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217--Aren’t I Fabulis? Anatomy of a gay social networking fad.

Learn the history of gays online and a new social network on my latest piece on

Reese’s Pieces » Blog Archive » Aren’t I Fabulis? Anatomy of a gay social networking fad.:
"Ever since Al Gore invented the internet, gay men have pwned the medium and harnessed its powers like nothing else. Being a mostly invisible minority throughout the seventies and eighties, gay men could only connect to one another locally in their neighborhood bars–which meant they had to live in a city that had a gay bar. There they could stay connected on news, politics and gossip on the local level, but very rarely anything beyond city limits.

There was little national gay media in those days, so national LGBT political groups like the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the Human Rights Campaign couldn’t really connect the dots between the major gay centers. Instead, local gay communities were generally only abreast of what was happening locally, rather than nationally, and that news was generally limited to who broke up with whom, and who is throwing what party when.

Then the internet came..."

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Bella Collins said…
Well I was searching for histories of gay from so many days. Here I got useful information on that. I am amazed to read this blog. One of my cousin has joined Gay Social Network this week and he was sharing amazing things with me. Now I think he is saying everything true!!

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