Saturday, January 9, 2010


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I just got done listening to our 53rd show. How many have I been part of? When’s my anniversary? Where are my fans–when is my anniversary, Phil-heads?

Hey, listeners, how was your new year? How was your holiday? I had a pretty good Festivus. I had a decent Christmas too, although I much preferred my Festivus. Maybe next year I’ll celebrate Merlinpeen. Wha are you looking forward to in 2010?

Do you smoke and drink? Well stop smoking, and buy me the next round.

Are you as sick of Tiger as I am? Lance thinks Elin’s been onto Tiger for longer than she admits. What do you think? Are men naturally monogamous, or is it inevitable that a man with enough temptation going to fall loose his will power? Are sex addictions bullshit?

Want a full body scan? I wish I could be a full-body SCANNER! Should we scan everyone randomly, or do you believe in racial profiling? I never thought I’d have to school LANCE on racism! I reminded Ace and Lance about our own home-grown terrorists, that aren’t Muslim, are 100% American citizens, and just as scary as anything on a plane. What about the effigy of Obama that was hung in Jimmy Carter’s hometown?...

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