Wednesday, October 21, 2009

John Corvino: Don't forget Washington State and Kalamazoo! [Americablog]

AMERICAblog Gay | A great people deserve their rights: John Corvino: Don't forget Washington State and Kalamazoo!:
"John Corvino has some great points about the other important gay ballot initiatives:

My travels through the Midwest got me thinking about national LGBT movement’s tendency to focus on California and the Northeast. There are good reasons for this bias, insofar as these are populous and influential regions. But having discussed Maine in my last column, I decided to spend this week discussing the other two gay-related ballot initiatives currently going on—in Kalamazoo, Michigan and in Washington State. They both deserve more attention than they’re getting.

In both instances civil rights have been expanded to include protections for the LGBT community, without any harm done to the majority, but now those protections are being subject to a popular vote of the people."

Once again, Dr. Corvino says it best!

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