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Turn It Up will turn it out!

Pulling double duty today (and hopefully avoiding incurring the wrath of my editors) I published the deets on Turn It Up over on BOTH my blog and my blog today. If you're in town Thursday night, and you don't come... I hate you.

Turn It Up will turn it out!:
"Turn It Up will turn it out!

Phil Reese 4/6/2010--This Thursday at 7pm at the Champaign-Urbana Independent Media Center, get ready to be blown away by the first major local concert event of the season.

The UnitingPride Center of Champaign County--the brand new LGBTQA Community Center initiative--is presenting Turn It Up April 8th at 7pm at 202 S. Broadway, in Urbana.

Its the old Post Office, Y'all, you can't miss it!

Ticket and refreshment sales will benefit the UP Center for securing a space and generating new programs vital for our youth and underserved populations. If you don't go, you're a meanie.

Bands will include local sensations Vanattica and Tom Miebach performing several sets throughout the night.

In between our musical acts will be sensational spoken-word artists Anna Schweig and Cara Bailey.

They'll have your funny-bone covered too. Comedy Improv group The Abe Froman Project will be providing some chuckles throughout the night.

But be ready to have your breath taken away by the Mistress of Ceremonies. Bringing it all together on Thursday night, is the beautiful, stunning and absolutely divine Miss Leiloni Stars of the LA Girls. You know she'll be on point!

Tickets are $5 in advance at the sale page and $10 at the door. $8 for students, but why wouldn't you just get them in advance anyway? I mean its only $5. We're going to entertain you all night. There's refreshments. Why haven't you clicked the link yet? What's wrong with you?"
Want to know more go to the link above. I've also cross-posted the information at my Reese's Pieces Blog on


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