Friday, November 13, 2009

Noize: Circuit Spirituality

Explore & Live | Circuit Spirituality:
"I always tell people if you want to feel God, or the presence of God, you have to go to the most packed Circuit event, or a packed gay bar. Grab your partner and head out until you’ve worked your way to the very center of the dance floor, underneath that big ball. Erase from your mind the decadence around you and feel the vibration in the music coming at you from every direction. Straight people may go to church for their spirituality, but Circuit events are my form of church and the DJs are my priests."

I thought I was the only one! I've been very spiritually moved on the dance floor many times--crazy as that sounds. Just feeling the vibe and the overwhelming feelings of good will and happiness surrounding you are quite counter to the experience in the rest of the world around you. Why do you think I'm first one up on the box every time? I'm always in the center of the dance floor with my eyes closed or looking up to the big silver ball--I'm praying, y'all! I'm praying that this peace and happiness go out and wrap its arms around the whole world. I'm praying for an end to hate and drama!

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