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FIRST|| Come out, come out, wherever you are! VISIBILITY MATTERS--and now we have SCIENTIFIC PROOF that the more out gay people that straight folks are exposed to, the more they realize "Woah, these are regular human beings!"


In.D.C|| LawDork calls attention to the blogosphere hysteria--specifically the irrational criticism over at Americablog, now mischaracterizing and attacking Jennifer Chrisler of the Family Equaliyt Council. The shaking and slapping continues as Independent Gay Forum's Brian Chase tells bloggers to "GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF" after a conspiracy theory that the National Organization for Marriage is a project of the Mormon "Quorum of 12" and Opus Dei. Its all about keeping your anger in check--effecting positive change, not just making a scene: as Alex Blaze explains in Bilerico. Gay bloggers aren't the only people getting into the outrageous claims act, however; American Family Association is once again airing "Speechless: Silencing the Christians" about how LGBT activists are oppressing Christians by existing. Not to mention, the Traditional Values Coalition's outrageous (and outright offensive) claims about what the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) will do: "New restroom facilities paid for by small businesses as required by ENDA" include not only Men and Women, but--according to TVC--"Not Sure" and "She-Males." Oh yeah, and they're implying that the law will FORCE day cares to hire any drag queen that applies ON THE SPOT. Any American that believes this garbage is an idiot, and an embarrassment to our Public School system, which should have taught them better than that! With all the crazy in the air, however, we really need to get back to a place of sensibility--"Drop the Washington Crack Pipe," calls out Cleve Jones' March on Washington. WHITE/HOUSE/WATCH|| The Gays are Getting Uppity, Mr. President! However, America's top lesbian power couple ARE going to attend the boycotted-to-all-ends DNC LGBT Fundraiser in D.C.--not a good start for our new mascots.

STATE2STATE|| NEW JERSEY Governor Jon Corzine has been really vocal about his support for Marriage Equality lately; Queerty asks 'why... [all of the] sudden..." but I remember when he took over after McGreevy--he was already there! LGBT Pride parade in Kalispell, MONTANA! SOUTH CAROLINA Senator Jim DeMint lies about Hate Crimes Legislation. In NEW YORK, we really have to keep up the positive pressure to make sure that Marriage Equality becomes a reality there! News on the new CALIFORNIA Marriage Equality tour.

OFF/THE/MAP|| BREAKING: MEN AREN'T BIG FANS OF CONDOMS! You know, they aren't my favorite thing in the world either--its true, they lower sensation to a frustrating level--and we've all taken our chances without them before, but you just can't do it. They are a must if you're going to have multiple sex partners. We've done a poor job educating the media about the diversity of our community. That all leads to the intersection between Racism and Homophobia. There is a BIG GAY RACE DIVIDE that we need to discuss NOW!

OURstory|| Is there common ground between old and young gays? I think there is, but the blame for the disparity lies on BOTH sides. Its not just little twinks writing off older gay men as lecherous windbags, look most recently at Max Mutchnick's tirade about the gregarious young people at Pride? Older gay men often WRITE OFF YOUNGER GAY MEN, TOO as naive, immature, stupid, wasteful, selfish, ignorant, 2-dimensional hedonists. While many of the other things may be true, 2-dimensional is not. Older gay men rarely take the opportunity to get to know younger gay men in that 'mentorship' capacity to see the complexities of the individual. They (generally) see them EITHER as eye-candy or obnoxious whipper-snapper. Then again, younger gay men care little about the older gay men who paved the way for them, and if they have ANY idea about the history of the gay community at all, its in a "Hollywood" sense, not a practical living sense. "That Harvey Milk was awesome" but if they were to meet Cleve Jones at a bar, they'd say "Did you check out that old queen who was trying to talk to me? As if!" Not all... but many--especially around here in BIG TEN land. These kids need to show respect to those brave men and women who stood up and stood out when it was life or death to do so. They can start by checking this out: Recollections of Gay Liberation Front Veterans!



the Aceman said…
Well, my little eye-candy, I think you've hit the nail on the head ... again! Good going! This thing with old and young gays will probably never stop since the root of the problem is that we keep on believing the philosophy passed along by previous generations. Science AND "God" agree that "time" is an irrelevant factor, which therefore makes "age" irrelevant ... but we evidently do not believe either "God" or Science and keep on looking at one another as "old" or "young".

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