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DADT May be getting creamed--but NOT IF WE RAM IT IN!

First, Tuesday we found out that Harry Reid may just have it out for DADT. This morning there was the video of Howard Dean (I'm still very very much in love with him) endorsing Kirsten Gillibrand where they talked about how cool Same Sex Marriage is; then she went ahead and introduced an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill that would place an 18 month moratorium on gay discharges from the military.

But is the Defense Department Authorization Bill the smartest choice? This is a contentious bill because it seems to continue pushing a more Bush-friendly W.O.T. agenda, rather than the current 'get the hell out of the Middle East' agenda of the Democrats--which might make the bill vulnerable for a veto or a gutting.

Of course getting this passed is WELL overdue. Today we find out that Uruguay--for God's sake Uruguay--is lifting their military gay ban, and we're... well... not. But we also can't just thrust it through no lube. Strategy is still important, and jamming it through on this contentious bill might hurt us in the long run--and cause more gay bitching and moaning at the White House if the President is forced to veto the bill.

Nobody likes bloody mess. Let's be careful and play it safe here!


Joe Moderate said…
holy moley! coupled with the title, this is the freakiest photo I've seen since... well, since watching Bruno LOL
Ameriqueer said…
J-dude: you're so homophobic! Jeez!

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