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Guess who the news Politics Editor at Feast of Fun is?

Its not Politics as usual, but I consider it a big political deal. Constance McMillan has been deceived by the "grown-ups" at her school in every which way.

And as my first post at the new Politics Editor at the Feast of Fun Blog (if you have an iPod, please subscribe to their fabulous Gay Fun Show) I posted about Constance. You can read some of the text here, but to see some semi-exclusive pictures from the fake-prom, click the link and visit the Feast of Fun blog. Please comment as well so that Fausto and Marc know just how much you love and/or hate me!

…And in that secret location, they slow-danced to “Lying Eyes”: How Itawamba screwed Constance McMillen.:
"Lisa Derrick of FiredogLake thinks Itawamba is the MEANEST TOWN IN AMERICA.


Federal Judge Davidson avoided forcing the Mississippi school to reinstate the Prom after school administrators told him that Constance–the high school lesbian originally banned from prom for wanting a girl-date–was re-invited. The Prom had initially been canceled because Constance sued Itawamba Agricultural High School for discrimination, but the administrators decided to let bygones be bygones, right?


Constance–now officially America’s Sweetheart–showed up to fake-Prom, only to find parents had organized a real event elsewhere, and failed to tell Constance where. Constance and her date joined several special needs students and “[t]hey had the time of their lives,” McMillen says. “That’s the one good thing that come out of this, [these kids] didn’t have to worry about people making fun of them [at their prom].” Her teachers and administrators were about to chapperone fake-prom–no word on who was in charge at real-prom.

Constance has been bamboozled, and the rest of us with her."

See my amazingly semi-exclusive pictures of hater-prom at my latest post on The Feast of Fun blog!


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