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Illinois Civil Unions bill is a little FUBAR now, New Hampshire rolling along!

This morning, the New Hampshire Senate approved the Marriage Equality bill that they've approved--what is it like four times before, now?  It was approved 14-10--TOTALLY on party lines (which is sad because they've had a few Republicans in the past).  Now, for try #5 it goes to the House and gets voted on THIS AFTERNOON.  Last time it failed by a 2 vote margin because House members disagreed with some of the language that John Lynch had insisted put in to protect pastors, lest the bill face his veto.  The newest version includes blanket language that states that any church can decide who does or does not get married (which, lets face it, is fine with me, because if they wouldn't want me married, I wouldn't want to be part of their mean spiteful church, anyway) rather than single out the gays--rights those churches pretty much already had.  But if it makes 'em feel better, I say go for it.

If its passed in the House this afternoon, Governor John Lynch seems poised to sign it and make New Hampshire #6!

And then there's Illinois.  Our bill, SB1716 was stalled on Sunday, but its not dead.  The deadline for the bill has been extended until November 30, in case lawmakers come back for any special sessions and work on budgets and things.  IT LIVES!  HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO AS AN ILLINOIS RESIDENT TO GET THIS BILL PASSED!  Please, when you talk to your lawmakers, post here, as a comment, what they say.  

I'm going to try to stay in touch with Rep. Greg Harris' office and let you know if there is any news.  He'll know when his bill is coming up, and he'll be ready for us to help him when it does.  PEOPLE, WE CAN'T LET IOWA SHOW US UP!  We need to recognize commitment equality SOMEHOW!  The State Capitol switchboard (217-782-2000) will help you find your representative by phone--although they are not in Springfield today, nor will they be until they decided to convene for a special session.  


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Happy Hour Roundup will be coming late today. Fortunately, there is lots of news to report on! Unfortunately, there will be no time for me to collect it and send it. Expect it between 5pm and 6pm!