Friday, October 16, 2009

A Movement Moving Forward | The Bilerico Project

A Movement Moving Forward | The Bilerico Project:
"Our state and local work is foundational to achieving our federal goals. And our federal work is critical not only because it covers issues that cannot be addressed at the local and state level but also because it benefits those of us in states where protections have been denied or have not yet been achieved. As for those two top positions in the White House? We must push and push for change so second-class status for LGBT people does in fact end on President Obama's (and Congress') watch. And, that watch is ticking fast.

We need outside demonstrators; we need inside negotiators; we need constituent lobbyists in district offices; we need those who calibrate Capitol Hill persuasions to win support from key legislators; we need bloggers and tweeters; we need letter writers and phone callers; we need door knockers; we need fundraisers; we need policy wonks; we need researchers; we need organizers. This movement will succeed with all of us putting every queer shoulder to the wheel, pushing the same direction.

Here's the narrative I offer: In October 2009, the LGBT community embraced its powerful, rich and successful history and dedicated itself to its bright future. We were ready for change and progress and we vowed to do something about it. We did not waste this moment arguing over styles of activism, but rather we ins"

Rea Carey, Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is 100% totally my hero. She said so eloquently what I've been wishing to say for months. We need ALL of it--not just radical action, not just schmoozing, not just fundraising, not just lobbying, not just lette-writing. Powerful, Rea! You ROCK!

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