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U.S. Bishops Call Protecting Marriage a ‘Matter of Justice’

U.S. Bishops Call Protecting Marriage a ‘Matter of Justice’ - Catholic Online:
"“One of the most troubling developments in contemporary culture is the proposition that persons of the same sex can 'marry.' This proposal redefines the nature of marriage and the family and, as a result, harms both the intrinsic dignity of every human person and the common good of society."
Apparently I'm not human. Beyond that, how does my equal rights harm anyone's intrinsic dignity? Just because you use fancy language, does not make you right. It just means you have a thesaurus. You have to explain your rationale. But they can't. There is no rationale behind denying Americans civil rights. The only reason is hate. And noone wants to have to admit that.

I won't say this piece won't do its job. Thousands of Catholics in the echo chamber will read this and say "That's right!" to the part about intrinsic dignity. Nevermind they can't explain it. It will resonate with them. The reason it will resonate with them is that it resonates with that part of them that fears and hates those they perceive as 'less than.' They fear the other. Therefore this resonates with them. Therefore they say "That's right."

But MY dignity is destroyed constantly in very tangible ways by those that wish to use the word of God as a weapon against me. That is happening now. They care not about my intrinsic human dignity, because to these folk, I am not human.

They couldn't for a moment, however, explain to me that if this degrading treatment and secondclass citizenship were resolved and I was treated with equality; how that would ever in any way impact another human being's dignity negatively.

The only way that this would be so is if their own perception of their own dignity hinged solely on me being taken down a notch--with me having my dignity stripped.

Is THAT what the church should be standing behind? Is that what God believes? that we need tiers of people of varying degrees of worthiness of dignity? Interesting take on the teachings of Jesus--a man that hung out with people a whole HELL of a lot like me (sinners, shepherds, sailors, prostitutes, tax collectors) and used to have big problems with folks a HELL of a lot like the Catholic Bishops (sanctimonious pharisees and theologians).

Whatever, I won't judge. I just find it really ridiculous to make such a bold and crass remark that CLEARLY implies I'm less than human. Thanks a lot, Bride of Christ.


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