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The Bay Area Reporter Online | Gay protesters clash
with Buju Banton fans

The Bay Area Reporter Online | Gay protesters clash <br>with Buju Banton fans:
"Thompson apologized about the performance happening on such an important day in the gay community.

'That was ignorance on my part,' he said.

Jonathan Mack, Banton's promoter, told the Bay Area Reporter that Banton's contract prohibited performing songs that promote violence and that Banton no longer performs 'Boom Bye Bye.'

'I do not advocate 'Boom Bye Bye.' It's a derogatory song,' said Mack, attempting to assuage the protesters' anger by insisting that Banton wrote the song nearly 20 years ago when he was 19.

Mack said that Banton hasn't performed the song for 17 years and no longer profits from it.

But gay activists pointed out that Banton performed the song as recently as 2007 in Jamaica and it is available on YouTube In one of the videos, gay activists claim, Banton is quoted yelling, 'There is no end to the war between me and faggots.'

Yet, Mack insisted that Banton's music promotes cultural unity and 'peace' and that gay activists' focus on Banton is misplaced."

The only "values" that Buju Banton's music promotes is murdering gay people. Once again, Michael Petrelis and the San Francisco leaders that attended the meeting with Banton that day were remiss and irresponsible in giving Banton this PR out when it comes to club threats to cancel his shows. There should have been NO PLANS for a meeting unless Banton planned to make concessions. Shame on those who attended, giving Buju Banton positive press despite his unwillingness to help put an end to the homophobic MURDER continuously occurring in Jamaica.


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