Thursday, January 7, 2010

Did Prop 8 Pass Because of Voter Fraud?

UPDATE: My bad, Joe Jervis covered it yesterday over at Which, by the way, ought to be one of your favorite blogs. If its not... well... I don't know about you.

This piece of news came up pretty recently, and I've been waiting for ANYONE BUT Queerty to run with it... but for some reason Americablog, BoxTurtle, Bilerico have all just sort of... glossed over it. So I'm forced to bring you the Queerty story. My apologies, but this time, they are ON it when noone else is:

Did Prop 8 Pass Because of Voter Fraud? There Might Not Be Another Statistical Explanation For It / Queerty:
"So after pouring over all the exit poll data and conducting an 'exhaustive analysis' on what California voters were telling surveyors about which lever they pulled compared to how they actually voted, the International Humanities Center's Election Defense Alliance has reached this pretty startling conclusion over how Prop 8 passed: voter fraud is at hand. Woah now."

I rarely point y'all to Queerty, but for some reason, I've heard nothing from my usual suspects about this. Even Courage Campaign seems so focused on getting the Federal Prop 8 Federal trial televised that they're glossing over this pretty big freaking news. So check it out, blog it and tweet it--I want us all to make a little noise about this.

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