Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trans Inclusion Urged for NY Hate Crimes Law :: EDGE Boston

Trans Inclusion Urged for NY Hate Crimes Law :: EDGE Boston:
"Proponents of trans hate crime protections are pressing for a small, but significant, change to New York state law that would extend protections to their community as well as to the rest of the GLBT population.

An Oct. 12 New York Times article reports that at the moment, attackers targeting their victims for their sexuality can be charged under existing state law with hate crimes.

However, assailants who target transgendered individuals are not liable to enhanced penalties.

Activists say that has to change, among them Carmella Etienne, who the article said has faced the threat of violence before because of her gender identity.

Activists may have a shot at seeing trans protections included in the state’s hate crimes legislation despite similar attempts not having met with success in the past, the article said, noting that crimes against trans victims have generated headlines this year."

Pass this, New York! Isn't it about time?

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