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I've joined the ranks of the print media elite! Sort of. Next month I will begin a monthly column on Illinois LGBT politics for Out & About Illinois, downstate's premier LGBT glossy magazine! For now, I'm blogging politics and news on the main page! Check out my first contribution to O&A: PLEASED TO MEET YOU--AND TELL YOU WHAT'S GOING ON!

Phil Reese on Politics and News for November 10, 2009.

Hey, all!

My name is Phil Reese, a former teacher, a current blogger and graduate student, and news junkie. I will be keeping you up to speed with the most current LGBT news right here on the Out & About Illinois blog. I would love to hear more about what you are looking for from me as well in the comments. Let me know what sort of stories you'd like me to go after as I get the news you want.

I mine as well jump right into the news, since there is big buzz coming out of Washington DC today.

The Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary passed a marriage equality bill in the District of Columbia today that now goes on to the entire District City Council. Monday, Committee Chair Phil Mendelson released a revised draft of Councilor David Cantania's bill; expanding the religious protections in the bill, ensuring that no Religious leader with moral objection would be forced to perform a same-sex marriage. The revisions also includes language that protects the existing Domestic Partnerships in the District--rather than phases them out--to offer Washington residents and visitors wider choice.

The bill is cosponsored by 10 of the 13 Council members, and is expected to pass without problem, making marriage equality legal in our Nation's capitol. The bill should get a final vote by the entire Council before Christmas. Check out the Washington Post piece for in-depth coverage of the bill...



the czarina said…

congratulations on you landing this
very nice - may i say prestigious? - gig.
great going!

the washington, d.c. news sounds very promising - do you know if they have the same form of obscene referendum laws in place, such as cali and maine do -ready to pounce? *sigh*

my own NY - call me a pessimist - seems very iffy to me. i do not trust that this very, very volatile and dysfunctional state senate can pull itself together and do the right thing.

i had lobbied my senator personally on april 28 in a huge coordinated event sponsored by empire state pride agenda, as well as participated in the rally the same day.
but we might have been a few votes short even then.

NY's senate then proceeded to have a cartoonish nervous breakdown that halted all business until summer recess kicked in.
how convenient.

our aggressively pro-equality governor is pushing hard, but his ratings are in the toilet due to other issues.
emboldened by the repulsive maine results, this senate does not warrant my trust.
we'll see.

i'll be glad to be kept up on illinois GLBTQ news: my best friend in the world, my e-soul brother, and his husband live joyfully together there.

i am not very 'up' on illinois progress.
my friend is 99% out and definitely proud, though he has a high-powered job where he keeps his private life very separate from his professional life: that 1% is an almost DADT situation which he feels is necessary in his current environment.
he keeps up with the national movement, donates regularly, but admits ms. str8 beeyotch is the bigger activist, LOL.

so i'd love to keep up with the situation in his/your state.

kudos, again, on your journalism assignment!


Ameriqueer said…
Thanks again for your support, Flo!

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Happy Hour Roundup will be coming late today. Fortunately, there is lots of news to report on! Unfortunately, there will be no time for me to collect it and send it. Expect it between 5pm and 6pm!