Saturday, November 14, 2009


Check out my newest Bilerico Post about the gay DNC boycott: JOHN ARAVOSIS' "DON'T ASK/DON'T GIVE" HAS THE WRONG FOCUS

Let me preface this by reminding everyone that my first Bilerico post ever was a critique of the President's LGBT record. 2129631317_e3d3660f2a.jpgThat was this past Spring. We are now getting on into Winter, and I still believe the President has not acted correctly on an Executive Order lifting the military gay ban, or ending the misguided practice of not accepting gay blood donors.

But John Aravosis is going to throw the game by singling out the President in his point-by-point Democratic donation "pause" manifesto. This is a mistake with gigantic implications...



Carol Anne said...

Your naivete is showing. As a politian myself, and working regulary with politcians, I assure you the best way to get them to change their behavior is to withhold (or shower them with) money.

We're not saying don't contribute...but contribute to the candidates you think will actually do what they said they would do before the election. The DNC, DCCC, and other Democratic machinery don't care about us, they care about their power; if they think they can fund a bunch of BlueDogs to run, they will, because they can suck votes from Republicans...but BlueDogs do NOT have your interests at heart; they are only intrested in salving their own narciscissitic personalities (a la Leiberman, Bayh).

No, not "Democrats at any cost," but "Progressive Democrats who vote their consituent's interests."

Now, should John Aravosis' campaign work, we might see some of the leaders of the Democrats decide we worth their time; if not, let's work hard to replace them!

Carol Anne said...

(Forgive the typos; your naive view of politics made me to frustrated to check for typos...but you get my gist.

Ameriqueer said...

Carol Ann, I appreciate your joining the conversation, but I would encourage you to read my ENTIRE post on Bilerico first (this is merely a preview--as I usually do--with links before and after to point you to the complete item, which is owned by Bilerico), as its clear you have not yet. I actually do advocate for withholding money from the DNC, but argue the focus on the President--who does not write or pass the laws in Congress--is actually distracting and counterproductive, and instead suggest a more precise, laser focus on the Blue Dogs stalling ENDA. Id encourage you to read the whole thing, and then let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

Carol Anne:

Which is why my 3 most important issues in every election are:

1.) Political contribution reform to get the power back to the citizens.

2.) Term Limits keeping politicians focused on the issues their citizens sent them to solve not getting re-elected.

3.) Equal Rights for all citizens.

Peace, Love, Compassion, Laughter & Hope!

Jeff Neubauer