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BREAKING: President Obama will address the HRC National Dinner in DC this Saturday, October 10, 2009.

But first…

The Recap/Roundup Has a new name: QUEERdate (kind of like stardate… but gayer). Every day the QUEERdate will be indicated by Q: followed by the two digit year, two digit month and two digit day. This will make The Roundup easier to 'ReTweet' and spread virally, so you can share Ameriqueer's daily news brief with everyone that you know.

Now on to the news…

Today's ENDA Legislator of the day is: Virginia Senator Mark Warner.

On Ameriqueer: BREAKING: [President]Obama to Address HRC Dinner this Saturday.

On Big Gay News: 7 Out of 10 LGBT Prefer Jobs in Marriage Equality States, [President] to Address Gay Rights Organization, [President] to Take on Military Gay Ban at `Right Time’

On Bilerico: Senator Harry Reid endorses & welcomes the National Equality March, Bill O'Reilly upset about "cross-dressing" video, The Potty: An Argument Against ENDA? (Part IV), What "Capitalism" Is Not

On Pam's House Blend: Hartline: the Olympics bypassed Chicago because of the homosexualist anti-Christ spirit, FL: 'Outrage' debuts on HBO; Charlie Crist's office not responding to inquiries, National Black Justice Coalition names new exec director - Sharon J. Lettman, New attack against Kevin Jennings - the 'NAMBLA' connection

On BoxTurtleBulletin: The "unbigoted argument in favor of the military ban on gay men, Kevin Jennings; "Brewster" and the closet, Maggie's anti-biblical marriage

On Towleroad: Iowa Gays Plug State's Equality Perks at California Disneyland Event, University of North Texas: No Gay Couples on Homecoming Court, Hundreds in Memphis Rally in Response to Anti-Gay Vandalism, Lady Gaga: I'll Be Marching in the National Equality March

On AmericaBlogGay: FOX admitted its mistake in Jennings reporting. Will Sean Hannity?, Mormon paper won't run ad for event honoring LGBT suicide victims, White House sees no reason to clarify what National Security Adviser James Jones said about DADT repeal, Does Obama have MORE of a duty to address civil rights since he's black?

On Good As You: Stand For [Stigmatizing your gay neighbors as doomed] Maine?, No offense to 'Glee' cast, but HRC dinner tix just got intensely hotter, Video: Uhm, is WA voting on domestic partnerships or communion wafers?!

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Chris Geidner: In Iowa, judges are ousted.

Via Chris Geidner's Poliglot blog at Metro Weekly:


In Iowa, which declared Iowa's marriage ban unconstitutional under the state's constitution in 2009, the National Organization for Marriage got one of its first electoral victories this year. The judicial retention elections appear to have resulted in the replacement of all three justices up for a vote this year.

Here, as of 3:35 a.m. and with 1767 out of 1774 precincts reporting, are the Iowa Secretary of State's election results:

Supreme Court Justice David L. Baker
Yes 443437 45.75%
No 525865 54.25%

Supreme Court Justice Michael J. Streit
Yes 442459 45.6%
No 527921 54.4%

Supreme Court Chief Justice Marsha Ternus
Yes 437118 44.99%
No 534486 55.01%

The court was unanimous in its 2009 ruling that Iowa's constitution required marriage equality."

Can we trust Rasmussen anymore?


Happy Hour Roundup will be coming late today. Fortunately, there is lots of news to report on! Unfortunately, there will be no time for me to collect it and send it. Expect it between 5pm and 6pm!