Thursday, April 8, 2010

FOF #1169 – A Wicked Little Town – 04.08.10

I'm Today's guest at the Feast of Fun Podcast! How FUN!

FOF #1169 – A Wicked Little Town – 04.08.10:
"On today’s show blogger and activist Phil Reese joins us to take a look at the bigot’s prom and all the hot news stories. Phil joins the Feast of Fun as politics and activism contributor, so be sure to say hi on the site and give him a warm welcome!"
Listen to it if you're my friend!


John said...

Good show. Will all stories you post on this blog eventually end up over at FOF, or should I bookmark this blog separately?

Ameriqueer said...

I will always always repost (at least the beginning of) everything that I write elsewhere at Ameriqueer--worry not! You SHOULD bookmark FOF because they're awesome, but keep this bookmark if you want to keep following all that I write!