Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Joyce Meyer FINALLY takes stand against Uganda's Kill the Gays Bill

She might be late out of the gate, but what counts is her finish.

Evangelical Minister Joyce Meyer Condemns Uganda's Kill the Gays Bill | Gay Rights | Change.org:
"Joyce Meyer is one of the world's most prominent evangelical leaders, selling out basketball arenas and filling book stores to dispense advice on God, charity, and self-esteem. She's an evangelical powerhouse, certainly in the same league with Rick Warren and Joel Osteen, with ministry offices around the globe, from Missouri to Australia to Uganda.

That's right, Uganda, the country that is currently debating a piece of legislation that would sentence many LGBT people to death, and sentence many more to prison. The bill would even jail straight people who support gay rights.

Joyce Meyer, despite her work in Uganda, had been silent on this piece of legislation, officially known as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. That is, she was silent, up until now, thanks to the emails of hundreds of Change.org members who pressured her to condemn the legislation (and a huge hat tip to Box Turtle Bulletin, for their stellar work covering all things Uganda-related). And condemn it Joyce Meyer did — by calling Uganda's efforts to pass this piece of legislation 'offensive,' 'dangerous,' and 'disturbing...'"

Read the rest at my favorite Change.org blogger's blog.

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