Friday, November 13, 2009


Please read my latest post at Out & About Illinois: JACOB MEISTER FTW?

Phil Reese November 13, 2009--It will admittedly be an uphill climb for openly gay Illinois US Senate Candidate, and Chicago lawyer Jacob Meister, who spent the week touring the state opening campaign offices in every nook and cranny of Illinois to kick off his campaign. However, being the first openly gay Senate candidate in US history should not make anyone think for even a moment he cannot do it. Meister himself notes that this was the same Senate seat of history-makers Carol Moseley Braun and President Barak Obama. Jacob Meister

I interviewed Jacob Meister on Thursday for the LGBT website, and wanted to share first with you my personal reactions upon spending the day talking with the underdog that is bound and determined to make US History: Jacob Meister is the real deal.

This is my own personal take, of course, and this is in no way an official endorsement. But I do encourage others to meet Jacob in one of his local offices and have a conversation with him.

In the interview, we discussed everything from ethics reform to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, to the economy to Don't Ask, Don't Tell and No Child Left Behind. All of his policies on these issues are very well thought out, and available to peruse on his visually appeasing website. However, my final reaction after talking to him..

The rest of the editorial is really good, check it out! READ THE REST AT OUT & ABOUT ILLINOIS!


Robert Prather said...

Exciting! But is he the first openly gay candidate for the US Senate? I know we have an openly gay canidate in Florida running in the Democratic primary -

I just hope Mr. Meister has a better chance.

Ameriqueer said...

I'm hoping that he's able to really pull forward in this crowded pack. If its Meister V Giannoulias, Meister will charm the pants off everyone. But he's got to pull ahead.