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San Diego MUST be a ‘Firewall’ to Buju Banton

San Diego MUST be a ‘Firewall’ to Buju Banton TONIGHT | LGBT POV:
"As LGBT POV reported – Dufty and Petrelis subsequently called the meeting a good “first step” – though they acknowledged that nothing had come from it but a photo op.

At least one gay Jamaican apparently thought the meeting was a good idea, Petrelis reported.

Meanwhile, Banton’s PR machine – claiming that he no longer sings or makes money off that “Boom Bye Bye song,” nor does he brag about his hatred of “faggots” – spun the meeting into a serious publicity crack in the boycott.

Banton’s reaction to the meeting was to give an interview to the Jamaica Observer reiterating that he had not give up his “war” against faggots.

Despite the fresh interview, the damage was done and clubs that had previously canceled Banton’s concerts started rescheduling – including the Cabana Club in Hollywood which was picketed by a coalition of groups, lead by the LA Gay & Lesbian Center."

Michael Petrelis--Great fucking job. You've boosted Buju Banton's murder music career. While you were fist-bumping with a man acquitted by a homophobic judicial system of VICIOUSLY MURDERING a gay man in COLD BLOOD, did you stop to think that you'd be giving him a big boost?

For someone so critical of the openly pro-gay White House and the ACTIVE baby steps forward on LGBT rights, and meetings of LGBT activists with said White House, you sure were quick to come out and spin this as a big positive kumbayah for the queers and the Jamaicans.


Because Michael Petrelis was INVITED to this meeting, that's why.

Michael Petrelis only pisses and moans about gay activists working with the White House because he's not on the invite list. Invite HIM to the meeting and he's laughing and fist-bumping and positively spinning the whole thing quicker than ANY Joe Solmonese.

So now we know the secret. Want Michael Petrelis to give your barely-symbolic two-faced, insincere action a glowing review? Invite him to the meeting! He'll tell the world how wonderful you are, and even though you still want to kill queers, you're making a "good start!"


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