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TBP--Openly gay Senate candidate Meister quits; backs Giannoulias

Well, I was supposed to break this story altogether, but then someone from the Giannoulias campaign leaked it to the Sun Times at 3am--while I was fast asleep--and then an hour before this post went live, the Meister campaign mistakenly sent out the press release... so it really wasn't "breaking" anymore by the time it went live. But I decided NOT to change the title, because, well why bother at that point!

Now that Jacob's not in the race anymore, who are you voting for? Giannoulias is adopting his 20/20 plan whole-cloth. That's pretty cool, since I really liked Jacob not just because he was gay, but because he knows what the hell he's talking about and his 20/20 plan is brilliant.

But, Alexi hasn't won me over--Jacob did that. And event though Jacob supports Giannoulias, I'm not sure I do yet. We'll see when the press conference is over what was said by who.

As for me, like Richard Gere said to Renee Zelwegger at the end of the musical: "That's Chicago, baby!"

"BREAKING: Openly gay Senate candidate Meister quits; backs Giannoulias" on The Bilerico Project:
"Today at 10am Jacob Meister announced that he is backing his opponent, banking scion and front-runner Alexi Giannoulias, for the Democratic nomination for United States Senator from Illinois, effectively ending his historic run as the first visible openly gay Senate candidate from the state.

In front of union members and elected officials gathered at Teamsters 705 in Chicago, Jacob thanked his supporters and endorsed his one-time foe. According to Meister, Giannoulias has pledged to adopt Jacob's well-received 20/20 legislative policy agenda whole-cloth; which includes micro-grants as part of educational reform, high-speed rail investment as part of a green industry jobs plan and a regulatory overhaul that Jacob had hoped would take power away from big banking conglomerates and place it into the hands of small businesses.

'Alexi is adopting the 20/20 vision,' Meister said to the crowd before announcing that he was 'putting political ambitions aside and do what's right for the party....'"

To see what Jacob says Alexi is going to do with his LGBT agenda, finish the story at "BREAKING: Openly gay Senate candidate Meister quits; backs Giannoulias" on The Bilerico Project.


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