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The death of parties.

Its sad, but its inevitable. Eventually every party has to end. It may end earlier than everyone wants, or it may just go on and on for far too long--but regardless, the music is cut and the lights have to be turned out at some point.

Since 1980, we've seen America grow increasingly more partisan, and the Democrats and Republicans distinguish themselves from one another with greater vitriol every year. Yet, studies show the middle is growing as well. A majority of Americans consider themselves "moderates," and the number grows constantly. Americans are generally very complex in their beliefs, making it hard to pin any single American to a specific party: you've got the pro-environment, anti-gay, pro-health care rural father, married to his pro-environment, pro-gay, anti-healthcare wife; you've got the pro-life gays and the anti-tax gays, you've got anti-tax, anti-health care, pro-choice people... each American's politics is as unique as their fingerprints.

So why do we still have blanket, straight-party support of these divisive organizations?

The gay community is getting a majorly rude awakening. Despite throwing millions of dollars, and thousands of volunteer hours at the Democratic Party in 2008, the Democratic party has sent us a nice little pre-printed thank you card, wadded up our cash, stuffed it in their pockets, and promptly forgot about us.

Recently polls have shown that Jewish Americans are starting to feel like they've been had as well--though not quite as bad as the gays.

Health Care advocates are reeling that the democratic leaders in congress are refusing to consider a single-payer option, and are steaming mad at the concessions on health-care reform that the same leaders have sold them out to make.

It happens after every election. You throw your support behind a party who promises you the world, and then as soon as they have their majority and settle comfortably into their jobs, the work ends.

If you're sick of being played by your party, maybe its time to leave your party. Send them back their DNC membership materials, their DCCC surveys, the RNC invitations and say "thanks, but no thanks," and DON'T give this year.

What will happen to the parties if people stop giving to them? Well, not much. These juggernauts will continue running. However, you can create some positive change locally--take your money that you were going to give to the National or State party, and find candidates that you really believe in and give to them. The more local, the more satisfied you'll be. Candidates running for President, U.S. Senator or Governor rarely fulfill their promises. But your State Representative candidates are the perfect people to throw your support behind--they have a WHOLE HELL of a lot less people to please, they can truly stick to their guns and maintain their integrity. And if they don't? No money the next year!

You have power, and that power goes beyond the ballot box--your real power is your wallet. Pick those candidates that truly deserve your support and max out your donations to them. Volunteer for them, and help groom and build a new generation of politicians that break the mold--that don't just rubber-stamp whatever the party tells them to, but truly set their own agenda and stick to it.

Drop parties and support candidates, and you'll see real change sooner than later!


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