Thursday, April 15, 2010

FOF--Another California lawmaker outed...

I have some great links in this post--you're going to have to go to Feast of Fun's page to check them out! There's a link to a really hilarious blog post about Aaron Schock, so go check it out!

Another California lawmaker outed–Lindsey Graham; Aaron Schock fidget nervously.:
"While Peoria’s US Representative Aaron Schock sticks his hands in his pocket, looks down and shuffles his feet while whistling out of tune, yet another closeted gay lawmaker is outed. This time, once again, in California.

Last month, Republican Roy Ashburn and a male companion were pulled over in Ashburn’s car, and Ashburn received a DUI after leaving a Sacramento-area gay bar. Since then, Ashburn has confessed that he is, in fact, gay.

On Monday night, openly-Democrat Mike Davis was outed as gay by a close friend and LGBT-ally at the Los Angeles Stonewall Democratic Club. Straight ally Jimmie Woods Gray let the “open secret” slip during a debate about whether or not to endorse Davis as pro-LGBT. Strangely, the media has mostly ignored the matter..."

Read more over at the Feast of Fun Another California lawmaker outed...!

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