Thursday, April 29, 2010

LC--Wherein Lance and Phil facepalm: Episode 69.

Check out my latest at and meet the most amazing transactivist I know, and learn where Ace, Lance and Phil stand on the Arizona immigration bill.

Wherein Lance and Phil facepalm: Episode 69.:
"That’s right! Its show SIXTY NINE! You KNEW it was going to be coming! What did we serve up for this very special show? We brought transactivist and star of stage & screen: Andrea James! Andrea has appeared in the movie TransAmerica and the LOGO original series TransAmerican Love Story with the STUNNING miss Calpernia Addams. Not only has she done all of this, as well as produce and star in the first ever all-trans version of the Vagina Monologues, but she also co-founded Deep Stealth Productions with Calpernia Addams, and runs the website to help trans youth sort their way through the complexities of transitioning..."

Visit to continue my blog about Episode 69, listen to this wild episode, find out why Lance and Phil were outraged with Ace, and watch an amazing address that Andrea James gave at her Alma Mater Wabash College.


John said...

Too bad the audio didn't work so well for the interview. It was still an interesting listen, although it took me a bit to recognize who exactly was talking.

I can't complain, I don't have a podcast.

Ameriqueer said...

Why not? Podcasting is a great time! Drop me an email sometime, John:!