Monday, November 9, 2009

I think what infuriates me the most... - G.A.Y.

I think what infuriates me the most... - Good As You:: Gay and Lesbian Activism With a Sense of Humor:
" that our opposition will never realize, admit, or take responsibility for the gut-wrenching sense of de-humanity that they inflict upon us. Had Maine's 'yes on 1' side lost last night, each and every one of the folks invested in that campaign would still go about their days, perhaps a little bummed, but otherwise unaltered. They would have lost nothing, as each and every point that they claimed was at stake was nothing more than fear-mongery rhetoric (something I truly believe that most if not all of the higher-ups know to be true). They wouldn't truly be threatened in any tangible, citable way, and they wouldn't be forced to have any kind of difficult conversation with their young ones about how and why their family was just assaulted as part of the democratic process."

Nobody says it better than Jeremy Hooper!

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