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OK, yes, I understand there is a lot more IMPORTANT NEWS out there than this, and I swear I'll talk about SOME of it, but let me just tell you how incredibly excited I am for the new Madonna Greatest Hits double album and DVD coming this September 23. CELEBRATION! We're only DAYS away from the single "Celebrate"--I may hear it on the bus on the way home from MARKETDAYS on MONDAY MORNING!

I am a serious news junkie, an activist and a fighter of homophobia... but I am also a normal person, and underneath the LGBT Equality Robot, there is a SCREAMING EXCITED MADONNA LOOOOVEEER!

So I have to comment that yes, the Album art is ABSOLUTELY HOT. Madonna was never painted by Warhol. Maybe she should have been. They met, they hung out, why didn't he ever paint her? He painted Michael Jackson! Why not Madonna? The image would have been iconic, and no doubt, the Mr. Brainwash cover here is going to be among fans' favorites--up there with True Blue, Like a Virgin, Madonna, Bedtime Stories, American Life, Confessions on a Dance Floor and Greatest Hits Vol 2 (her BEST album covers IMHO).

I'm excited that "Everybody" is going to be on this album! What other surprises will it hold?

I already have a good version of "Celebrate," but I will not be sharing it with you. You MUST go out and get the single from iTunes or purchase the album. I will be, for SURE!

If you haven't seen the amazingly hot teasers--teaser 1, teaser 2 and teaser 3--check them out now. The reverse audio and text are indicative of the album's comprehensive look back across the expanse of Madonna's career: From "Everybody," to "Express Yourself," to "Vogue," to "4 Minutes." This will be THE definitive Madonna Greatest Hits collection... one that may force the boys to shelf "Immaculate Collection" for the first time in 20 years (well, I guess that's sort of a hard sell...).



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In Iowa, which declared Iowa's marriage ban unconstitutional under the state's constitution in 2009, the National Organization for Marriage got one of its first electoral victories this year. The judicial retention elections appear to have resulted in the replacement of all three justices up for a vote this year.

Here, as of 3:35 a.m. and with 1767 out of 1774 precincts reporting, are the Iowa Secretary of State's election results:

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The court was unanimous in its 2009 ruling that Iowa's constitution required marriage equality."

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Happy Hour Roundup will be coming late today. Fortunately, there is lots of news to report on! Unfortunately, there will be no time for me to collect it and send it. Expect it between 5pm and 6pm!