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HAPPY HOUR 624 - A HUGE DAY in DC, a BUST day in NY, TX loves gays, NC and SC have news, FRANCE GETS GAYER!


On.D.C||  Today, Tammy Baldwin, our only openly lesbian U.S. Representative, introduced the Ending Health Disparities for LGBT Americans Act (ELHDA)But even bigger was Barney Frank introducing the trans-inclusive ENDA (Employment non-discrimination Act) in the house!  ALEX BLAZE CREATES A FANTASTIC POST GO GUIDE YOU THROUGH WHAT YOU CAN DO TO GET IT PASSEDWHITE/HOUSE/WATCH||  The NEW YORK TIMES reminds us that while the majority of the gay community seemed to see little good with the Presidential memo, the TRANSGENDER community made a huge breakthrough, and we ALL must celebrate that!  The White House SORT OF responded to the letter from the 77 members of Congress who asked him to act on DADT; said the president:  'you first!'  Pam Spaulding's WRHU interview on the Obama administrationLt. Col. Fehrenbach tells Rachel Maddow that his coming out has n
ot affected unit cohesion at allJim Burroway of BoxTurtleBulletin, one of the best writers on the LGBT blogosphere, hashes out why he's changed his mind about the White House Stonewall anniversary cocktail party on June 29--and I have to agree with him.  However, the same logic doesn't follow for tomorrows LGBT DNC FUNDRAISER.  A different crew will be there--including Lt. Col. Fehrenbach--not just DNC loyalists.  I disagree with David Badash at Bilerico that just showing up is an endorsement of Obama's presidency.  The cocktail party is not a fundraiser, but another chance for us to initiate dialogue with the president and help him see that the time HAS GOT TO BE NOW!  Though I agree with John Shields at Bilerico, there is a huge difference between access and progress--having access is NOT progress--I do think that getting progress is HELPED by access, and like I've said before, the road to Equality is a route with many paths leading to the same goal.  Some of us will schmooze and grease palms at the highest levels to get make them aware, some of us will fight from the grass roots to make sure they understand WHY they SHOULD be aware.  The FUNDRAISER is an abortion of an event.  Everyone should just quietly turn around and walk away and pretend they NEVER tried to gouge us for money RIGHT AFTER hosing us on RIGHTS!  Though Jared Polis tells the Advocate he refuses to drop outEven Howard Dean has dropped outPam's House Blend has given us an updated list of all the invitees, crossing out all those who have dropped--AND LEAVING IN ALL OF THOSE WHO ARE STILL ATTENDING!

STATE2STATE|| In TEXAS, 57% of citizens support legal recognition of Same-Sex Unions!?!?  NEW YORK is still as much a mess today as it was yesterday.  Governor Patterson said that Marriage Equality would be the number 1 priority today, but left out the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act for some reasonThey most certainly did commence their "Special" session today--and promptly adjourned in 5 minutesDemocrats said they can't pass anything because the Assembly wasn't called back too, meanwhile the Republicans--who were locked out at the time--have called for binding arbitration to end the stalemate.  However, we're SHOCKED to find out that anti-gay NY State Senator Ruben Diaz has TWO gay brothers?!?  Way to stick up for your own flesh and blood, homophobe.  IN GREAT NYS SENATE NEWS, HOWEVER, ALL OF THE PRESSURE ON QUEENS DEMOCRAT SEN. GEORGE ONORATO IS ABOUT TO PAY OFF--NY DAILY NEWS SAYS HE'S READY TO FLIP IN FAVOR OF MARRIAGE EQUALITYNORTH CAROLINA has passed their anti-bullying bill and now pass it on to Governor Perdue for her signature.  Meanwhile, down in SOUTH CAROLINA, anti-Marriage Equality GOP 2012 (former) hopeful Governor Sanford asks for 'privacy' after he has to fess up to his affairCheck out his two-faced talk FIVE MONTHS into his illicit affairWhat's shittier still is that this sanctimonious prick used TAX-PAYER DOLLARS to fly to his adulturous lovenest in ArgentinaJenny Sanford sings "Stand By Your Man.OHIO could be looking at their own ENDA soon!

AROUND/THE/GLOBE|| In FRANCE, Openly gay Frederic Mitterrand named MINISTER OF CULTURE!  That's 'cabinet level' over in France, folks.  In ENGLAND, TransLondon--who had pulled out of LONDON PRIDE because of issues with discriminatory representation--is getting back into LONDON PRIDE.

SPIRTQ||  If you haven't heard of the SYNCHROBLOG yet, its a courteous conversation between compassionate conservative Christians and leading gay voices, like BoxTurtleBulletin and my very good friend (and gym buddy) who blogs at DaysofMarriage

OURstory|| The Stonewall riots lasted for three nights, and involved most of the people that lived on or around Christopher street in June 1969, but some people are stretching the truth about thier place in historyTODAY, THE US GOVERNMENT APOLOGIZED TO FRANK KAMENY FOR FIRING HIM in 1957!! 


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