Tuesday, April 20, 2010

FOF--PHOTOS: Choi Chained Part Two: The Revenge!

My late breaking Feast of Fun post about the White House Protest today.

PHOTOS: Choi Chained Part Two: The Revenge!:
"In case you missed it, Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. Jim Pietrangelo are once again in jail this afternoon. Once again its for chaining themselves up to the White House Fence. However, this time, they had company.

Our GetEqual super-activists were joined at the fence by Petty Officer Larry Whitt, Petty Officer Autumn Sandeen, Cadet Mara Boyd, and Cpl. Evelyn Thomas–all handcuffed. That’s right, Autumn Sandeen, the super trans-activist of Pam’s House Blend fame. They were all removed and arrested, and according to a tweet from GetEqual’s Twitter account, they will be arraigned at 2 p.m. tomorrow.

One of the most shocking aspects of the story is that the mainstream media showed up to cover the protest from Layfayete Park, which faces the White House from across Pennsylvania Avenue, but the White House ordered the park closed, and the media were asked to leave."
See photos, video and link at the real post--click above!

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