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COFFEE 604 - The new map of Equality. AND more news than you can possibly read today.

First: BoxTurtleBulletin posted a great new map of Relationship Equality recognition following the OUTSTANDING Victory in New Hampshire yesterday--the slam DUNK of a Senate passage, House passage and Governor's signature in a single day.  After all of the hemming and hawing over Marriage Equality since the process of passing the bill started over there, New Hampshire really made up for it--even showing live video feed of the Governor's signature!  Here is Relationship Equality around the nation now (notice Illinois is CONSPICUOUSLY off the list): 
  • Six states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire) now recognize marriage equality. Although actual marriages do not yet take place in a few (due to effective dates), sixteen million Americans live in states that value their same-sex couples as equal citizens. This is 5.3% of the US population.
  • Five states (California, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada) provide relationship recognition that includes all or nearly all of the rights and responsibilities of marriage through Domestic Partnerships or Civil Unions. Fifty eight million people live in those states. This is 19.2% of the US population.
  • New York and the District of Columbia both recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere with the full support of the local administration. To some less-certain extent Rhode Island does the same. Twenty one million Americans live in states that may recognize and honor the protections and obligations of marriage. This is 7.0% of the US population.
  • Three states (Hawaii, Maryland, and Colorado) offer a list of limited rights though either Domestic Partnerships or Reciprocality agreements. Twelve million people live in those states. This is 3.9%of the US population.

In total 35.4% of Americans live in an area in which to some extent their gay couples have the respect and protection of their community.

UAFA:  Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee held the first ever hearing on the Uniting American Families Act for creating LGBT-inclusive immigration reform.  You can get transcripts and video from Pam's House Blend.  Towleroad has Shirley Tan's emotional testimony.
DADT:  Time is running out for Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach.  Its already run out for over 200 soldiers who have been discharged since January.

WhiteHouseWatch: On the same day that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton officially recognized the Stonewall Riots and LGBT Pride month at the State Department, President Obama surprisingly released a bold statement acknowledging the historic significance of the Stonewall Riots and officially proclaimed June as LGBT Pride month.  MSNBC's David Shuster blasts Obama again for DADT inaction.  Obama's Secretary of the Army nominee Rep. John McHugh wants to "change" DADT.  McHugh, a Republican, has been hesitant to address DADT in the past.  Meanwhile, on Marriage Equality, Obama is now officially to the RIGHT of Dick Cheney... actually we already knew that, but its been a big deal lately.  Andrew Sullivan and Anderson Cooper discussed this curious new development last night.  Obama, however, told Brian Williams that gays and lesbians DO INDEED have a friend in the White House.  Meanwhile, one rung down on the ladder, Dr. Jill Biden addressed GLSEN's 2009 'Respect Awards,' about bullying and new LGBT appointments in the Obama White House.  

State2State:  In NEW HAMPSHIRE, leading LGBT groups react to Marriage Equality becoming law of the land there. On Saturday, the NEVADA Senate voted 14-7 to overturn Gov. Jim Gibbons' veto of the Domestic Partnership bill there. GO NEVADA!!! RHODE ISLAND SAYS:  "Bury him, but don't marry him!" No Marriage Equality in sight, but OK on funeral rights.  MARYLAND is poised to Equally recognize out-of-state married couples.  In WASHINGTONIf anti-gay campaigners get enough names for referendum 71, they’ll be published on  This strategy has two benefits:  quickly identifying petition fraud (which is common when gay issues are at play) and knowing where NOT to spend your money!  The battle for Equal Marriage resumes in MAINE.  In CALIFORNIA, the Governator is stripping AIDS funding; ACT UP PLANNING ACTION!  In NEW YORK, an NY1 poll of Senators showed an uphill battle for Marriage Equality, but openly gay State Senator Tom Duane is confident he has his required 32 votes to pass.  The NEW YORK TIMES tells the Senate to vote NOW! Meanwhile, New Yorkers are speaking up and speaking OUT!  NY City power-lesbian Christine Quinn is confident.  Check out these websites to support NY Marriage Equality.  In TENNESSEE, schools will no longer be able to block LGBT informational sites.  



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