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Thoughts on the Jacob Meister townhall

I promise to write at least a few posts where I do not mention Jacob Meister, but I feel its important to note that Jacob held a townhall here in Champaign yesterday that went absolutely amazing. The after-party at Clark Bar was also pretty sweet. Before Jacob got up to speak, he asked me to say a few words about the Uniting Pride Center of Champaign County--our new initiative to open an LGBT community center here in Champaign-Urbana.

If you haven't head yet, we're moving very aggressively to open an LGBT community center here in Champaign county, and we need your voice to help us make it happen. Please join up as a member, and email us your ideas.

While at the townhall, Jacob spent quite a bit of time talking about his strongest suit, jobs and the economy; at the Clark Bar event, Jacob began talking very frankly about what I think mesmerizes people about him most--his historic run as the first openly gay Illinoian to run for state-wide office. The crowd ate it up. With good reason. Jacob has had an amazing journey to where he is now.

That said, the most amazing thing about Jacob is that being such a historic candidate is not the most amazing thing about him. When I hear him speak, its obvious this is the guy who deserves this post the most. Jacob isn't running for glory or money or power. The story of Jacob is the story they've made into a million movies, but--for some strange reason--have never made into a reality: an average American guy who sees problems that need to be fixed, who just decides why wait any longer, he's going to run and see if he can't just help make the nation a better place.

Jacob could have very well stayed a lawyer and continued making millions of dollars. This race is not making him any more money--not in the least. Jacob, if anything, is most likely blowing a huge amount of his own money on this race. He was the only candidate to open up offices outside of Chicagoland--and tried to go as far south as Carbondale until they guy opening the offices ran out of steam. How do you think those offices were getting paid for?

Jacob didn't have to run at all. Jacob wanted to run. Jacob is a really bright guy, with a lot of passion and zeal. He used to work for some of America's most beloved lawmakers a quarter of a century ago, and has this crazy belief that good things can still come out of Washington, that lawmakers can still work for the people.

Jacob wants to see America turn green--starting with Illinois. He wants to take the lead to help incentivize advancement in green industry and to help out upstart entrepreneurs when they have a good idea. He's got some pretty cool things in his 20/20 plan.

I really dig Jacob, if you can't already tell, and believe he's the best person for the job. I know a lot of you reading this are not planning to vote in the Illinois primary, and that if you are, quite a few of you are from Chicago and either voting for Cheryle Jackson or David Hoffman just because that's who your family's voting for. I seriously challenge you to check out Jacob's website, and if you have a chance to talk to him before you vote, you need to do so. Jacob does know what he's talking about. When you ask him about his policy ideas, he doesn't give you a vague answer about bills he supports in Congress, he gives you a detailed breakdown of the problem as he's studied it, and the solution that he plans to bring to Washington.

Please check him out, vote for him on February 2nd and tell all of your friends to vote for him February 2nd too.

Not a registered Democrat? Illinois has open primaries. Go on February 2nd and ask for a Democrat ballot, and vote for Jacob Meister--number 3. No matter what county you're in, you gotta please vote for him.

Not an Illinois resident? This is a historic opportunity. Contact his campaign and ask how you can help with phone banking and helping spread the word.

Registered Democrat in Illinois? What are you waiting for? Early voting has already started. I suggest you go now and do the right thing. Go on. Don't miss out. There are going to be extremely low turn-out numbers this primary day, so every vote counts. Make Jacob the nominee for the Illinois Democratic party, and let's put someone up against Kirk that's going to school him in policy.


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