Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So... I broke a national news story yesterday... wanna see it?

It didn't end up very big, and most of the major media ignored it (as is typical--I mean if it had been 5 Teabaggers there there would have been satellite trucks galore) but I was kind of beaming yesterday because--not only did a direct action group rightfully target Senator McCain on Don't Ask, Don't Tell--but I got to break the story on the Feast of Fun blog first. AND I did all of those updates will sitting through a class lecture. Triple sweet.

BREAKING: More civil disobedience–sit in in McCain’s office:
"MAJOR UPDATE: WE NOW KNOW THAT THE ACTIVISTS SITTING IN AT MCCAIN’S OFFICE ARE FROM A GROUP KNOWN AS H.E.R.O. If you’re in the Phoenix area today at 5pm, please join H.E.R.O. and their supporters for a rally at McCain’s office!

Apparently the Equality Across America organization, born out of the National Equality March, has been inspired by GetEqual. According to a few sources trickling out of Phoenix, five activists are staging in a sit in at McCain’s office there. Please call to tell McCain’s staff he needs to support the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” (602) 952-2410

I will deliver the news as it comes.

UPDATE 1–2:24pm CT..."

There are a LOT of updates AND CORRECTIONS to this story on the Feast of Fun page, and the only way to read them all is to go there.

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