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In.D.C|| GLAAD's new president Jarrett Barrios was at the White House cocktail party Monday, but before he went he went on CNN to comment on the Obama administration's progress so far. The Air Force said Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach could not attend in uniform because the reception was a "political" event, rather than a Stonewall memorial.

The HATE CRIMES BILL may be in danger now that it is attached to the Defense Authorization Bill that the President will veto if it does not contain an increase in funding for F-22 fighter jets.

HR 1283, the bill to overturn DADT, has a new sponsor: gay ally Patrick Murphy! Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Robert Gates had some very interesting things to say about easing DADT enforcement to make them more humane: as in they may start enforcing it flexibly. If someone outs you, then you're off the hook. However, its a little too late for Lt. Dan Choi--his Military Board recommended discharge. Dan Savage and Keith Olbermann agree: Obama 'Goddamned Wrong' on DADT. David Mixner calls it what it is--APARTHEID! MEANWHILE, Log Cabin Republicans have decided to go forward with their lawsuit against DADT! DADT HARMS STRAIGHT SOLDIERS TOO! Anyway, Gibbs is sure it will be repealed by the end of the first term.

Is Rahm-bo's paranoia keeping us from achieving our rights? He may be advising the President to tread softer than he really needs to, because he's playing by an old playbook.. C'mon, Rahm, you're supposed to be the liberal Rove! Meanwhile, the White House is doing the RIGHT thing in NOT fighting the judgement that awarded $500,000 to a Library of Congress hiree who lost the job while transitioning. LAWDORK weighs in.

Mike Signorile rips apart that $1M number the DNC dinner was reported to have made. Pam Spaulding asks the right questions about this very fishy claim. Then ElsieElsie LETS IT RIP!

How personal stories will make the difference on ENDA. THE VICTORY FUND MAKES 15 NEW ENDORSEMENTS OF LGBT CANDIDATES!

Meanwhile D.C. Equal Marriage Recognition are a go! And there's a Conference Call planned for the October DC March--are you on it (I hope not)?

STATE2STATE: In CALIFORNIA, the Federal Prop 8 hearing is to be Thursday, but Tuesday, the Court filed an order in the case: planning to "proceed expeditiously to trial." In New Orleans, LOUISIANA, there's a NEW Federal Marriage lawsuit. Magic Valley Pride builds bridges for the first time in Southern IDAHO! ILLINOIS' not-so-well-liked Sen. Roland Burris announced at Chicago Pride that he supports 'opposite' Marriage for children "to identify the bloodline and heritage"... huh? Also in ILLINOIS, the Appellate court gets its first openly gay judge! NEVADA State employees will be offered same-sex domestic partner benefits now! WISCONSIN is expecting a rush as Domestic Partnerships become law. In VIRGINIA, a straight ally (with a great drag queen name), Krystal Ball, is running for Congress! Here's what happened in the NEW YORK Senate yesterday, according to Joe.My.God:
So in the latest bit of New York Senate fuckwittery, yesterday only the Senate Democrats were in the chamber, 31 of them, one short of a quorum, while the GOP caucus sulked elsewhere. Then GOP Sen. Frank Padavan cut through the room to get to the lounge where free soft drinks are available. "QUORUM!" shouted the Dems, and immediately passed 120 bills.
You can read about it here.

RAINBOW LOUNGE FIASCO: THERE WILL BE A CANDLELIGHT VIGIL TONIGHT AT 8:30PM TEXAS TIME (10:30 EASTERN) AT THE RAINBOW LOUNGE TO SHOW SUPPORT FOR CHAD GIBSON WHO IS RECOVERING AFTER THE BRUTAL BAR-SWEEP GONE WRONG IN FORT WORTH--GOOD NEWS, THE POLICE CHIEF IS ESTABLISHING AN LGBT LIAISON OFFICER! Chad Gibson's mother is speaking out. Out Fort Worth Councilman participates in protest on the sweep. BoxTurtleBulletin gives us a very in-depth look at what was said at the Community Meeting about the controversy. Excerpts from the TABC release on Chad Gibson.

AROUND/THE/GLOBE|| LITHUANIA'S President Valdas Adamkus has vetoed an anti-gay bill that would have prohibited the discussion of homosexuality in schools and banned it from any public information that could be seen or referenced by children! INDIA's High Court is set to rule on Decriminalizing homosexuality at 12:30am Eastern TONIGHT/THURSDAY MORNING! In the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Police ended Pride early with an old fashioned raid. In the UK, British MPs reflect on gay politics after Stonewall.

PINK$BUCK|| Advertisers find out that gays and straights have the same spending habits!

OFF/THE/MAP|| Camp Camp: The Wisconsin summer camp for Gay and Lesbian Adults. ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK (DON'T BUY IT EVER EVER EVER!) is improving their tone in dealing with boycotters. Of course, I may get a letter from their lawyer now for reporting that.

Keep your friends Close: Professional right-wing, ex-gay extremist groups are forming the 'Freedom Federation' together, because they're so oppressed. SOOPRISE, SOOPRISE: THEIR LANGUAGE INDICATES THEY'RE LOOKING TO TURN AMERICA INTO A THEOCRACY!

SPIRITq|| A spiritual Profile of Homosexual Adults.

OURstory|| Hans Scholl and the influential Germans who spoke out against Hitler and paid with their lives.



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