Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rev. Chuck Currie: The New York Times Ignores Christian Support For Marriage Equality

Rev. Chuck Currie's Blog | The New York Times Ignores Christian Support For Marriage Equality:
"What the article failed to note is that many religious leaders have come forward in the district to support marriage equality. Back on June 2, 2009 The Washington Blade reported:

More than 130 clergy representing dozens of churches and at least two synagogues in the District of Columbia released a joint statement Tuesday expressing support for legalizing same-sex marriage in the city.

'We declare that our faith calls us to affirm marriage equality for loving same-sex couples,' says the statement, which the signers call a 'Declaration of Religious Support for Marriage Equality.'
The declaration was released during a news conference at Covenant Baptist Church, a mostly black congregation in Ward 8, a section of the city that same-sex marriage opponents say would vote against a same-sex marriage law should it be placed on the ballot in a referendum.

Nearly 50 of the signatories to the declaration attended the news conference, standing at the pulpit behind the church's husband and wife pastors, Revs. Dennis and Christine Wiley."


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