Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Ever Diabolical Harry R. Jackson, Jr. : Marriage At Risk In D.C.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. : Marriage At Risk In D.C. -
"The lesson pro-family activists should learn from this DC City Council drama is that we can change a state or nation’s policies on important issues by simply playing local politics with a vengeance."

No No, Harry Jackson--friend, we already LEARNED it from you. From watching James Dobson and Jerry Falwell all these years, by watching the Conservative money/political machine hoover up dollars from the sick and poor in blue-collar America by using scare tactics: "Your America will come crashing down around you! They'll force you to see and do things that frighten and disgust you! Give all of your posessions now, and we'll look out for you!" And you lined the pockets of lobbying groups that used money given to fight the 'anti-family (as if we don't have families)' homosexual menace to do so, but to also push bigger goals of destroying government infrastructure and programs and deregulate so that big rich companies could get even richer.

Yes, sir, we learned it from watching you.

Now we understand how to play the game. We understand that you have to get Corporate America on board. You have to mix your issues up with other issues. You have to throw intellectual debate out of the window and go for people's guts, and you have to work. Hard.

Because hate is a strong and powerful nemesis, Bishop. Your hatred especially. Your hatred for me and my family--for us and OUR families. Hatred and greed and power. It is strong and nimble and calculating.

And we have to stay focused and stay diligent to finally send hate back to hell where it belongs. However, we've got it now. We know what it will take. We understand that it takes persistence, perseverance, nerve, and a big mouth. We know that we've got to try to get through to the people any way we can in order to counter the millions and millions of dollars you spend in every market spreading lies and distorting truth (so much for the 8th Commandment, Bishop Jackson). We know it will take every ounce of what we have. And we're willing to put it in now. And to build a proper strategy to make that effort worthwhile.

Because we learned it from watching you.

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