable when he was asked what his thoughts were on the issue of marriage-equality at a panel discussion about young conservatives for the N+1 magazine.

On the panel Douthat had this to say, 'I am someone opposed to gay marriage who is deeply uncomfortable arguing the issue in public,' reports Matt Frassica, who wrote about the incident for The New York Observer. Douthat later said that opposition to marriage-equality is a losing argument, and told the Observer, ''If I were putting money on the future of gay marriage, I would bet on it.' and 'The secular arguments against gay marriage, when they aren't just based on bigotry or custom, tend to be abstract in ways that don't find purchase in American political discourse. I say, ‘Institutional support for reproduction,' you say, ‘I love my boyfriend and I want to marry him.' Who wins that debate? You win that debate.'"

I think everyone KNOWS that we're going to have Marriage Equality eventually... its a matter of when. Do we continue this long, drawn out, oh so late debate in which we amp up the anti-gay rhetoric, which in turn--in its wake--leads to violence and retaliation against innocent American Citizens who happen to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender; as well as--in its wake--leads to harassment and bullying in schools which is why the LGBT youth suicide rate is FOUR TIMES the average? OR do we get Conservatives to say, "I don't want to be on the wrong side of history" and convince them that the right, Conservative, Patriotic AMERICAN thing to do is to support Equality?


Town hall tackles gay-rights issues | Denver Post

I'm not really sure who they'd be quoting here... we held plenty of LGBT-issues Town Halls in Mt. Pleasant, MI back in the day, and I didn't think we were breaking any new ground...:
"Gay-rights activists in Denver held what they called the nation's first gay town-hall meeting, led Saturday night by U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, a Democrat from Boulder. The open forum, at the Metropolitan Church of the Rockies in Denver, was to cover issues related to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender individuals, including the military's 'don't ask, don't tell' ban on gay service members, federal hate-crime legislation and job discrimination.

'I know there are a lot of people in the LGBT community (who) have been frustrated with the pace of progress,' Polis said. 'President Obama promised a lot during the campaign. (He's) been a little bit slow to deliver.'"

Either way, good for Denver and good for my main man, Rep. Polis!

Did you know one of my first EVER posts on this blog was about Rep. (then candidate) Polis? Oh how time flies!

A great people deserve their rights: Hello, Talibangelicals and Catholics? | AMERICAblog

Great points here from AMERICAblog. The Far Right element in the Religious community has completely lost their way. They have no clue anymore what it means to be "Christian." They don't care about helping, just maintaining their power and status.

They clearly have no intention of living like Christ:
"I'm having a big problem with the focus of some churches. Has anyone told some of the religious right and Catholic Church members that times are tough, and people need help? While they continue to waste massive amounts of resources on supporting right wing politics, people are homeless and children go hungry.

Fortunately, there are churches, like the two little open and affirming to the LGBT community UCC churches I attend in the Tulsa area, who focus on things like feeding the homeless, local HIV/AIDS ministries and the 'Food 4 Kids Backpack' program where we deliver backpacks of food to local elementary schools so children who are 'food insecure' do not go hungry. Whatever the reason, some kids are not being fed properly by their parents. I don't care why they aren't being fed, but I feel like one hungry child in the United States is ONE CHILD TOO MANY!"

Michigan: Announcement of Calvin College board's stand on homosexuality, same-sex marriage expected soon

Big news out of Michigan, surely the Professors (who tend to be very progressive) can't wait to find out -
"Calvin College professors will find out Monday whether the college’s governing board will withdraw a controversial memo ordering them to follow Christian Reformed Church teachings against homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

President Gaylen Byker will update faculty on board discussions that took place over the weekend by the Board of Trustees, including a decision on the memo, spokesman Phil de Haan said Saturday."